Spirit of The Vast Land

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Spirit of The Vast Land
Portrait CE 0356.png
100 - 100
100 - 100
Release Date (JP)
Release Date (EN)
Skill Icon NP Generation.png
Effect (LB)
Increase all allies' NP Gain by 15% only if Geronimo (Caster) is equipped with this Craft Essence when he is on the field.
Reach Bond Level 10 with 


English Japanese
The Coyote loves pranks, and one day it stole the important tobacco of the Sun.

The Sun was of course angry with that, and couldn't help but chase the Coyote. The Coyote loves pranks but is weak, so he could not help but run from east to west.

The dropped tobacco sprouted, its flowers bloomed and its fruits ripened. By the way, the Sun gave up trying to chase the Coyote.

The Coyote did not give tobacco to humans, but only shared it when offered a bride. Well, that bride was actually a young man in disguise and Coyote howled in regret when he knew, but that is how we all got tobacco to smoke!


太陽はそりゃもうお怒りで、 我慢ならぬとばかりでコヨーテを追いかけた。 コヨーテは悪戯好きでも弱いので、仕方ないから 東から西へと逃げて行く

落とした煙草が芽吹き、花を咲かせて実を熟させた ところで太陽は追いかけるのを諦めた。

コヨーテは人間に煙草をやろうとはしなかったが、 嫁をやると言われてようやく煙草を分け与えた。 まあ、その嫁は少年で騙されたと知ったコヨーテは 悲観にくれたが、我々はこうして煙草を吸えるように なったのさ!

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