Spring's Mystery Fair 2018

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Event Spring's Mystery Fair 2018 JP.png

Event Title:
「Fate/Grand Order 春のミステリーフェア2018」
Jp flag.png Event Duration (JP):09:00 UTC, April 29, 201818:00 JST, April 29, 2018 - 03:59 UTC, May 25, 201812:59 JST, May 25, 2018 (Site)
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Spring's Mystery Fair is a collection of events related to the real-life Escape Game Escaping from Baker Street. It features 4 different events; 3 are already known, and the last will be revealed later this month.

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First Event: Solving the Trial's Mystery

Through Friday, June 11th, 6 cities in Japan are hosting a special Escape Game event. On a special website, a riddle will take place, based on this Escape Game, with 5 answers. If 51,000 people successfully solve the riddle, every master will be given
Icon Item Saint Quartz.png10
  • Riddles solved as of 2018/05/10:
    •  ???

Second Event: Spring's Mystery Fair Campaign

Event Spring's Mystery Fair Campaign JP.png

Event Duration : May 11, 2018 18:00 JST - May 25, 2018 12:59 JST

Commemoration Quest

Location Chaldea Gate.png Enigmatic Singularity I : Escape from the Baker Street Commemoration Quest Edit
謎特異点Ⅰ ベーカー街からの脱出 開催記念クエスト
AP EXP QP Bond Quest Type
 - Chaldea Gate
5 550 (110 XP/AP) 1,900 165 Event
Part 1
Lvl: 60, NP1, 6/6/-
Lvl: 50, NP1, 6/6/-
Lvl: 60, NP1, 6/6/-
Lvl: 50, NP1, 6/6/-
Lvl: 50, NP1, 6/6/-
Lvl: 50, NP1, 6/6/-

Battle 1/2

Icon Class Caster Bronze.png Spellbook Lvl 8 (5,250 HP)

Icon Class Caster Bronze.png Spellbook Lvl 8 (5,250 HP)

Icon Class Caster Bronze.png Spellbook Lvl 11 (12,830 HP)
Battle 2/2

Icon Class Archer.png Archer of Shinjuku Lvl 11 (36,135 HP)

Possible Drops
Icon Item Archer Piece.png
Completion Reward
Icon CE 0801.png
Escape from Baker Street

Bonuses to Event Servants

  • The following Servants in will earn you twice the Friend Points when chosen as Supports.
  • The AP cost for their Interludes and Rank Up Quests is also halved.
Class Rarity Servant Class Rarity Servant
Saber ★★★★★
Icon Servant 076.png
Saber ★★★★
Icon Servant 004.png
Saber ★★★★
Icon Servant 121.png
Saber ★★★
Icon Servant 126.png
Archer ★★★★★
Icon Servant 156.png
Archer ★★★
Icon Servant 015.png
Archer ★★★
Icon Servant 013.png
Lancer ★★★★
Icon Servant 018.png
Lancer ★★★★
Icon Servant 087.png
Lancer ★★★
Icon Servant 148.png
Rider ★★★★
Icon Servant 094.png
Rider ★★★★
Icon Servant 029.png
Caster ★★★★
Icon Servant 100.png
Caster ★★★
Icon Servant 035.png
Assassin ★★★★
Icon Servant 159.png
Assassin ★★★★
Icon Servant 041.png
Assassin ★★★
Icon Servant 081.png
Berserker ★★★★★
Icon Servant 114.png
Icon Servant 174.png
Ruler ★★★★★
Icon Servant 173.png

Rare Prism Shop additions

Sherlock Holmes's Trial Quest is available for all players who have not yet completed it, and is also added to the
Icon Item Rare Prism.png
Rare Prism shop.

Third Event: Murder at the Kogetsukan

Event Murder at the Kogetsukan JP.png

Fourth Event: Vote for the Murderer

Vote Period: 2018/05/15 18:00 to 05/16 23:59

Vote between the 8 suspects. If the majority votes for the true murderer, a further
Icon Item Saint Quartz.png10
will be rewarded.

Change in rewards for main quest clear to:
Icon Item Golden Fruit.png4
Icon Item Silver Fruit.png4
Icon Item QP.png1M