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This template is used to create Active Skill pages, which can be referenced in Servant pages.

There are a few steps involved when creating an Active Skill page.

  • First, check to see whether the skill page already exists. If you have the Japanese name, you can search on the Skills page.
    • If it does, check if the Rank you need exists. (e.g. Charisma A) If so, no edit is necessary; you can reference the skill directly on the character page.
    • If the Skill page exists but the Rank you need does not, edit the page for the skill. All Ranks of a skill go on the same page. Add <tabber> and Rank lines for cases in which multiple ranks of the skill exist. Refer to Charisma for example.
    • If the Skill page you need does not exist, translate the name to English and create a new page for it, using the below template. You can either do this by referencing it on Template:ServantBox and clicking on the red link, or navigating to http://grandorder.wiki/NEWPAGENAME?action=edit directly.
  • imagetype refers to the skill image, and it must be listed on Skill Icons. That is, to pull the Skill Icon Wave.png image, you would simply enter imagetype=Wave; Conversely, if the icon you need is not listed, name it Skill Icon YOURSHORTNAMEFORICON.png and upload it, then call it by entering imagetype=YOURSHORTNAMEFORICON.
  • Standard text for effects is below. Standardisation is necessary so offshoot pages like NP Charge will work. NO FULL STOP AT END OF EFFECTS. Use imperative for effects. i.e. 'Increase NP Gauge' rather than 'Increases NP Gauge'
Description Effect (EN) Effect (JP)
Effects dealt on the Servant casting it to/for yourself OR your parameter
Effects dealt on allies/enemies to/for one ally/all allies/one enemy/all enemies
NP Charge For self: Increase your NP Gauge

For allies: Increase NP Gauge for an ally/all allies
For enemies: Increase Charge by 1 for one enemy/all enemies

Invincible/Evade/Guts Apply Invincible/Evade/Guts to yourself/an ally/all allies

Template text for copy pasting:

Rank A=<onlyinclude>{{#ifeq:{{{1|A}}}|A|{{ActiveSkillTable
|skillname = Name of Skill (English)
|jpname=Name of Skill (Japanese)
|skilltier= A, EX etc
|imagetype= Refer to Skill Icons/above.
|effect1= There are standard text for effects. Refer above. NO FULL STOP AT END OF EFFECTS
|target= Can be multiple of the following options: Self, One Ally, All Allies, One Enemy, All Enemies. Separate with comma, e.g. 'One Ally, All Enemies'
|cooldown1 = 9
|cooldown2 = 8
|cooldown3 = 7
|e1name = HAS TO CORRESPOND WITH effect. E.g. e1 corresponds to effect1. Just any short name.
|e1-lvl1 = 30%
|e1-lvl2 = 32%
|e1-lvl3 = 34%
|e1-lvl4 = 36%
|e1-lvl5 = 38%
|e1-lvl6 = 40%
|e1-lvl7 = 42%
|e1-lvl8 = 44%
|e1-lvl9 = 46%
|e1-lvl10 = 50%
|e2name...up to e5name as necessary.
< noinclude>[[Category:Active Skills]]</ noinclude> (remove spaces in the noinclude tags)