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This template is used for Craft Essences. Call it with the below text:

|jponly=yes or no
|name=THERE IS NO NEED TO FILL THE NAME IN. By default, the template will use the page's name. Exception for if the name has special characters, such as apostrophes. In which case, please re-state it here.
|jpname=In Japanese
|aka= also known as
|id=With leading 0 to 4 digits, e.g. 0855
|rarity=1 to 5 (stars)
|maxatk=optional, do not fill in if same as minatk
|maxhp=optional, do not fill in if same as minhp
|imagetype=[[Skill Icons]] e.g. Heal Turn
|LB1=upgrade when LB eg. 10%
|desc= English description (Official takes precedence over Translated)
|descjp= JP description
|characters=Separated by ;, wiki pages for servants where possible. (Emiya instead of Shirou Emiya) e.g. Tamamo no Mae;Emiya
|obtained=[[Summon]], [[Event or quest link]]: -add details- e.g. [[Event]]: [[Summon]], Reach Bond Level 10 with
|servant=Optional. Fill in associated servant and it will show up alongside Obtained. 
e.g. |obtained=Reach Bond Level 10 with
     |servant=Robin Hood
|limited=yes or no
|released=Date released in JP, MM/DD/YYYY
|nareleased=Date released in NA, MM/DD/YYYY
|eventbonus=If CE has bonus in an event. Separated by ;, in the format: First item; Number boosted; MLB number boosted;Second item(optional);Third item (optional)
e.g. Magnesium Wheel;2;3;Connacht Coin
Junk Parts;2;3;One Drop of Candy
|rerunbonus=If CE has different bonus in the rerun. Same format as above.

This template defines the table "CEs". View table.