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This template is used for Craft Essences. Call it with the below text:

|jponly=yes or no
|name=In English
|jpname=In Japanese
|aka= also known as
|id=With leading 0 to 4 digits, e.g. 0855
|rarity=1 to 5 (stars)
|maxatk=optional, do not fill in if same as minatk
|maxhp=optional, do not fill in if same as minhp
|imagetype=[[Skill Icons]] e.g. Heal Turn
|LB1=upgrade when LB eg. 10%
|desc= English description (Official takes precedence over Translated)
|descjp= JP description
|characters=Separated by ;, wiki pages for servants where possible. (Emiya instead of Shirou Emiya) e.g. Tamamo no Mae;Emiya
|obtained=[[Summon]], [[Event or quest link]]: -add details- e.g. [[Event]]: [[Summon]]
|limited=yes or no
|released=Date released in JP, MM/DD/YYYY
|nareleased=Date released in NA, MM/DD/YYYY
|eventbonus=If CE has bonus in an event. Separated by ;, in the format: First item; Number boosted; MLB number boosted;Second item(optional);Third item (optional)
e.g. Magnesium Wheel;2;3;Connacht Coin
Junk Parts;2;3;One Drop of Candy
|rerunbonus=If CE has different bonus in the rerun. Same format as above.


Halloween Princess
Portrait CE 0052.png
250 - 1000
375 - 1500
Release Date (JP)
Release Date (EN)
Skill Icon NP Up.png
Effect (LB)
Increase your NP Strength by 15% (20%)
Begin battle with your NP charged at 30% (50%)


English Japanese
A terrifying demoness who appears each night in your dreams...
...is the costume that this princess of a winter castle wears for her party.
It seems like she's mistaken "spooky" with "sexy"...


This Craft Essence features the following character(s): Irisviel (Dress of Heaven), Illyasviel von Einzbern, Altria Pendragon and Emiya

Event Bonus

This CE increases Drops during Adventure of Singing Pumpkin Castle: Icon Item Sweet Candle.png by 2

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