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Used in conjunction with Template:QuestPartSection, Template:Enemy (within QuestPartSection), and Template:Questfooter. For alternative for multiple quests on the same page that are not meant to be queried, use Template:EQuestheader. If not sure about sequence of templates or not familiar with Source editing, use Form:Quest. Call Questheader with the below code:

|name=English name; should be same name as title of page, for standalone quest pages.
|image=in png format, with the extension
|location=Singularity or Event name
|sublocation=Node name
|jplocation=Node name in Japanese
|jpname=Japanese name of quest
|ap = ap to start
|bond = Bond for completion
|qp = QP for completion
|exp = EXP for completion
|jponly=Yes for jp quests, ignore for non-JP --> this parameter does not currently do anything.
|notes=Any extra notes for the quest
|type=Free, Main, Event, Event Free, Event Main, Challenge, Daily, Interlude, Strengthening
|interlude=Name of Servant, if Interlude Quest
|ireq=Interlude Requirements, in format Singularity Cleared;Ascension;Bond

|sublocation=Regent Park
|image = Location London RegentPark.png
|jplocation = リージェントパーク
|jpname = デビルズ・クエスト
|name=Devil's Quest
|ap = 17
|bond = 1030
|qp = 10800
|exp = 20380
|interlude=Paracelsus von Hohenheim
Location London RegentPark.png Devil's Quest Edit
AP EXP QP Bond Quest Type
London - Regent Park
17 20,380 (1199 XP/AP) 10,800 1030 Interlude