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Servant Info

Uses the ServantBox template.

|extra=Any extra sprites, delimited by semicolon (;). E.g. April Fools';Ortenaus;Extra;Extra 2 will create 4 extra Portrait and Sprite tabs. The only options that should be going into this field are currently:
- Extra (costume)
- Extra 2 (second costume)
- Extra ... (and so on for further costumes)
- Ortenaus (currently only for Mash)
|jpname = エミヤ
|alias = This is the character's basic name before their true name is unlocked. Only fill this in if applicable. E.g. [[Scheherazade]]
|aka = Also known as: other names, common names. Separated by comma (,). Note that [[Template:ServantIcon]] and [[Template:Icon]] will search through this field.
|voice = LastName FirstName if Japanese, etc Suwabe Junichi
|artist = LastName FirstName if Japanese, etc Takeuchi Takashi
|name = Emiya
|class = Archer, Saber, Lancer, Caster, Rider, Assassin, Ruler, Berserker, Avenger, Mooncancer, Alter-Ego
|minatk = Numbers, no commas
|maxatk = 
|minhp = 
|maxhp = 
|grailatk = 
|grailhp = 
|rarity = 1-5
|cost = 
|commandcard = QAABB
|mlevel = Base Max Level
|id = Three-digit, e.g. 011
|attribute = Man, Beast
|QuickHit = Number of hits each card does
|ArtsHit = 
|BusterHit = 
|ExtraHit = 
|deathresist = (Death Rate) Percentage
|starabsorption = 
|stargeneration = Percentage
|npchargeattack = Percentage
|npchargedefense = Percentage
|growth = S, Reverse S
|traits = Brynhildr's Beloved, Male, Female, Humanoid, Servant, Weak to Enuma Elish
|active1 = Active Skill Name;Active Skill Tier;jponly or blank;Obtaining conditions for first skill
e.g. Mind's Eye (True);B
e.g. Hawkeye;B+;jponly;Upgrades after Strengthening Quest 2, Replaces Clairvoyance
e.g. Projection Magecraft;A;jponly
|active1s= Fill in if first skill has upgrade.
|active2 = 
|active2s = 
|active3 = 
|active3s = 
|passive1 = Passive Skill Name;Passive Skill Tier;jponly or blank e.g. Independent Action;B
|passive2 = 
|passive3 = 
|passive4 =
|passive5 =
|jpdate = Date of Release (JP)
|endate = Date of Release (EN)

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