The Incident from a Certain Mountain

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The Incident from a Certain Mountain
Portrait CE 0811.png
100 - 100
100 - 100
Release Date (JP)
Release Date (EN)
Skill Icon Arts Up.png
Effect (LB)
Increase all allies' Arts Card effectiveness & NP Strength by 10% only if Sakamoto Ryouma (Rider) is equipped with this Craft Essence when he is on the field.
Reach Bond Level 10 with Icon Servant 211.png


English Japanese
At first, I was going to trick him and eat him.

I thought about, 'How should I trick that moronic-faced man, make him pull this accursed spear, and eat him?' But that man didn't even ask me any question. He pulled the spear out without hesitation.

I lived through this long long time to have revenge on those hateful bastards, but that man simply said "That must have been tough." and went down the mountain.

Because his face was so casual when he said that, I felt like I was nothing after hearing that. I even forgot about those bastards I hated and hated all this time.

While thinking about things like that, I realized that honestly, seriously, his casual face means nothing to me. And also realizing that I forgot to eat him, I decided to follow that man.

An event happened on a certain mountain.





そんなことを考えていると、どうにもあの人間のなんでもない顔がどうにも吾にはなんでもなく思えてきた。 そういえば喰らうのを忘れていたと思い立ち、吾はその人間を追うことにしたのだ。


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