There is No Love Here

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There is No Love Here
Portrait CE 0308.png
100 - 100
100 - 100
Release Date (JP)
Release Date (EN)
Skill Icon Buster Up.png
Effect (LB)
When equipped to Caligula only
+ Increase Buster Card effectiveness of all allies by 20% but decrease DEF by 10% [Demerit] while on the field
Reach Bond Level 10 with 


English Japanese
Rome is everything. When our great founder created this empire, it was unmistakably one large step for humankind. We have plenty of wealth and prosperity here. It is only fitting that Rome be a gleaming beacon of leadership. Yet at the same time─── There are things gathering in Rome that call out to horrifying, terrifying, negative thoughts and evil maxims. Therefore, what is the true reason for my own descent into madness? Did I wish to become violent? Did I seek out fresh blood and atrocities? No. I did not. The moon goddess saved me from insanity. The empire's squirming evil personal standards had not been eliminated from the dark side of town. A whirlpool of schemes threatened to draw me in, but the moon goddess could not stand to see me like that, so she turned me around. ......And so, I am crazed. I am furious. I howl at, pierce, shatter everything. Full of desire but no love, I devour and consume. ◆ Oh, Nero─── Beloved child of my younger sister, Agrippina, and the spitting image of her. I don't care if it is but modest. I want you alone to be happy. Be awash in light and love. I will take away the darkness and evil, the lunacy and rage. Therefore, may your path be filled with blessed roses. ローマにはすべてが在る。

偉大なる建国王によって生み出された我らの帝国は、まごうことなく人類の大きな歩みそのものであろう。 富み、栄え、満ち足りよ。 輝くばかりの尊きものこそローマには相応しい。

けれど同時に─── おぞましくも恐ろしき負の想念、悪の格率とも 呼べるモノまでもがローマには集まってしまう。

ならば余が狂気へと落ちた真の理由とは? 自ら暴力を、鮮血を、悪逆を求めたか。 否。そうではない。

月の女神は、狂気によって余を救いたもうた。 帝国の暗部に蠢く悪しき格率をはね除けられぬまま権謀術数の渦に吞み込まれんとした我が身を、 女神は、その無様な在り方ごと反転させたのだ。

……ゆえに余は狂い、余は怒る。 あらゆるものへと吠え猛る。穿つ。砕く。 喰らい、費やし、愛なき身に欲望を詰め込む。


嗚呼、ネロ─── 我が妹アグリッピナの生き写したる愛し子よ。 ささやかでも構わぬ、おまえだけは幸福であれ。 光と愛だけを浴びておくれ。 闇と悪は、狂気と怒りと共に余が連れてゆく。 だから、どうか、 おまえの道が祝福の薔薇で埋め尽くされん事を。

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