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This page documents the current priorities and needs of the wiki. If there is anything missing, feel free to add it to the list.

-> Spreadsheet/tool to help import dialogue:

-> Spreadsheet/tool to help import enemies in quests: -> If creating from scratch, Form:Quest may be useful.

  • Create a Beginner's Guide.
  • Add Enemy data. (Example here)
  • Import Ap/Drop rate from Spreadsheet (Ex. For Gems of all catagories)

As Needed

  • Create missing pages. There are many red links due to the wiki being new. Editors are encouraged to create missing pages wherever they can.
  • Add pages for new events and banners as they are announced. The current event list and archive can be found here.

(Mostly) Done

  • Add Servant data, including their biography, stats, skills and noble phantasms. (Example here)
  • Add Skill data. (Example here)
  • Add Item data. (Example here)
  • Add Quest data. (Example here)
  • Add Craft Essence data. (Example here)
  • Add info regarding Master Missions.

Incomplete Pages

Incomplete pages can be found here. Please help up updating these pages!