Trick or Treatment

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Trick or Treatment
Portrait CE 0680.png
500 - 2000
0 - 0
Release Date (JP)
Release Date (EN)
Skill Icon NP Generation.png
Effect (LB)
Increase your NP Gain by 25% (30%)
Increase your Critical Strength by 15% (20%)


English Japanese
Halloween is always fraught with danger.

The Chaldea medical team has advanced knowledge and the capability to handle a wide variety of issues, and they are on high alert during their rounds this year as well.
Yet... isn't the chief of medicine's customized outfit the most dangerous thing of all this year? At least that's what people are saying...


高度な知識とあらゆるトラブル処理能力を持つ カルデア医療班は、今年も厳戒態勢で見回り中。

が。今年は班長の特注衣装が最も危険では? という意見が次々と上がってきているという……


This Craft Essence features the following character(s): Florence Nightingale, Phantom of the Opera, Gilles de Rais (Caster) and Caligula

Event Bonus

This CE increases Drops during Devil's Building Climber - Great Battle at Himeji Castle: Icon Item Beam Cookie.png by 1 (MLB: 2)

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