True Samadhi Fire

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True Samadhi Fire
Portrait CE 0228.png
400 - 1500
0 - 0

Skill Icon NP Up.png
Effect (LB)
Increase your NP Strength by 15% (20%)
Increase your Buster Card effectiveness by 8% (10%)


English Japanese
My body is a furnace, my soul is a brazier, and with a single breath, I will ignite the True Samadhi Fire and scorch the heavens.

I am the Sage King, master of the Fire-Cloud Cave.
And more than anything, the heir of the Ox-Demon King!



This Craft Essence features the following character(s): Mordred

Event Bonus

This CE increases Drops during Journey to The West: Icon Item Immortal Peach.pngIcon Item Grand Lotus.png by 1 (MLB: 2)

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In the original Journey to the West event this CE did not drop Grand Lotus but after players complained about how grindy the event was feature was added and the event shop adjusted in subsequent runs.