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Hi. As you may have noticed, this is my sandbox. Talk to me on Discord.

4:26 PM (Time in Tokyo)

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Build your own Form:Supportlist or visit the template page to understand it.

Icon Class All Silver.png
Icon Class Saber Silver.png
Icon Class Archer Silver.png
Icon Class Lancer Silver.png
Icon Class Rider Silver.png
Icon Class Caster Silver.png
Icon Class Assassin Silver.png
Icon Class Berserker Silver.png
Icon Class Extra Silver.png
Icon Class Ruler Gold.png
1/2/1, NP1
Portrait Servant 059 4.png
Portrait CE 0053.png
Lv 89 ★★★★★
Icon Class Saber Gold.png
10/3/3, NP1
Portrait Servant 068 3.png
Portrait CE 0360.png
Lv 72 ★★★★★
Icon Class Archer Gold.png
4/1, NP1
Portrait Servant 060 2.png
Portrait CE 0399.png
Lv 66 ★★★★★
Icon Class Lancer Silver.png
3/2, NP5
Portrait Servant 017 2.png
Portrait CE 0036.png
Lv 40 ★★★
Icon Class Rider Gold.png
5/4, NP1
Portrait Servant 030 3.png
Portrait CE 0361.png
Lv 70 ★★★★
Icon Class Caster Gold.png
2/-/-, NP5
Portrait Servant 061 1.png
Portrait CE 0053.png
Lv 39 ★★★★
Icon Class Assassin Gold.png
2/3/6, NP1
Portrait Servant 075 4.png
Portrait CE 0078.png
Lv 80 ★★★★★
Icon Class Berserker Gold.png
5/2/2, NP1
Portrait Servant 047 3.png
Portrait CE 0028.png
Lv 68 ★★★★
Button Crest.png
ID: (EN)

My Servants (JP)

Icon Servant 047.png Asc: 4
Icon Servant 008.png Asc: 4
Icon Servant 114.png Asc: 4
Icon Servant 128.png Asc: 2
Icon Servant 052.png Asc: 0
Icon Servant 085.png Asc: 2
Icon Servant 139.png Asc: 4
Icon Servant 075.png Asc: 4
Icon Servant 169.png Asc: 0
Icon Servant 113.png Asc: 4
Icon Servant 175.png Asc: 1
Icon Servant 179.png Asc:

Needed for Max. Ascension:

Icon Item Berserker Monument.png17
Icon Item Berserker Piece.png17
Icon Item Caster Monument.png34
Icon Item Caster Piece.png29
Icon Item Claw of Chaos.png6
Icon Item Dragon's Reverse Scale.png7
Icon Item Eternal Gear.png10
Icon Item Forbidden Page.png23
Icon Item Heart of the Foreign God.png5
Icon Item Warhorse's Young Horn.png9
Icon Item Lancer Monument.png34
Icon Item Great Knight Medal.png15
Icon Item Phoenix Feather.png26
Icon Item Rider Monument.png17
Icon Item Rider Piece.png17
Icon Item Scarab of Wisdom.png6
Icon Item Seed of Yggdrasil.png12
Icon Item Serpent Jewel.png8
Icon Item Void's Dust.png24

My Servants (EN)

Icon Servant 030.png Asc: 2
Icon Servant 059.png Asc: 4
Icon Servant 047.png Asc: 3
Icon Servant 060.png Asc: 2
Icon Servant 058.png Asc: 0
Icon Servant 068.png Asc: 2
Icon Servant 017.png Asc: 1

Needed for Max. Ascension:

Icon Item Archer Monument.png17
Icon Item Berserker Monument.png24
Icon Item Berserker Piece.png14
Icon Item Claw of Chaos.png33
Icon Item Dragon Fang.png24
Icon Item Dragon's Reverse Scale.png8
Icon Item Eternal Gear.png15
Icon Item Ghost Lantern.png6
Icon Item Heart of the Foreign God.png4
Icon Item Homunculus Baby.png8
Icon Item Lancer Monument.png12
Icon Item Lancer Piece.png8
Icon Item Octuplet Crystals.png11
Icon Item Phoenix Feather.png27
Icon Item Rider Monument.png14
Icon Item Saber Monument.png17
Icon Item Seed of Yggdrasil.png18
Icon Item Serpent Jewel.png8