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Valentine's Day
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Portrait CE 0986.png
Icon CE 0986.png Girl's Three-Piece Cacao Gift Edit Card


I have an obligation.

  1. What is it, suddenly?
  Select: What is it, suddenly?

Regarding the knowledge of rules or etiquette that has became part of one's civilization, I possess them. However...
Regarding the trend that was developed from a foreign holiday into a Japan-limited custom, as expected I am unable to comprehend.

  1. Err... basically?  2. Say it again in a more grade-schooler-like way?
  Select: Err... basically?

  Select: Say it again in a more grade-schooler-like way?

I have just learned of Valentine Day.
According to what I have heard from Sapphire, it is a day where you present a chocolate to someone who usually takes care of you and such.
And so, please accept this.

  1. This is...!  2. Blue Thunder Chocolate!
  Select: This is...!

  Select: Blue Thunder Chocolate!

It is a chocolate that was sold with the catchphrase, 'No matter how you slice it, it's just obligation'
Because Master took care of me a lot, I have an obligation, so I believe it fits.
...why do you look so disappointed?

  1. No, I'm happy even though it's just obligation.  2. Well then...
  Select: No, I'm happy even though it's just obligation.

  Select: Well then...

Ah, wait! There is something else I would like to give.
Please accept this as well.

  1. This is...!
  Select: This is...!
It looks like some kind of high-class chocolate!

I heard from Kuro that as a proof of affection to the people who are close to you, there is something such as 'Friend Chocolate'.
That's why, gimme Miyu's friend chocolate too☆
She extorted like that, and such I prepared some.
Since I feel some affection for Master, I thought I should present this too.
It came from Luvia-san approved Chocolat-specialist store, so its taste can be guaranteed.
And... actually... there is one more...

  1. After obligation chocolate and friend chocolate  2. The last one is obviously...
  Select: After obligation chocolate and friend chocolate

  Select: The last one is obviously...

Yes, I heard from Illya.
To the person you love. To the person who is truly important to you.
To the person who you want to have special relationship with... The chocolate you present to the person who you feel that way about is called 'True Feelings Chocolate'.
That's why, I... umm, it is truly embarrassing but...
I have given it.
To Illya.

  1. Eh?
  Select: Eh?

I have given it to Illya.
The best ingredients from all over the world, my knowledge, my skills, my passions...
And with a bit of something that came from Child of God's power, I made the ultimate, supreme chocolate cake!
However... after seeing it, Illya just said one thing.
It's too heavy. she said...
It is true that since I pursued taste and beauty too much, I forgot about how heavy it is in terms of calories.
It is clearly impossible for Illya to finish it alone, and so it is obvious that she rejected it.
Because of that, though it is shameful, please accept this as well, if you will.

  1. Thanks!  2. The feelings are certainly heavy!
  Select: Thanks!

  Select: The feelings are certainly heavy!


  • phew*... I am glad that I managed to give them.

Valentine day... it is my first experience, but it was fun.
Depending on the type of relationships, the name of the chocolates change, but to me there is not much difference.
Changing feelings into chocolates to show them to others... all of them share this after all.
...that is why, Master.
There is obligation, and there is affection.
Regarding special feelings... I still do not understand it, however, I certainly trust Master.
...did I manage to show my feelings?

  1. Of course!  2. I'll definitely answer Miyu's trust.
  Select: Of course!

  Select: I'll definitely answer Miyu's trust.

Thank goodness.
...ah, it should be ready soon.
The chocolate cake (mini) for Illya that I am making once again should be solidifying now.
Well then, I will go to present the true feelings chocolate. Thank you for spending your time for me.


Wait for me, Illya...!

(Translated by r/grandorder's Aesma-Daeva)



Portrait CE 0984.png
Icon CE 0984.png Sweet-Tongued Sparrow's Wasanbon Edit Card

Mysterious Voice:

Do you hear me... Can you hear this voice...
Why give...why love one another...Why...why...are humans such fools...

  1. Aah...this voice...  2. I can hear the sound of lamentations from the bottom of the earth...
  Select: Aah...this voice...

  Select: I can hear the sound of lamentations from the bottom of the earth...

Mysterious Voice:
Listen to this voice of resentment... The shrieks of men and women who've greeted scenes of carnage...
Obligation...One's heart's desire...Sentimental...Heartless...Infidelity uncovered by myriad of chocolates...
How unsightly...Despite loving each other, they can not forgive...

  1. Let's see...this voice is...  2. Last night, I could hear a voice I've been forced to listen to many times...
  Select: Let's see...this voice is...

  Select: Last night, I could hear a voice I've been forced to listen to many times...

Mysterious Voice:
I am he who curses this festival...I am he who is unrelated to this festival...
Resenting...In case I resent...the time of resentment... That's right, let's resent with all our might, Master.
The place we were born and the time we were born are different, but we are comrades who resent Valentine together...
You haven't forgotten that ""Oath of Sugar Resentment"", right?

Wait a sec, isn't this Blackbeard!

  1. And so, Guda woke up.  2. Is that the first district of Hell...?
  Select: And so, Guda woke up.

  Select: Is that the first district of Hell...?

No way. The dread of Hell is not such a thing.
Sheesh. I thought you were having a nightmare, but what's with this desolate mental landscape?
There is neither matting nor dango. Even selfish dreams should have a limit.
It's mostly due to the banquet last night. You've gotten involved with a nasty drunkard, haven't you?

  1. Benienma-chan...!  2. You've come to help me...!?
  Select: Benienma-chan...!
Stop adding a ""chan"". Call me Proprietress, Master.
  Select: You've come to help me...!?
Of course. You are my Master, after all.

...We have no time to waste with idle talk. It's time to wake up.
Although you reap what you sow, immersing yourself in a nightmare is not good for your health.
In Hell, the sparrow is the official of the Sanzu River! Now, with this thrust, return to the free world!

  1. This is...the Enma Pavilion?  2. This is not My Room?
  Select: This is...the Enma Pavilion?

  Select: This is not My Room?

That's right. Before returning to the free world, we've made a side trip.
It's because Master's complexion is so terrible that I can't bear to watch.
Well, that's just natural after having a nightmare like that. Even the demon of love and hate can not be relied upon, huh.
Come, come, sit here. You can sit cross-legged, but make sure to properly straighten your back.

  1. Thank you.  2. I've calmed down.
  Select: Thank you.

  Select: I've calmed down.

A fine reply. Well then, eat this.

  • Benienma gives us some sweets*

It is before breakfast, but that much won't prove to be a problem, right?

  1. Thanks for the food.  2. Awesome...cute! It's not something to be eaten!
  Select: Thanks for the food.

  Select: Awesome...cute! It's not something to be eaten!

I, is that so. That makes me happy, but this is not for decoration so don't hold back and eat.

  • We eat the sweets shaped like sparrows and the inn*

Is it delicious? That's great.
I am not familiar with Western celebrations, but I've been told by Mashu that you enjoy them.
Wasanbon is a confectionery that is nothing but sweet, but it has an effect of somewhat calming the mind.
Eat that and spend your day well. That's all I ask for as thanks.
Seeing you like that is Benienma's reason for living.

  • We slowly white out before waking up in our room*

  1. ...I'm awake.  2. ...Was just now, a dream...?
  Select: ...I'm awake.

  Select: ...Was just now, a dream...?

  • Benienma suddenly appears*

It wasn't a dream.
I've prepared a proper meal for breakfast. Please, dress up quickly and head to the cafeteria.
For the restless Master, I'll treat you to a meal that will make you full of energy.

Konchew's TL notes: The ""demon of love and hate"" Benienma refers to is most probably Dantes. He's the one who usually saves us from bad dreams, usually. Guess he was busy this time.

Wasanbon (和三盆) is a fine-grained Japanese sugar, traditionally made in the Shikoku prefectures Tokushima and Kagawa. The sugar is often used for Japanese sweets (wagashi).


Portrait CE 0983.png
Icon CE 0983.png Chocolate Announcing the Start and End of Battle Edit Card


Portrait CE 0982.png
Icon CE 0982.png Hippo-chan Edit Card


Portrait CE 0981.png
Icon CE 0981.png The Best Carrots Edit Card

Red Hare: “Neigh!

Oh, I apologize. How disrespectful of this Lu Bu. I was careless. Though this may be a simulator, with a grassland this easy to run on, my instincts as a horse are overflowing. I couldn’t help but want to gallop through these lands and whinny out loud. Haha. How embarrassing.

……Did I, perhaps, say anything about horses just a moment ago?”

  1. You did  2. No you didn’t?
  Select: You did
Red Hare: “I did? Ah, I see, so you heard it… If so, Master! You must have misheard me. Is that clear? Good. Then there is no problem. It is as clear as the autumn that brings cloudless skies and stout horses.”
  Select: No you didn’t?
Red: “Bhhneigh? (I didn’t, did I?)

Aah, I’m glad. How careless of me; I, the Flying General, seem to have become too excited over the grassland’s fresh greenery. Neigh. Oops. Cough, ahem! Excuse me. Have I perhaps been inflicted with ‘air conditioner cold’?”

Red Hare: “Incidentally, Master. What can I do for you?”

  1. Oh, right!  2. Here, chocolate!
  Select: Oh, right!

  Select: Here, chocolate!

Red Hare:

“CARROT! Oh, excuse me. I was so surprised and grateful that I’d accidentally let foreign words come running out, as if it were a post horse. I’m happy. Ha~ppy!”

Red Hare: “——However, Master, please be careful.”

[♪ ~ Corridor of Memory]

Red Hare: “Horses love sweet things. If you give it to them, they will consume it heartily. That is why caffeine must never be gifted. Horses are likely unable to break down caffeine with their body…… if I recall correctly….? I don’t remember it very well, but it seems to be the case. Thus, it is better to give them brown sugar if you wish to give them something sweet.”

[♪ ~ Back to cheerful music]

Red Hare: “Now, that was simply in the case of horses! I am Lu Bu Fengxian and not a horse, and as such I have no issue with any of that!”

  1. It’s okay!  2. Choice 2: The one I gave you is decaffeinated!
  Select: It’s okay!

  Select: Choice 2: The one I gave you is decaffeinated!

Red Hare: “…………………………!! W-Why———

It isn’t as if this Lu Bu is a horse, so such thoughtfulness is wasted on me, but… but… Ah, Master! You would be considerate for my sake! Aah, please get on my back! My lord! With you, I can go anywhere! Let us gallop forth together for a thousand miles, no, a million miles!”

  1. There there, there there
  Select: There there, there there

Red Hare: “……Hah, hah.

I couldn’t help but express my exhilaration. I apologize. But I am truthful when I say that I wish to break into a run with you on my back. Ah, before that, however.”

Red Hare: “——— Please accept these. They were apparently cultivated from an underground plant facility. Yes. I picked these carrots, so they are of the highest quality. They are so very tasty, of course! Yes, so tasty that my cheeks might just fall…! So tasty that I might just neigh without thinking!”

  1. Might just  2. Neigh without thinking
  Select: Might just

  Select: Neigh without thinking

Red Hare: “Now, please, help yourself! Chomp into it raw!!”

Translated by yaotomejr


Portrait CE 0980.png
Icon CE 0980.png Modern Reply Chocolates Edit Card

Yu: Oh, there you are.

Yu: Come on, just take it!

  1. Thanks!
  Select: Thanks!

Yu: What are you looking so happy about? Don't be ridiculous. I don't have a choice, do you hear me? You have to do this on Valentine's Day.

Yu: It's just something I ordered online. Call it a social obligation if you like.

  1. But the packaging is clearly handmade...
  Select: But the packaging is clearly handmade...

Yu: …

Yu: Well, I'm sorry for being no good at wrapping! I'm astonished you'd even notice something so small!

Yu: I just had a lot of time to kill, is all! It comes with being immortal.

Yu: All I have is time! Boring doesn't even begin to describe it.

  1. Then have you been giving chocolate to someone every year?  2. I thought you'd always tried to avoid human contact...
  Select: Then have you been giving chocolate to someone every year?

  Select: I thought you'd always tried to avoid human contact...

Yu: …

Yu: Good grief, how tactless can you be? Do I really not scare you even a little bit?

Yu: Do you act this way with Vlad and Carmilla, too?

  1. I don't find you as scary as those two
  Select: I don't find you as scary as those two

Yu: …

Yu: Well, maybe you're right to think so. I've often been called a vampire, but I wouldn't want to be bundled in together with the real thing.

  1. Do you find it hard to get along with Carmilla?
  Select: Do you find it hard to get along with Carmilla?

Yu: Yes. I won't mince words. I despise her.

Yu: The tales passed down among the people may have warped her a great deal from the way she should be, but I hate her even so. Just like all vampires.

Yu: I can't speak for any others, but I don't experience any lust or drive for blood. And I refuse to allow anyone to treat me as one of them.

  1. You really think that?
  Select: You really think that?

Yu: Now that I have taken this form of living flesh, I need to replenish my life energy somehow.

Yu: But just having any plants or animals in my vicinity share their energy with me little by little is enough to sustain my metabolism.

Yu: Short of being left alone in the middle of the desert, I feel no hunger.

Yu: And the thought of finding pleasure in the taste of blood makes my skin crawl.

  1. aren't some kind of enemy of mankind?
  Select: aren't some kind of enemy of mankind?

Yu: What? Do you hear yourself? If anyone is anyone's nemesis here, it is you who are mine.

Yu: Can you imagine the treatment I have endured, all for the sake of my immortal body?

Yu: You humans have no tolerance for anything that escapes your understanding.

Yu: From the peaks of the mountains to the bottom of the sea, you conquer and desecrate that is mystical. You cannot help yourselves. You are driven by your brutality.

Yu: And you have the gall to call it a search for knowledge.

Yu: Well, if the need ever does arise to absorb a large amount of mana incredibly quickly, it isn't as though I *can't* take sustenance from drinking blood directly.

Yu: And I have drained more than a few lives to death that way.

Yu: But I am alone. And there are seven billion of you. It shouldn't take much thought to see which of us is the real threat.

Yu: I have no intention of finding fault with my contract as a Servant at this late hour.

Yu: But you should never forget that at heart, we are anathema to each other.

  1. Well, that aside.  2. Thank you for the chocolate
  Select: Well, that aside.

  Select: Thank you for the chocolate

Yu: You're going to bring that up again, after this whole conversation!? The sheer nerve of you!



Portrait CE 0979.png
Icon CE 0979.png Chalcedony Chocolate Edit Card


Portrait CE 0978.png
Icon CE 0978.png Immortality Pills Edit Card


Portrait CE 0977.png
Icon CE 0977.png Panda Edit Card

Qin Liangyu: ........

  1. Qin Liangyu?  2. Need anything?
  Select: Qin Liangyu?

  Select: Need anything?

Qin Liangyu:
...A-As expected, Master.
No, I'm a Lancer, so I can't use Presence Concealment.
That's right. Ahem ahem. Actually---

Qin Liangyu:
(Um, what's she saying...)
(I'm cheering for you...? Good luck with your confession, okay?)
That's wrong!

  1. Y-Yes?
  Select: Y-Yes?

Qin Liangyu:
Ah, that's not it, Master! That was! That was, uh, eh....!
I-It's hard to talk here. Please come to my room!

Qin Liangyu:
Sigh. Good grief...
My apologies, Master. It's just a trifling matter.
It's just a trifling matter, but... Um...
I present this to you with all of my gratitude. Please, do accept it.

  1. Valentine!  2. Thank you!
  Select: Valentine!

  Select: Thank you!

Qin Liangyu:
No no, it's not a big deal.
I didn't imagine we could have such happiness in between battles coming one after another.
As a general, soldiers are but flowers blooming upon the battlefield. To fight and to fall is their fate.
Although that may be cruel, I do not bear any animosity, but---
You are the one who taught me that it was not all there was, Master.
...I am truly thankful to you.
...Afterwards, should you not mind, if could you tell me what you think about the taste...
I'll use that to improve in the future. Goodbye!

  1. ...I thought this was Qin Liangyu's room, though...
  Select: ...I thought this was Qin Liangyu's room, though...

Qin Liangyu:
Sigh. Somehow I managed to hand it over successfully.
Though I was teased, it was a good result. I'll have to thank Mata Hari.

Qin Liangyu:
Ah, Mata Hari. I'm grateful, thanks to you I managed to hand it over without anything going wrong.
...Mu, why do you look dissatisfied?
Y-You were sure that I'd have pushed him down onto the bed, at least!?
I wouldn't! What do you think I am!
Because I want to protect Master, I do not have such carnal desires in me!
...P-Probably, I think! It's okay, my sense of reason is perfect!
Yes, really! My reason is as strong as steel!

Qin Liangyu:

Hey, why are you sighing! Wait, waaaaait!


Portrait CE 0976.png
Icon CE 0976.png Mask Hiding a Beautiful Face Edit Card


Portrait CE 0975.png
Icon CE 0975.png Xiang Yu's Sword Edit Card


Portrait CE 0974.png
Icon CE 0974.png Protection Girl Chocolate Edit Card


Portrait CE 0973.png
Icon CE 0973.png Yukimi White Chocolate Edit Card


Portrait CE 0972.png
Icon CE 0972.png Otherworld Fruit Edit Card


Oh, Master. You were here? Though incomplete, I was looking for you. Poor Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, preparing a tribute.

  1. Eh, wait a moment.  2. In the first place...
  Select: Eh, wait a moment.

  Select: In the first place...

I heard from DaVinci-dono what the meaning of today's day is. In this case I have to give form to my devotion, loyalty and also my feelings. Please accept it. It's this here. My Master.


The fairy fruit, although I should say it's a mysterious fruit. This becomes a fruit such as this; one that has yet to cross that sea, a fruit from one of the splendidly colored trees of the spirit world. Prior, my foster father, God of the Seas Manannán, guided the warrior Bran and his allies through the mountains to this bounty of the land.
No, that is just a written poem. Perhaps they weren't led ... well ... yes.

  1. That seems like a delicious apple.  2. Thank you!
  Select: That seems like a delicious apple.

  Select: Thank you!

Diarmuid My master who is working hard in the fights every day, I would be pleased if I could be your comfort at a time.

  1. Well then I'm returning it! Yes!
  Select: Well then I'm returning it! Yes!


Oh... this is ... ah, what should I say...
You granted me some kind of item. Well, even though I should understand, these deep emotions are...
This is overwhelming honor. Your kindness, I'm greatly obliged.
...If it's come to this!!
I will definitely eat the chocolate that I received! Even if I pay with my life! Let's conclude this!

  1. You don't need to exaggerate!  2. Huh, even before this exchange...?
  Select: You don't need to exaggerate!

  Select: Huh, even before this exchange...?

Translated by XxXHikari-chanXxX



Portrait CE 0970.png
Icon CE 0970.png Medb's Rich Cacao Chocolate Edit Card

Oh, Master?

Are you on an evening stroll? Ah, outside (in reality) it may still be daytime. Either way is fine.

I am, as you can see, on a walk.

Valentine’s is fun. Lovers think of each other and exchange gifts. They smile together.

They hug. They kiss.

They make love. They fall into passion.

How nice. Yes, it’s wonderful. Do you like it? It’s so helpful to have a day to live out those feelings.

It’s the ideal day for shy children who can’t make a move unless given an excuse, right?

I’m not being sarcastic, you know? That thing, I like it. It’s fun and exciting.

But the thing is, yeah -

  1. Could it be, Medb?  2. Are you here in the 'Waiting' position!?
  Select: Could it be, Medb?

  Select: Are you here in the 'Waiting' position!?


That’s right, you understand. You look absolutely flabbergasted to see such a thing.

There are so many brave warriors gathered here, after all. They have different talents from a king or a queen, right?

Right! I am waiting! I like to pursue, but love to be pursued!

If Mashu’s with you, there’s a high level of challenge, There are many Cu-chans, but all of them also are very challenging,

Fergus is more or less the same, but compared to the past he’s quite the gentleman!

That’s it! That’s absolutely it!

So, I decided even if it’s hard on myself, to plan -

  • Wait in line!*

My preparations are perfect. You’ve noticed it too, right?

For about a week before Valentine’s, I will say as little as possible, I won’t pursue Cu-chan at all,

In fact, I’ll turn up my nose with a “Hmph!” if anything.

“The hell, what’s this? She seems different, huh…”

And as he thinks that, he’s mine! And during that week, Fergus looks and asks, “Are you okay?”

How many were curious and called out! I wouldn’t go for him, but Fionn mac Cumhaill, too!

Even people like David and Napoleon were curious. Fufufu...

  1. (She’s like an elementary schooler…)  2. (Could it be, she’s no good at doing things other than attack?)
  Select: (She’s like an elementary schooler…)

  Select: (Could it be, she’s no good at doing things other than attack?)

I don’t see many words of praise, huh?

First of all, the true you has approached me! That’s why, here. Have this!

...It’s got a ve-ry rich cacao content, this chocolate, yes?

Now, I don’t need to explain to you about cacao, right?

Be careful, okay. It might prove too much for you, after all ♥

  1. I, I’ll be careful.  2. Awawa...
  Select: I, I’ll be careful.

  Select: Awawa...

Ah, how cute.

Now, the delivery of the honmei-choco was a great success. Up next, the real honmei-choco, the destined honmei-choco...

Fufufu! Ah, I wonder who will come next!

- Ah, Master.

Make sure you tell Cu-chan and the other warriors for me? That Queen Medb is looking lonely,

So they had better go and check on her, right. It’s okay to not hesitate to use Command Spells, yeah?

Ah, Chaldea’s Command Spells don’t have much power of compulsion? But that’s fine. Since it’s their Master’s order, yeah.

In any case, thank you, Master. Love you!


Portrait CE 0969.png
Icon CE 0969.png Master in the Chocolate Edit Card



Portrait CE 0967.png
Icon CE 0967.png Mount Kurama Specialty - Yatsude Manju Edit Card



Portrait CE 0965.png
Icon CE 0965.png White Dolphin Dream Edit Card

The ocean!

  1. Suddenly, a mysterious power... to the ocean...!?  2. This bright sunlight is pretty harsh right after waking up...
  Select: Suddenly, a mysterious power... to the ocean...!?
Let's call it marine power, or perhaps Holy Dolphin Power.
  Select: This bright sunlight is pretty harsh right after waking up...
I'm sorry, I just couldn't wait...

More importantly, while it may be winter according to the calendar, it's always summer here!

Let's swim, let's bask in the sun, let's play with the dolphins!

And with that, it's time for the dolphin Leiss to enter the stage!

  1. It's been a while!
  Select: It's been a while!

  • dolphin chattering sounds*

Let's play the whole day! Because, you know, it's Valentine's Day!

A Valentine's gift doesn't have to be chocolate. Talking and playing together like this also counts.

And there aren't just dolphins. The blue whale Scrooge has also...



I'm sorry, Scrooge got so excited... he's been washed ashore...

  1. If we don't return him...!
  Select: If we don't return him...!

T-that's right! I'm sorry, Master. Please boost me with your Command Seals!"

Phew... Phew...

Moving something that heavy was just as difficult as you'd expect...

Who knows what would have happened if the other Servants hadn't helped.

I'm sorry, Master. Even though it's the long-awaited Valentine's Day...

Even though I wanted to let you enjoy riding a dolphin and riding a whale...

  1. We were panicking, but I had fun.  2. In that case... to apologize, some chocolate...
  Select: We were panicking, but I had fun.
Thank you, master. You really are the little (sister/brother) I'm proud of!
  Select: In that case... to apologize, some chocolate...
Huh? You figured it out!?

Ahem. Then, let's try this again...

Here, my chocolate.

Unfortunately, I'm a little clumsy, so I didn't hesitate to request the help of some skilled gentlemen to make it.

I came up with everything outside of the modelling, though.

Heheh. It's so beautiful it'd be a shame to eat it.

My beloved little (sister/brother).

You will surely receive a lot of presents this year as well.

Even if you may feel like you'll be overwhelmed by the amount, accept each one properly.

Your big sister's asking you to!

Let's make our way back!

I ended up hogging you today with all that happened.

I had a lot of fun, but Alter may be burning up with jealousy.

  1. That'd be bad...
  Select: That'd be bad...

...Yes, so let's go apologize.

It's okay, your big sister will come with you! Whether we live or die, we'll be together!
Translated by Frostbit3_



Portrait CE 0963.png
Icon CE 0963.png Purple Crystal Candy Edit Card


Can we have a bit of your time?
We have ascertained that today is a day of celebration. Therefore, please grant us a few minutes of your time.
Please decide, Master.

  1. Yeah, sure.  2. You have permission... is it fine to say it like that?
  Select: Yeah, sure.

  Select: You have permission... is it fine to say it like that?

Yes. Thank you for your confirmation.
Then, please allow me.

  1. Eh, I'm sleepy...  2. This is...
  Select: Eh, I'm sleepy...

  Select: This is...

I have engraved a rune of sleep. It is something very light. We will now proceed to contact you in your sleep for a few minutes.
Good night, Master.

...Master. Master?

Ah, we're connected. Hey, Master! Can you see us?

...Pardon me. As you seemed busy, we kept your time constraints in mind.
Although our Saint Graph can be split into three in reality, it would place a burden on you and the summoning system.
Therefore, we have done this. Reducing the magical energy expenditure to the lowest, and coming into contact mentally---

Let's stop with the difficult topic. There's not much time so we should hand over what we're here to give!
I want to give something to Brynhildr onee-sama too! Here, here!

Um, Master. Today's...

Valentine's. Right?

...Yes. We heard that it was a day to convey our feelings.
Although we don't know if you have a warrior's soul, at least, you're...

You are someone who carves out a path in battle. Because of that, we feel proud to be of service to you.
So, to you, this is---

Our present!

Yes. Although it is a modest gift, please accept it.

  1. Thanks.  2. This is Brynhildr's...?
  Select: Thanks.

  Select: This is Brynhildr's...?

...Yes, that is right.

Although we are valkyries who do not discriminate and prioritize between people.

But, if we had to say it, if we were really made to say it. We love our onee-sama!
This is the candy that we made while thinking of onee-sama! We've specially prepared the same thing for you.

---That is all. We've placed the same thing on the desk in your room.
Master, thank you for giving us your time.

Then, I hope that today's festival will be a fruitful day for you.

See ya!


(check the top of the desk)


Portrait CE 0962.png
Icon CE 0962.png Glasses Edit Card

—Oh, Master.

Judging by your appearance, it seems you’ve come to me for something.

...hmm. So what have you come to me for?

If I may be frank, it’s Valentine’s Day...

You have chocolate for me, then?

  1. You know me so well...  2. Correct!
  Select: You know me so well...

  Select: Correct!

Elementary, my dear Master.

...hmph, I was just copying someone. Ignore what I just said.

  1. Anyway...  2. Here’s your chocolate!
  Select: Anyway...

  Select: Here’s your chocolate!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Hm? Have I talked to Brynhildr yet, you ask?

...I did, more or less. No, let’s not talk about that.

Putting that aside, I have a gift for you.

But before I do that, I would like to take some measurements.

  1. Measurements?
  Select: Measurements?

Yes. First, let me see your eyes.

  1. Too close, too close!
  Select: Too close, too close!

No, this must be done up close. Otherwise I will not be able to properly measure your eyesight.


  1. I’m limit…!  2. His glasses...are shooting beams…!
  Select: I’m limit…!

  Select: His glasses...are shooting beams…!

Karna said that true heroes kill with their eyes, but…

I want you to stay calm. Your glasses will not shoot beams.

  1. That’s not what I meant…!
  Select: That’s not what I meant…!

Alright, I have finished.

Now to carve the collected data into a rune…

Mix the fragments of the material acquired from Miss Da Vinci…

Afterwards affix the material with an origin rune…


  1. Did you just make a pair of glasses!?
  Select: Did you just make a pair of glasses!?


...Master, I know you already have good eyesight.

Which is why I decided to add other functions to these glasses.

Automatic recovery function for eye strain. Automatic inhibitory function of visual confusion.

Looking at intense light or something that your eyes cannot handle will destroy them…

But if that happens, these glasses will prevent that from occurring.

On top of that, they’re sturdy.

Barring any Servants, enemies like beasts won’t be able to scratch your eyes out.

I would like to offer this to you as a return gift. How do you find it?

  1. It doesn’t matter what it is...  2. Thank you!
  Select: It doesn’t matter what it is...

  Select: Thank you!

It’s nothing.

You’ve shown courtesy to an extremely boorish person such as I.

I planned on putting all my effort into making these glasses as gratitude for everything after I was summoned.

Now this will depend on your fashion sense. In other words, whether you will look good wearing them or not.

  1. How does it look?
  Select: How does it look?

Translated by shinyklefkey


Portrait CE 0961.png
Icon CE 0961.png Canned Military Rations Edit Card


Portrait CE 0960.png
Icon CE 0960.png Pocket Watch and Frog Chocolate Edit Card

  1. Why is this place next to the boiler room?

 2. The corner of the Sakamoto Detective Agency, aka Oryou’s shop.
  Select: Why is this place next to the boiler room?

  Select: The corner of the Sakamoto Detective Agency, aka Oryou’s shop.

Hey, it’s you. Welcome.

...but first, I should apologize.

Rejoice, human. Oryou-san’s legendary shop has made a grand comeback for a limited time.

Hopes, dreams and frogs galore, buy it, buy it all. Oryou-san wants to make a quick buck.

The tearoom? ...ah, that hobby room with the terrible gold sparkles?

Oryou-san knocked it to pieces.

No, no, first off you can’t knock it down, plus you didn’t even knock it down anyways.

Sorry about that, if someone mentions Valentine’s Day, Oryou-san begins talking about selling chocolates and stops listening.

I heard that the tearoom was being rebuilt, so we relocated just for today.

And that’s why you should buy the dark chocolate that Ryouma procured through personal means.

You can even buy frogs now too, it’s good value.

  1. Umm, I’m not here to buy anything.  2. I’m actually here for Sakamoto-san…
  Select: Umm, I’m not here to buy anything.

  Select: I’m actually here for Sakamoto-san… mean this is for me?

Wow, I’m happy. This is the first time in my life I’ve ever received chocolate…


...oi, you there.

  1. Oh…  2. Um, well, you see…
  Select: Oh…

  Select: Um, well, you see…

No, no, Oryou-san, this is a sign of Master’s affection, or something along those lines…

...hold yourself back, hold yourself back. You can’t eat Master, eating Master isn’t allowed.

You’re not giving chocolate to Oryou-san then…?

Eh!? That’s what you meant?

  1. Of course I prepared one for you!  2. Sorry for getting it out late.
  Select: Of course I prepared one for you!

  Select: Sorry for getting it out late.

Oooh, there’s one for Oryou-san too!?

Just as Oryou-san expected from the human she can count on, good job!

Look, Ryouma, Oryou-san bets you’re jealous. She received this chocolate.

With this Oryou-san is also yoo-hoo about Valentine’s

Yeah, I’m glad. In more than one way.

Thank you once again, Master.

I’m truly happy.

Right, I have to thank you properly. Wait just a second.

Ryouma-san’s got a point, he says some useful things every now and then. Alright, Oryou-san will also give you a valuable gift.

Here, it’s not much but this is from me and Oryou-san.

By the way, this is valuable to Oryou-san.

A frog no matter how you look at it, but also chocolate. Chocolate, but also a frog.

The frog choco-chocos are from Oryou-san.

  1. Thank you for the wonderful watch!  2. The Frog Chocos look tasty!
  Select: Thank you for the wonderful watch!

  Select: The Frog Chocos look tasty!

If you’re happy then I’m happy too.

  1. I’ll be off then!
  Select: I’ll be off then!

Yup, who knows how long we’ll be doing this for, but you can count on Oryou’s shop.

Oryou-san is the one who opened this shop, but I’m having fun operating the business.

It’s Oryou-san’s dream to have a competent and beautiful secretary once she turns a huge profit at “Oryou-san and co. Corp.”

  1. I’ll buy something next time!
  Select: I’ll buy something next time!

Yeah, see you later.

...oi, Ryouma.

...what is it, Oryou-san?

It’ll be fine. I’ll definitely protect them next time. Both you and them.

I know, I’m always counting on you.

...hey, Ryouma.

...what is it?

...I’m happy here.

…yeah, I’m really happy too.

Here in this place.
Translated by shinyklefkey


Portrait CE 0959.png
Icon CE 0959.png Cotton Scarf Edit Card



Portrait CE 0957.png
Icon CE 0957.png Bedside Evil Dragon Edit Card


Portrait CE 0956.png
Icon CE 0956.png First Grade Conferment Edit Card



Portrait CE 0953.png
Icon CE 0953.png Reading a Book to a Beloved Child Edit Card


Portrait CE 0954.png
Icon CE 0954.png Pitch Black Conductor's Baton Edit Card

  1. Salieri!

 2. Found you!
  Select: Salieri!

  Select: Found you!


For you to be calling out to me, it must mean you wish to make use of my power.

——————Who am I to kill?

Tell me. If you say so, I will do as you command.

What location am I to head towards? Or rather, do you intend to activate the simulator?

  1. That’s not it  2. I’m not here for that today…
  Select: That’s not it

  Select: I’m not here for that today…


……Then, allow me to hear what you have to say, Master.

  1. Okay so, here!  2. Happy Valentine's!
  Select: Okay so, here!

  Select: Happy Valentine's!


What, is this you’ve given me. What is it.


This may somewhat serve as a source of mana, but, why have you given me something like that. I don’t understand. I cannot comprehend your reasoning.

…………Have you forgotten?

I am death, I am darkness. I am a being that exists to kill.

I who was brought into existence to execute one man has, however, materialized here to slaughter those who oppose you.

Or perhaps… I would be different were I to materialize in one of the Lostbelts…

Cease your whims, Master.

I am———

I am———

I am death! I exist to murder the one beloved by God! I am, I must, I cannot exist as anything else!

My body is made of lamentations! My body is the final stages of a wildfire, the darkness of the unsightly humankind!

  1. Salieri———
  Select: Salieri———


Oh, ohhhh…! Oooohhhhhhhhhhhh…….!!

Ooohhhh, I am……!

Antonio Salieri is dead! Now! Even now! Even if that soul has gained a similar form, that man will never be brought back to the world of the living!

———You mustn’t be mistaken, Master.

Do not, regard me as human. That will not do.

Anything, but that…

it just will not do……

A little while after that———

What did you receive from Maria, I wonder. It was an absolutely ambiguous, mysterious gift…

It didn’t overlap with any special occasion, and the sender of this gift could not be ascertained.

A present from Maria, who was always inarticulate, but had one of the most outstandingly radiant smiles.

Well, you of all people must be able to tell.

———A baton, pitch black as if it had been charred by a wildfire.

Maria would never give anyone a present like this. I wouldn’t give someone a gift like that either.

All and all, that’s what it is. The object that took some twists and turns to fall into your hands is———

Your present from that man.

Good grief. It may be beyond his control, but what a questionable thing for him to do.
Translated by yaotomejr]


Portrait CE 0952.png
Icon CE 0952.png Chocolate-type Mini Golems Edit Card

Avicebron: Oh, Master. What business do you have with my workshop?

  1. Isn’t this Da Vinci’s Workshop…?  2. Is this your workshop, Avicebron?
  Select: Isn’t this Da Vinci’s Workshop…?
Avicebron: “Yes, I used that as my basis. I made enhancements to the equipment for my personal use.”
  Select: Is this your workshop, Avicebron?
Avicebron: “Yes. It’s unlikely I’ll find the necessity to mass produce golems, so I wanted a workshop with decent adaptability.”

Avicebron: “So long as manpower is limited, my golems would find some use here. They were created for that purpose to begin with. It would be an honor for the golems to be helpful to everyone.”

  1. And this golem is….?
  Select: And this golem is….?

Avicebron: “Ah, that one is made to serve food. It was a request from the Servants in charge of the dining hall. Its slower movement is its drawback, and thus it would allow for food snitching from the other Servants. No, perhaps I should say that stealing food is unacceptable in the first place. As our Master, you should take certain precautions as well. The perpetrators are mainly the children, the drunkards, and the egotistical Servants.”

  1. U-Understood!
  Select: U-Understood!

Avicebron: “……Oh, no, I apologize for making the conversation all about myself. Can I help you?”

  1. Here’s some chocolate
  Select: Here’s some chocolate

Avicebron: “…… ……?

Well. ……Thank you? Servants don’t find the need to ingest food. That being said, it doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t eat. Therefore, I’ll accept this.”

  1. See you later then!
  Select: See you later then!

Avicebron: “Yes, have a pleasant day.” [fade to black]

  1. I should go to sleep soon…
  Select: I should go to sleep soon…

Avicebron: “Master, it’s an emergency.”

  1. I’ve seen that high speed movement before…!
  Select: I’ve seen that high speed movement before…!

Avicebron: “I used a two-wheel-drive golem to achieve ultra-high speed movement. More importantly, Master.”

  1. W-What happened!?
  Select: W-What happened!?

Avicebron: “Yes, I’ve identified something grave.”

Avicebron: “……That present you gave me a little while ago, it was a Valentine's gift, was it not? I sincerely apologize. I am utterly out of touch with such affairs. Of course, this festival comes from a different religion, but this is the situation we’re in. If there is something to celebrate, I ought to follow suit no matter what. So, here is my return gift. Please have this.”

  1. Cute!  2. Oh, mini golems!Avicebron: “Yes, though you may have seen them before.”
  Select: Cute!
Avicebron: “Are they? Hm, so they’re cute.”
  Select: Oh, mini golems!Avicebron: “Yes, though you may have seen them before.”

Avicebron: “These golems can function as food that can move on its own. They are worthless in battle, but… in various daily routines, they can be serviceable in their own way. Your voiceprint is the key to commanding them. Of course, they’d only be able to act out simple orders.”

  1. Thank you so much  2. I’ll dote on them
  Select: Thank you so much
Avicebron: “Good. If you’re happy, then there was value in creating them.”
  Select: I’ll dote on them
Avicebron: “Dote on them…? I see, in this form they can serve that purpose too. This is a good learning experience. Thank you.”

Avicebron: “By the way, I hear people nowadays call the golems similar to my creations as robots. Instead of having the Kabbalah as its foundation, these inhumane human beings are created from pure science… Technological development is frightening yet pleasing. And a shadow of the past like me has yet much to learn.”

  1. There are videos related to robots  2. Wanna watch them together?
  Select: There are videos related to robots

  Select: Wanna watch them together?

Avicebron: “What do you mean, watch them? ……I see, they have such a thing in the library…… Oh, hoh hoh. Fascinating, very fascinating. I understand. Then let us devote ourselves to watching these videos for future reference. And, as we eat the chocolate as well.”
Translated by yaotomejr


Portrait CE 0951.png
Icon CE 0951.png Reckless Rush Chocolate Edit Card

Atalante Alter:



What is it──────!?


Atalante Alter:
Are you here? You're here! Good, then here you go!

  • Atalante hands us her Valentine's gift*

Atalante Alter:
It's that so-called chocolate thing! I gave it to you, right, that's fine then, right?!
If it's fine then it's okay! I've fulfilled my duty!
Okay, finished, time to disperse! Then!


Her momentum pulverized the door...

  • outside somebody skids to a halt and we can hear the sound of footsteps approaching our room*

Atalante Alter:
...That was a slip of the tongue! No, I was hiding my embarrassment!
It's no duty or obligation. This chocolate is, um, that.
You can think of it as something that has all of my daily gratitude, affection, friendship and many other things other than that included in it.

  1. Ah, yes.  2. I know.
  Select: Ah, yes.
Atalante Alter:
  Select: I know.
Atalante Alter:
S-so you knew. I see. As expected of Master.

Atalante Alter:
Well, compared to when I'm an Archer, I'm not as skilled with my hands so I kept making mistake after mistake...
In the end, I had to beg Teacher Tamamo Cat in tears and it ended without incident.




Atalante Alter:
...Turning into a Berserker from an Archer, I can no longer adjust or control anything.
It seems like I'll be burned up by the flaming passion swirling in my chest.
For a while now, looking at your's like an attack!
To be more specific, I want to bite you!
What is this, the things I'm saying are unclear even to me...

  1. There, there.  2. Please, calm down.
  Select: There, there.
Atalante Alter:
U-umu. I'll calm down obediently.
  Select: Please, calm down.
Y-you're right. I'll...take a few deep breaths.

  • Inhale~*...*Exhale~*...

  • Some time passes*

Atalante Alter:
  • Inhale~*...*Exhale~*...*Inhale~*...
.......Okay, I've calmed down a bit.
It seems that my instinct as a beast has been somewhat stimulated by Valentine's.


Atalante Alter:
Somewhat, just somewhat.
I feel like I blurted out something unexpected, so just forget it once and for all.
But still, why did I calm down so quickly. ...Hmm, just what in the world is this...
Hm? *sniff* *sniff*?
Ah, I see. I get it!

  • All of a sudden Atalante gets closer to us*

What is it this time──────!?

Atalante Alter:
No, well, I finally realized. It is your smell.
Yeah. A nice smell.

Would you please step away a bit...!

Atalante Alter:
I am asserting my natural right as a Servant.
From what I hear, there are even fellows who would crawl under your bed unnoticed.
Compared to that, the extent of my selfishness is quite cute, no?
You think so too, right? Well?

...Just five minutes, okay?

  • Some time passes*

Atalante Alter:
...Mm, I finally understand.
This is the smell of your good nature. The smell of one who stays under the warm sun.
As long as you have this smell, there will be someone by your side, as your Servant.
To protect you and treat you with tender loving care.
Even if you don't believe me, at the very least these words...please, do believe in them.
Well then, see you later, Master. I pray for your life to be blessed with fortune.

  • Atalante leaves and we take a bite of her chocolate*

...How bittersweet...


Portrait CE 0950.png
Icon CE 0950.png Viy (Self-Standing Model) Edit Card


Portrait CE 0949.png
Icon CE 0949.png Rainy Bridge Edit Card

Fujino: Good day, Master. Do you have a bit of time?

No problem? That's great. Well then, please hold out your hands.
It's alright, there's no need to be scared. This is not something dangerous.
gives you choco
Guda: Chocolates from Fujino-san...!
Fujino: It's onee-chan choco with nothing unusual inside, I hope that it's to your taste.
Reien Girl's Academy... the school I went to also had a home economics department. This donuts is something that I have been making since my first year there.
Ever since I enrolled there, I have been making a lot of sweets in the home economics room. It was decided in the dorms that it would be my duty to offer them to my senpais. Fufu, it's weird, isn't it?
And even though it was an all-girls' school, the physical education there was strict. That goes without saying that the hierarchical relationships were strict as well.

  1. I see.  2. I don't get it.
  Select: I see.
Fujino: My, master, did you also experience living in dorms?
If so, then that makes me truly happy. With this, we have another thing in common.
  Select: I don't get it.
Fujino: Ah... T-that's right, isn't it... I'm sorry, I've only been talking about myself.
Valentine gifts are a norm during my dorm life, so I should've been used to it, but it seems that I got too carried away.

Fujno: A-ahem... Well then, please check the inside. I, Asagami Fujino, have made them with all my skill.
It's a special confectionery, with more sugar than the usual.
Since I am older than the Master, so I have to be careful in consideration to your health but...
Even if it's just for today, I've become a bit of a delinquent. Though it might be just a small thing, but I wanted to at least, relieve you of your stress for a bit.

  1. Thank you!!  2. As expected of the Bender, Fujinon!
  Select: Thank you!!

  Select: As expected of the Bender, Fujinon!

Fujino: Yes, seeing you be happy about it, I'm relieved.

  1. But why donuts?  2. But why bridge-shaped chocolate?
  Select: But why donuts?
Fujino: Eh... well... that's...
From my story before, my room mate was a friend of mine that was very mischievous...
Just because they're seniors, who cares about it being a tradition of Reien! If they want a present that much, then I'll give it to them!
I shall fill their bellies with a terrifying amount of oil! Fujino, croquettes! Make some croquettes!
And because of making so much croquettes, frying things has become my specialty.
Fufu you want to eat croquettes as well? Then next time, I'll make it the way Kokutou-san likes it.
  Select: But why bridge-shaped chocolate?
Fujino: Eh? Are bridge-shaped chocolates weird...?
I just thought that just donuts wouldn't fill you up, so I made some chocolate as an extra...
And since sweets are stimulating, I thought that shaping them into something like a bridge would make them even more stimulating.

Though they might only be chocolates, wouldn't it be exciting to feel like a kaijuu while eating them...?

  1. That's right... even though it looks hard, it's exciting  2. (Is this... what it means to be Evil Aligned...!!
  Select: That's right... even though it looks hard, it's exciting

  Select: (Is this... what it means to be Evil Aligned...!!

Fujino: That's great. I also take pride in that. Though I was a bit lost on whether to make it shaped like the Eiffel Tower or a bridge until the end.
Thought it may seem hard when you bite it, just chomp down on it. Chomp!

I'm sure you'll find it delightful, and might even become a habit. Please let me know your thoughts about the chocolate later, okay?

(Translated by kanramori)


Portrait CE 0987.png
Icon CE 0987.png Picture Scroll Chocolate Edit Card


Portrait CE 0761.png
Icon CE 0761.png Stranger Almond Edit Card


Portrait CE 0760.png
Icon CE 0760.png The Chocolates of Betrayal Edit Card


Portrait CE 0759.png
Icon CE 0759.png Choco Choco Octopus Tentacles Edit Card


Portrait CE 0758.png
Icon CE 0758.png Sweet Home in the Underworld Edit Card

……Finally, that person has left the cafeteria. I was certain that I could get hold of them during lunchtime.
Well, some time after dinner would have been better, though. That way, there’ll be more people around.
Now. Looks like the time has finally come.
……Hm. Really, it’s not such a big deal. I, myself, am surprisingly calm.
It was good that I devoted two days to mentally preparing for this. Furthermore, the chocolates came out great.
I made sure to have practiced for a month. Surely there shouldn’t be any complaints about the taste, aesthetic, and magical power!
Yes, one piece a day; making the test pieces was really fun! If I could, I would do it every day!
Well, only this one came out well, though! Since one part is done, the rest should be successful too!
———Anyway, this isn’t the time to be gloating by the corner.
These footsteps, I’m certain it’s (Your Name)……at all times, I have to be cool, and splendid……
Alright, let’s go, Ereshkigal! I’ll brilliantly let you taste the composure of the Goddess!
Fo. Fofo, Fou. Kyu-
(Special Meaning: Halt. There is aggression coming from around the corner.)

  1. Fou-kun is staring towards the corner……?

 2. (Is someone there?)
  Select: Fou-kun is staring towards the corner……?

  Select: (Is someone there?)

Fou! Foufou, Fo-!
(Special Meaning: The premonition of a strong foe......! Defeat them!)
My, if it isn’t the beast of calamity. Hmm. Acting as a bodyguard, I see.
Well, that’s fine, you’re powerless at the moment. Go along to the other side.
Now———first, to get my act together, and……
G-g-good day, (Your Name)! Fancy meeting you in sure a place, just like I'd planned!
Y-you've just left the cafeteria but, I was wondering if you were still hungry?
If that’s the case, I have prepared a fitting, nutritious meal for you; H-how would you like to give it a taste?
(Special Meaning: Oh it’s just some small fry. You can go home.)

  1. Hello, Ereshkigal

 2. Sorry, I just ate lunch……
  Select: Hello, Ereshkigal
Y-yes. Thank you for your politeness. Greetings are important. These things are usually assessed.
  Select: Sorry, I just ate lunch……

Fou. Foufou.
Y-yes, indeed, you just came out of the cafeteria, after all! I know that, it’s common sense of the living!
(Awawa———what happened to your mental focus, myself! I’m supposed to be surprisingly calm!?)

Fou. Kyukyuu, fou.
(Special Meaning: But you haven't had dessert.
That’s right! I did it, the timing is perfect, me!
In that case, here. It’s too pitiful to go without dessert after a meal,
Since you probably didn’t get anything from the other goddesses, and since this is a modern event,
I’ll give this to you. I’m not exactly fond of these kind of sweet things.
(Special Meaning: Uwa……that determination is so obvious……)
H-how is it.
I only noticed that the e-event was yesterday, and used a familiar design, to reasonably, and splendidly finish it up though.

  1. This is Ereshkigal’s precious object, after all.

 2. This is Ereshkigal’s best feat, after all.
  Select: This is Ereshkigal’s precious object, after all.
Yes, that’s right. This spear cage is my most precious thing.
……fufu. Humans see it as something that traps away souls, and enemies see it as a lance that pierces through their bodies.
To see this as something precious, really, you are a strange human.

  Select: This is Ereshkigal’s best feat, after all.

T-that’s right. It’s my freedom to make cages. As you can see, I am a gloomy Goddess of the Netherworld
When you look at that chocolate, do bear that in mind. I am not someone to be treated lightly.

W-well, it’s not as if you have to eat the chocolate immediately, it’s fine to eat it when your mood feels like it.
And if it’s not enough, I have no qualms if you visit me for more. I made reserves in case of such a situation after all.
“I’ve never tasted something like this before, it’s so perfect that I don’t want to eat anything else but Netherworld chocolates……”
Something like that would become my responsibility. I have properly, thought through the aftercare as well.
Fou, fo-u! Uselessfou! Dream, fou!
S-so noisy about every single thing, this beast! It’s fine isn’t it, to dream!
I, myself, am very aware! Overdoing it isn’t cute at all!
But I couldn’t think of anything else, and even I find myself getting sick of my own gloominess!

  1. Nah.

  Select: Nah.

h———W-what is it? Getting it returned now, is too cruel?

  1. Thank you, Ereshkigal.

  Select: Thank you, Ereshkigal.

I———is that so.
If you’re happy with that, then all’s fine.
All I’m doing is showing my composure and obligation as a Goddess. It’s not like, I’m excited for receiving anything in return.
Fo-? Foufoufoufou-?

  1. I’d like to quickly get more soon

  Select: I’d like to quickly get more soon

Eh———Um, that is———
(Wait a minute, I’m happy but I can’t let that happen! If anyone were to see the massive number of test pieces, my dignity as a Goddess……!)
More like, my heart is still pounding from hearing you say thanks!)
(I have a feeling that this much happiness is beyond my daily limit!)
———D-don’t be a fool. The energy you can get from that chocolate is about a human’s life worth.
Surviving through distress on a snow mountain, s-surely you won’t be able to finish it all in one day.
I’m grateful for your feelings but any extra servings will have to wait till later. To be more precise, please wait for about two weeks.
In that case, something……is sure to work out, I’m betting it on my future self.

  1. If that’s the case, until then.

 2. Eh. I don’t mind having test pieces, though?
  Select: If that’s the case, until then.

  Select: Eh. I don’t mind having test pieces, though?

So you’ve seen through everything! Can’t you read the atmosphere!?

A-anyway, with this, I’ve done my duty———I mean, I’ve fulfilled my obligation as a contracted servant.
W-well then, see you again, (Your Name). My recommendation is the D-lunch set from the cafeteria!
Fou. Foufou.

  1. So……

  Select: So……

  1. All this while, her face was red. I wonder if it's from a Sumerian fever……

  Select: All this while, her face was red. I wonder if it's from a Sumerian fever……

(Special Meaning: There’s an unbelievable lack of discretion here———!?)
(Translated by r/grandorder's roadromancer)


Portrait CE 0757.png
Icon CE 0757.png White Cake of Holy Night Edit Card

Altera Santa:
By the time Fluffy (Your Name) realized, they were back in December 24th.
Are you surprised? You shouldn't be surprised. Even if it's Valentine's now, Christmas will be shown to be superior.
It's okay to have that kind of fantasy. Santa still isn't feeling chilly.

  1. That voice....

 2. San(ta)!
  Select: That voice....

  Select: San(ta)!

Altera Santa:
Ho ho ho. Merry Valentine's, Young One.
Huhuhu. So, Zerco can be used like this as well. It's not a feat the other Santas can do.
Have you been well, Master? You were very helpful during Christmas.
The 24th sure was busy. We were traveling to all the towns around the world in one day, after all.
There were times when the recipient wasn't home, when we went to the wrong address, when people cried ""Ko Re Jya Nai"" (Not This), and when we had to candy cane people.
.... yes, it was a lot of fun. Someday, I'd like to go hand out presents with you again.
Oh, talking about memories, the day might end. Today is, you know, that day.
Not as Santa, but as myself, there is something I've come to give you.
It's something I secretly reserved during Christmas day, but I hope you'll happily accept it.

  1. A White Cake!

 2. It looks delicious!
  Select: A White Cake!

  Select: It looks delicious!

Altera Santa:
Ye... yea... Giving this to you in person, It makes my cheeks feel really hot.
This is a new experience. As I can't seem to calm down, I'd like to have this be obligatory.
For a girl of your age, I heard that eating a whole cake by yourself is very luxurious.
So, please, with a full smile on your face, go ahead and fill your cheeks with cake. You will surely have a good dream.
And with that, I must go. Altera Santa can only be on earth for 3 minutes (turns).
Let's eat it together. This is just a dream.
Altera Santa:
Ah! Now that you mention it, that's right!
You sure are smart. And kind. .... OK. In that case, I'll help myself to just a little.
Fufu. It'll definitely be delicious. I can guarantee that. I was the one that picked this fine cake, after all.
But makes sure you don't eat too much that you start nosebleeding. I speak from experience.
(Translated by Awashima)


Portrait CE 0756.png
Icon CE 0756.png Ones Who Love the Lotus Edit Card

Found... you! Master...! Mas...ter....!
----Relieved, and reassured. Glad, to have made it.

  1. What's that little box in your hand?

 2. Could it be...
  Select: What's that little box in your hand?

  Select: Could it be...

This be, a delivery, from a candy workshop in the mortal realm. A present, from I, to Master.
A special product, from a Chinatown pa-ti-si-er, recommended by the Archer of the Kitchen.
It just arrived and so, I carefully, carefully, brought it.

  1. It's chocolate that has been delicately crafted to look exactly like a lotus flower

 2. It's flowerly, intricate, and smells nice...
  Select: It's chocolate that has been delicately crafted to look exactly like a lotus flower

  Select: It's flowerly, intricate, and smells nice...

Today is ""Ba-ren-tain"", I heard, from Xuanzang.
I know of it, vaguely, that it's a day, where you give cho-ko-lait, to the one you like.
If Master is pleased to receive it, I will be happy too. Then, I take my leave---

  1. ...............

 2. This feels pretty new to me...
  Select: ...............

  Select: This feels pretty new to me...

[~5 Minutes Later~]
A, A, Aiya!! Oh My Buddha!!
That gift, just now, give it back, for a moment, please...!

  1. The chocolate? Is there a problem?

 2. I'm just about to have a taste of it...
  Select: The chocolate? Is there a problem?

  Select: I'm just about to have a taste of it...

There is, a problem! A big problem!
Th, That, careless monk! To think that she would only tell me, at this time--
T-That it is, for two people, in love--- A-A confession, of love----
Normally, the tradition has the gift, come from the girl...!
That's right, so?
G-Give it back... If it's a gift, there are other things---

  1. Definitely not, definitely won't, NO.  2. Too bad... I've already locked it securely...
  Select: Definitely not, definitely won't, NO.

  Select: Too bad... I've already locked it securely...

M, Master is, a bully! I won't talk to you any more, for today!

  1. Don't say that, how about we have a cup of tea together?

 2. This should go surprisingly well with jasmine tea.
  Select: Don't say that, how about we have a cup of tea together?

  Select: This should go surprisingly well with jasmine tea.

....mumu.... mumumuuu.... Master...
You meanie...


Portrait CE 0755.png
Icon CE 0755.png Temperance and Lies and Bittersweet Edit Card


Portrait CE 0754.png
Icon CE 0754.png Pink Piglet Edit Card


Portrait CE 0753.png
Icon CE 0753.png Chocolate Key Edit Card




Portrait CE 0750.png
Icon CE 0750.png Is It Bad? Edit Card


Portrait CE 0749.png
Icon CE 0749.png Chocolate Nandi (1 to 1 Scale) Edit Card

Yoisho (carrying/moving)

Um, Senpai......
Haven't we reached the limit of hiding?
Senpai...... I understand your feelings but......
That baggage Par-san is carrying......
Unusual, abnormal and shaped strangely,
Could it be a gift meant for you?
Phew, I hope Master-san will be happy!
See, she said master. (She's calling you)
It feels like there's a visible press... No, gravity?
But hiding and letting it pass by,
will just make the problem worse later......
Ah, I found you, Master-san,
and Mash too!
Fufufu, do you know what day it is today?
Even I, distant from secularity, know this as a good event
As I am now a top servant (something like one) who can somewhat use the authority of a goddess,
I made this as one use of my full power as a goddess!
So this is......
Isn't it amazing, this intensity!
Clearly the work of a goddess, out of reach of human hands!
Haven't all maidens dreamed of making a chocolate like this at least once?
Yes...... it's true that when I was hungry, I saw dreams of lots of chocolate before.
From those circumstances, I recreated my bull Nandi completely with chocolate!
Ufufu, it looks cute, doesn't it......
it looks tasty, doesn't it......
......No, there were many problems in using Nandi's image, but that's a private matter......
To tell you the truth, Nandi is very hard-headed.....
"Using me as a model is outrageous.""
"There's a fatal lack of sen.... no, morals.""
"At least make it smaller! An easy-to-eat size!""
......And he kept giving that kind of motivation-killing advice......
Later on, he'll be getting sonic waves to the belly......
......Oh, this isn't right,
I'm in front of Master-san right now!
I'm dedicating this Nandi-chocolate to you.
Please enjoy it.
I'm taking pride in having the best tasting chocolate in Chaldea.
So, don't leave any. I'm going to come check later okay?
Thank.... you.....!
Okay! Then I'll be going.
White day, my expectations are going to be high!
Just kidding! Hyuu---
Par-san was in a great mood......
But Senpai...... all of this......?
What should I do......
If you can, don't return it,
For Parvati, it is currently the springtime of her life.
If you don't want to cloud that smiling face,
Try to eat it without leaving any left......
......Of course, I will help too.
This woman who got ahead of herself and bothered Parvati has also offered to help!
I didn't say anything about off---Gyaa--!
Pressure pressing from the petrifying mystic eyes-!
Master, me, Jaguarman, Mash
Other people related......
Together, we'll thoroughly finish this chocolate!
I've been added to this too-!?


  1. Our fight(chocolate)....  2. It starts here!!
  Select: Our fight(chocolate)....

  Select: It starts here!!

Believe that (Your Name)'s courage will save the world......!
Isn't it okay to leave it unfinished alreadynyaa----!!
(Translated by kano on Discord)


Portrait CE 0748.png
Icon CE 0748.png Ancient Maple Bridge Edit Card


Portrait CE 0747.png
Icon CE 0747.png Sweet Chestnut Chocolate Edit Card

Master, Master.
Fufu, thanks for your hard work. It appears that for some reason, Master is quite busy today.
Looking at Master's cheerful visage, I cannot help but feel happy as well.
Master is fighting every day. I can only imagine it, however,
I believe that it is not an easy journey.
It is certainly a harsh battle.
Which is why... I am anxious. For one to continue to fight without a moment of rest, is that not bad for one's body?
But. However! Today's Master is different!
It is different from the atmosphere of battle, even so, Master's whole body is brimming with vitality. Does it not seem as if Master is having fun?
I cannot help but feel happy. To be able to see this side of Master with my own eyes. Fufufu.
That is why, as a support for Master who is busily being engrossed in something!
Please take this!

  1. Thank you!

 2. This is... a Valentine present, right?
  Select: Thank you!
No, I should be thanking you instead.
I do not know what is happening, but I am rooting for you. I am sure that you are being engrossed in a fun game!
Please do your best today! I am rooting for you from the bottom of my heart!

  Select: This is... a Valentine present, right?

Valentine? What is that?
I-Is that so...
....without knowing such things, I...
Embarrassing... aah, how embarrassing... to think that...
No, no! Of course, I do not mind it at all.
When in Rome, do as Romans do! Yes!
It is also filled with my gratitudes. Please take it as a Valentine present.

Oh, that's right. Regarding that...
Did you manage to clearly present your chocolates to the girls that you like?
Talks about love are not my forte, however, you can discuss it with me any time you want, yes!
Please feel free to tell me anything, Master!
(Translated by r/grandorder's Aesma-Daeva)


Portrait CE 0746.png
Icon CE 0746.png Western-Style Zenzai Edit Card


Portrait CE 0745.png
Icon CE 0745.png Fuuma Manjyu, Upgraded Edit Card


Portrait CE 0744.png
Icon CE 0744.png Vegetarian Cuisine Edit Card



Portrait CE 0742.png
Icon CE 0742.png Finest Chocolate Ganache Tart Edit Card

Banned, banned! It's banned!
.....But I won't say that like I usually do today.
Though, that doesn't apply to anyone with a disgraceful appearance, of course.
Even I have heard about the day that is today.
It's a day to give gifts.
I hear that it's imitated from the West.
Yes, yes. I think that it is a lovely imitation.
That's what I think so...
.....So I tried preparing something myself, like this.

  1. Wow, Amazing!

 2. Could it be that you made this Chocolate Cake for me?
  Select: Wow, Amazing!

  Select: Could it be that you made this Chocolate Cake for me?

Yes. I put my all into this!
Since I'm wearing Western attire, I thought that the sweets I should give should be Western-style as well so,
I made this under Emiya-sama, Boudica-sama, and Cat-sama's guidance.
I hope it suits your tastes...
Please wholly taste my embodied feelings as the President of the Shadow Public Morals Committee.
Now that that's done, let's get going.

  1. What?

 2. Go where? To do what?
  Select: What?

  Select: Go where? To do what?

It doesn't need to be said but, I'll say it clearly regardless!
Since it's a day where you gift your feelings-----
It would be bad if someone, for example, were to make sweets in the form of a heart as their gift.
That is, as you would expect, banned!
It'll lead to something shameless, right?
Yes, yes. That is not allowed.
Therefore, we, as members of the Shadow Public Morals Committee, must keep our eyes on them!

  1. Huh, just before, didn't you...

 2. You said that you wouldn't say 'banned, banned' today...
  Select: Huh, just before, didn't you...

  Select: You said that you wouldn't say 'banned, banned' today...

There's an exception to everything!
Let's get going now, Kyogoku! Time to start the patrol!
Wha, a horse in the corridor, like it's natural-!
Banned, banned! Heart-shaped chocolate is banned!
(Translated by Luna333)


Portrait CE 0741.png
Icon CE 0741.png Burning, Definitely not Choco Edit Card


Portrait CE 0740.png
Icon CE 0740.png Choco Mint Cool Bullet Edit Card

Fou, fo-u?
"Today at 14:00. Come alone to My Room.
Take caution of your surroundings Be careful of being followed""

  1. That is the mail from Alter, Fou-kun

 2. Well, let's brace ourselves for this.
  Select: That is the mail from Alter, Fou-kun

  Select: Well, let's brace ourselves for this.

You and Fou enter Altria Alter's My Room, which appears to be a sunny beach coast.
Altria Alter
Just on time, good of you to come. This is My Room.
Fou, bufo——————u! (Special Meaning: This king is having too much fun——————!)
Altria Alter
Oh, Cath......Fou is here too. Trying to act as a bodyguard? Such an impudent hard worker.
Fumu. I did say to come alone but, since it is Fou, it's fine. No need to worry about the other party.
Now, (Your Name). Have you read the message I sent?
You should already know what my business is but, well, that is.
As you can see, I'm taking a break from being a maid today. As such, I can act without being bound to the hierarchy.
Take it. This is my requiem to you.
--Gives Chocolate--
Fou......FouToriayl (talk) 09:19, 9 February 2019 (EST)u? (Special Meaning: What is this king, an assassin?)
Altria Alter
Call me Sergeant! Whether it's you or Merlin, you are too lax!, I wasn't referring to (Your Name). It's to that beast there.
Good grief......who is an assassin. No matter how you look at it, that's chocolate.
Well, that's fine. Now, my business is done. You can take that back to your room, and take it as a night snack.
The sweetness was kept moderate but those six bullets should be able to satisfy you. If that's not enough, go ahead and get more from other Servants.

  1. I'll be fine, I won't need anything after six bullets.

 2. One bullet is already enough to take me down.
  Select: I'll be fine, I won't need anything after six bullets.

  Select: One bullet is already enough to take me down.

Fou, Fo-u! (Special Meaning: One shot and you'll get heartbreak eh, do it—!)
Altria Alter
W-well, that's to be expected. It's a sniper rifle. It's certain to bring a sure-kill.
......Well then, I'll correct myself. That chocolate's sweetness should be enough, right?
It is good to delicately, cherishingly eat them one by one. After all, it is a once-a-year gift.
But, for one bullet to be enough......fufu. As a maid, there is nothing more joyous than this.
(Translated by r/grandorder's roadromancer)

「フオウ、 フオーウ?」

“本日14:00 単独でマイルームに来るように。

周囲に警戒 尾行に注意されたしたし”



「時聞通りだ、 よく来たな。

ここが私のマイル一ムだ。 」


「フオウ、 ブフオーウ!

(特別意訳: この王、 超うかれてるー !) 」


「おっと、 キャス……フオウも一緒か。

ボデイガ―ドのつもりか? 小癪な働き者だな。 」

「ふむ。 単独でとは言ったが、

フオウであればよかろう。 他人の気もしないし。 」

「さて、 (Your Name)。



まあ、 なんだ。 」

「私もこの通り、 今日はメイ ドを休業している。

なので上下関係に囚われず行動しよう。 」


これが貢様へのレ夕イ工ムだ。 」


「フオウ……フオToriayl (talk)ウ? }

(特別意訳ニなにこの王、 殺し屋なの?) 」



おまえといいマーリンといい、 たるんでいるぞ!」

「あ……いや、(Your Name)に

言ったのではない。 そこの獣にだ。 」


どこカヽらどう見てもチョコレートだろうに。 」

「まあいい。 さあ、 用件は済んだ。

部屋に持ち帰り、 夜の間食にでもするといい。 」


Portrait CE 0739.png
Icon CE 0739.png Steam Electric Chocolate Edit Card


Fran knows! Master is always doing their best!
For hardworking master, of course there is a reward!

Is it chocolate?
How.... How did you know what Fran is holding....? Are you.... an esper?
Then you must know what you should be doing next?!

  1. Thanks...?  2. [[#Delicious!

  Select: Thanks...?
Close, but not quite. You should be more active!

  Select: Delicious!

Wait, that is too early! You haven't eaten it! I haven't given it to you!

The correct answer is a happy hug for Fran!

Give, give, give!

Loosen up! Loosen up!
Uu, Sorry. Feeling, just too happy?
Anyway, this. Give to you!
--Gives Chocolate--

  1. (Babbage is) Cute!  2. (Around-Fifty is) Cute!
  Select: (Babbage is) Cute!
Yes, yes. Masterpiece, masterpiece.
It's a bit big, but it should be fine for Master's stomach!

  Select: (Around-Fifty is) Cute!
Yes, yes.
Bringing out this hard-to-describe shadiness was VERY hard work!

Uuuu. For some reason, my temperature suddenly started to rise!
I'm going to go outside for a bit~!
Thank you!
(In the distance) You are welcome~!

Uuu, hot, hot!
H-huh? Uhh. Fran-chan, right?
Running around a corridor is dange-
I'm going outside~!
Hm, I see, outside....
What are you thinking?!
(Translated by Awashima)


Portrait CE 0738.png
Icon CE 0738.png Heroic Spirit Stick Choco Edit Card

Helena: Fufufu----
Good day, Master. I am fully prepared this year.
Although it's not something I had given great thought, it looks like presents for modern children should be in a modern flavour after all.
That's why, yeah. Here! I think this is something that takes into consideration the tastes of modern kids!
It didn't come about through thorough research and analysis of copious data, but just from a sudden idea that hit me. Ah, eureka, something like that.
I'm sure you'll be happy with this. And if you're happy with it, Mashu should be, too.
...oh, but you can't expect too much either.
Still, it's really something that the young ones of the modern era will like,
No, I must not be too self-important about this. Then, here you go. Happy Valentine's!

  1. T-This is...!

 2. The presence of merchandise with Showa-ish characters!
  Select: T-This is...!

  Select: The presence of merchandise with Showa-ish characters!

Ehehe. Trendy, isn't it!
I asked Da Vinci to show me the archives' data, and spent half a day investigating it.
Hehe. How's it? It must be trendy! Modern kids will be really pleased with it!

  1. T...Thank you!

 2. Setting the issue of modern kids aside, thank you!
  Select: T...Thank you!

  Select: Setting the issue of modern kids aside, thank you!

Yeah, yeah! That's great!


Portrait CE 0737.png
Icon CE 0737.png Ishtar's Arc de Triomphe Okoshi Edit Card


Portrait CE 0736.png
Icon CE 0736.png Choco of the Too-Beautiful Emperor Edit Card


Portrait CE 0735.png
Icon CE 0735.png Beloved Pancakes Edit Card

Choice: (A huge pancake is blocking my way…)

Master, welcome home!

Today is Valentine’s, right?

I wanted to give something to Master, who’s always taking care of me… that’s why I made pancakes.

That uncle who’s always in the kitchen helped me, but I made almost all of it myself!

But it won’t fit inside your room so, I left it outside for now… w-…what do you think?

  1. It’s really big!
  Select: It’s really big!

Ehehehe… I cooked it using a special steel plate.

I made it traditionally, just like that one story of me and pancakes.

The uncle in the kitchen strapped bacon on the soles of his shoes and then skated over the steel plate to spread the oil.

He also did a wonderful 5-turn axel jump!

And then after that, I mixed the batter and then cooked it by myself!

  1. You really did your best!
  Select: You really did your best!


Please eat it before it gets cold!

If you don’t eat it quickly, the hallway traffic would be blocked for a long time.

  1. Thanks for the food!  2. It’s delicious!
  Select: Thanks for the food!

  Select: It’s delicious!

Isn't it...


  1. I can’t possibly eat this by myself…  2. Won’t you help me eat it?
  Select: I can’t possibly eat this by myself…

  Select: Won’t you help me eat it?

Eh… R-really?

Then it can’t be helped…. Let’s eat it together!
(Translated by kanramori)


Portrait CE 0734.png
Icon CE 0734.png A Study in Scarlet Edit Card


Portrait CE 0733.png
Icon CE 0733.png Premium Snack Edit Card

Oh, it's you, Master! Hello hello~☆

What's up, why're you just hanging around here in a daze? Ah. You're waiting for chocolates?

It's Valentine's after all~ it'd be so not done to just relax in your room.

Life, it looks to be fun because there's a dance and a stage to dance on, isn't it? Isn't it just super sweet that onis and demons can get along here too?


Yup, yup. So, how's it going? Have you gotten one or two, or maybe ten or twenty?

Uh... not even one yet? Not even a kouhai choco from Mashu?

Oops, it's nothing at all! So Master's the unpopular type, huh! That's epic funny!

Well, for that poor, pitiful Master, I'm gonna give the finishing blow of sympathy!

Alrighty, palms out! This is the inconsiderate Valentine's gift from a carnivorous JK!

You can get emo over it, okay? I somehow got into a collab at that place, so I kinda just bought it~

But, it's pretty high class for obligatory chocs, alright? They're classic sweets, kay? Like, it's better than nothing, y'know?

Ah. Or could it be that right now you wanna eat me instead? If so we can go reserve a room or something <3

Just kidding, your face is all red, Master! You looked so funny!

I'm the type that doesn't hold back at all if I get serious. For fooling around, just this much'll do.

Well then, bye!

It'll be fine, don't worry! If it's you, Master, you'll surely end up collecting a mountain's worth of chocs by the end of the day!


Portrait CE 0732.png
Icon CE 0732.png Sweet Devil Slots Edit Card


Portrait CE 0731.png
Icon CE 0731.png P Pudding a la Mode Edit Card


Portrait CE 0730.png
Icon CE 0730.png Sessyoin's Special Ohagi Edit Card


Portrait CE 0729.png
Icon CE 0729.png Melty Heart Edit Card


Portrait CE 0728.png
Icon CE 0728.png Standing Boiled Eggs Edit Card


Portrait CE 0727.png
Icon CE 0727.png Chocolate Clusters Sprouting Thorns Edit Card

Very good of you to come. You should know why I've called you out here.

Eat this———!! is it?

  1. I thought I was going to die  2. I thought I was going to be killed
  Select: I thought I was going to die

  Select: I thought I was going to be killed

That is fine. If you look at this chocolate and say that it's beautisomething, I'll kill you.

Well, that's why I gave it this form.

......You are not that guy, you will not say beautisomething.

That means, I recognize you. You are a good master.

That's why, this is like a materialization of that assessment, like a proof of trust, something like that......

Ohon. And in addition, it is overly weak to just gift mere food.

As such this has been made to be even used for training. Something like a Demonic Boar can even be killed———I think! Probably!

  1. (That's impossible, I think!)
  Select: (That's impossible, I think!)

Training and training in the mountains, toning your abdominal muscles like mine, you can eat that when you get hungry.

That's all about this gift's explanation. I look forward to you become a strong warrior.

If you desperately toil starting from now, maybe you might be able to reach the same level as my two arms———?
(Translated by r/grandorder's roadromancer)


Portrait CE 0726.png
Icon CE 0726.png Imperial Vase Chocolate Edit Card


Portrait CE 0725.png
Icon CE 0725.png Sweet Story Edit Card


Portrait CE 0724.png
Icon CE 0724.png Red Bean Soup of the Sun Edit Card


Portrait CE 0723.png
Icon CE 0723.png Vice Commander's Powdered Medicine Edit Card



Portrait CE 0721.png
Icon CE 0721.png Meteor Fan Edit Card


Portrait CE 0720.png
Icon CE 0720.png To Run Quickly Edit Card



Portrait CE 0718.png
Icon CE 0718.png Evil Scripture Edit Card


Portrait CE 0544.png
Icon CE 0544.png Devil's Bandana Edit Card

(in Chaldea corridor)

Angra Mainyu:

Oh hey, it's Master.

What is it? Whatcha here for today?

Sightseeing in a ruin long since forgotten by mankind? Or a pleasure trip through a town burning in the fires of war?

I don't care either way. I like both sad and chaotic places.

Well, whatever the problem, I'm not gonna be of help! If I manage to get one chump of an enemy, that's pretty good for me!

  1. That's not it.  2. Today its about this
  Select: That's not it.

  Select: Today its about this

Angra Mainyu:

Eh? What? You're giving that to me? That's nice. You're so generous, Master!

Something sweet... you gave me something sweet! So I'm going to hit back with something unexpected!

(Devil's Bandana received)

Angra Mainyu:

Hee hee hee. A simple sentimental gift deserves a simple return gift!

It's nothing big. It's just a silly old thing. Just sell it to line your pockets.

Sell it for next to nothing, and learn how sad and empty it feels when it gets thrown in the trash!

Well, that is neither here nor there. As for this thing you gave me I'm very happy about it, so I'll eat it up in commemoration!

Ah, a chocolate from Master! I wonder how seet it is. I bet its as sweet as a spoonful of cake frosting!

Hee hee hee. I might die of the sweetness! Oh, by the way, I can't die from charms, so don't get the wrong idea!

Saying hilarious things like dying and not dying from the sweetness of chocolate... Maybe I should try my hand at comedy, Master!

(Transcribed from the EN client. This one's for you Sini ~L)


Portrait CE 0541.png
Icon CE 0541.png Freshly Brewed Coffee Edit Card


Portrait CE 0538.png
Icon CE 0538.png Labyrinth Map Edit Card

Asterios: Chocolate?

  1. Chocolate.

 2. Do you hate chocolates?
  Select: Chocolate.
Asterios: ...Thank!
  Select: Do you hate chocolates?

Asterios: No... I like... sweet... things.
Thank you!

But... return... gift...
I don't have...

  1. Don't worry about it.

 2. As long as you're happy.
  Select: Don't worry about it.
Asterios: No... not good.
Getting a gift.. always return... five times... over.
Euryale... said so.
...Wait ...there...
  Select: As long as you're happy.

Asterios: I'm sure... I have... something in... return.
I'll think... about it!
Ummmm.. hmmm... hmmm...


  1. A map?

  Select: A map?

Asterios: Mmm.
A labyrinth map.
Be handy... when you... get lost.
Lion man... auto ...matic?
Automatic... map... thing.
Used it with... Drake... to walk...
During Christmas... I gave one... to the book girl... and to the... girl that looks really cold.

  1. Thank you!

 2. I'll come visit!
  Select: Thank you!
Asterios: I'm glad... I hope... you visit... again.
  Select: I'll come visit!

Asterios: Yep... you're always... welcome!


Portrait CE 0537.png
Icon CE 0537.png First Step to Rebellion Edit Card

Spartacus: Chocolate is oppression.

  1. No no, it's a gift!

  Select: No no, it's a gift!

Spartacus: Ah... chocolates! Chocolates of oppression?
Hm, a gift. Present. Then there is no reason not to accept.
I shall humbly accept the chocolates of oppression.
...Hmmm, if I am being oppressed, then I must rebel!
Yet this oppression is not a violent one.
Then what would the rebellion be?
Oh! Rebellion!

  1. Hm... what's this?

 2. I only see handcuffs...
  Select: Hm... what's this?

  Select: I only see handcuffs...

Spartacus: A symbol of tyranny!
But tyranny must always lead to rebellion!
In other words, destroying these handcuffs would be the first step to rebellion.

  1. Wait a minute!

  Select: Wait a minute!

Spartacus: I shall join you in this rebellion.
Now, let us destroy your oppression and rebel together!
Ready! Set!

  1. Not. Gonna. Happen.
  Select: Not. Gonna. Happen.

Spartacus: Ah! And so you rebel!

  1. (Panting)

 2. I tried. I tried hard.
  Select: (Panting)

  Select: I tried. I tried hard.

Spartacus: Let us continue to rebel together, my brother!
Next will be shackles...

  1. Not. Gonna. Happen.

  Select: Not. Gonna. Happen.


Portrait CE 0536.png
Icon CE 0536.png Letter from Mrs. Bloodaxe Edit Card

Eric: ...?

  1. These are chocolates.

 2. Have some chocolates.
  Select: These are chocolates.

  Select: Have some chocolates.

Eric: ...! ...!
(Gestures to stay there)

  1. What's with the gloomy face?

  Select: What's with the gloomy face?

Eric: ...

  1. Y-you're holding something.

 2. Um, is this from your wife?
  Select: Y-you're holding something.
Eric: ... (Nods)
  Select: Um, is this from your wife?

Eric: (Pained expression)

Eric: ...Persevere, Master.

  1. He talked!?!?!?!?

  Select: He talked!?!?!?!?


Portrait CE 0535.png
Icon CE 0535.png Si Vales Valeo Edit Card

Fou: Fooou... fou?

  1. It'll be fine. He's Rome too.

 2. Let's bite the bullet!
  Select: It'll be fine. He's Rome too.

  Select: Let's bite the bullet!

Caligula: *Unintelligible* ! NEROOOOOO!!! Chocolaaaaaaaaate!!!
Fou: Fou, fooou.

  1. Sorry it's not chocolates from Nero.

 2. Sweets will make you happy. Here.
  Select: Sorry it's not chocolates from Nero.

  Select: Sweets will make you happy. Here.

Caligula: Hot chocolaaaaaate!!!
Fou: Fou, fooou! Fou!
Caligula: *Unintelligible* ! Ooo, oooooohhhhhh...! ...Ah, how sweet. And bitter. Delicious.
Fou: Fou!?
Caligula: NEROOOOOO!!!

  1. Guess it didn't work...

 2. But I thought I had almost broken through.
  Select: Guess it didn't work...

  Select: But I thought I had almost broken through.

Fou: ...Fou, fooou...
Nightingale: Ah, I knew you were here. There is something I would like to give to you, so please wait a moment. It is somewhat heavy, but I will take it to your room. Shall I put it at your bedside?

  1. Is this...

 2. From Caligula?
  Select: Is this...

  Select: From Caligula?

Nightingale: This is a package from Mr. Caligula, who is currently recuperating at the medical room.

  1. Recuperating...?

 2. You forced him to, didn't you?
  Select: Recuperating...?
Nightingale: Yes.
  Select: You forced him to, didn't you?

Nightingale: Huh? Well, yes.

Nightingale: After multiple attempts at communicating with him, it seems he wanted to deliver this statue to you. He apparently tried to maintain a tranquil mind for an extended period of time to carve this statue... In reaction to such behaviour, he went into a state of greater madness than this baseline. He was pacified due to Mr. Romulus' firm nursing care.

  1. I'm going to go see him!

  Select: I'm going to go see him!

Nightingale: Before you do, you must accept the statue. I cannot guarantee that you will understand the details, but I'm sure he will eventually explain.

  1. ...Thank you.

  Select: ...Thank you.

Nightingale: Tell him that. I will take my leave.


Portrait CE 0534.png
Icon CE 0534.png Pil Gaugamela Edit Card

Fou: Fou. fooou...?

  1. We're just following Darius because he told us to.

 2. What's going on?
  Select: We're just following Darius because he told us to.

  Select: What's going on?

Darius: *Unintelligble* !
Fou: Fooou!

  1. There, from out of nowhere!

 2. That was bit of a surprise. Just a bit.
  Select: There, from out of nowhere!

  Select: That was bit of a surprise. Just a bit.

Darius III: ... *Unintelligble* ...
Fou: Fou, foufou?

  1. Is this about the chocolate I gave you?

 2. You didn't have to. That was my thanks to you.
  Select: Is this about the chocolate I gave you?

  Select: You didn't have to. That was my thanks to you.

Darius III: *Unintelligible* !
Fou: Fooou!
Darius III: ...
Fou: Fooou!

  1. An elephant!?

 2. I can ride that elephant!?
  Select: An elephant!?

  Select: I can ride that elephant!?

Darius III: *Unintelligible* ... (Sternly gives a thumbs-up)
Fou: Fou! Kyaaau!


Portrait CE 0533.png
Icon CE 0533.png Headpiece of Celebration Edit Card

Fou: Fooou... fou? foufoufoufou?

  1. It'll be fine. We have Chen Gong's dictionary.

 2. It'll be okay. I understand a little.
  Select: It'll be fine. We have Chen Gong's dictionary.

  Select: It'll be okay. I understand a little.

Lu Bu: *Unintelligible* (Translation: It may be sunny. but winter is cold! Hence, this tiger fur!)
*Unintelligible* (Translation: I may be invincible, but I have no means to defeat the Winter General...)
*Unintelligible* (Translation: Tactician. If you've got a good idea, spit it out...)
Fou: Fou, fooou.

  1. Ah-ha. This is good against the cold.

 2. It's best if you warm up from the inside.
  Select: Ah-ha. This is good against the cold.

  Select: It's best if you warm up from the inside.

Lu Bu: *Unintelligible* (Translation: Confections!? Give honey to Yuan Shu!)
Fou: Fou, fooou!
Lu Bu: *Unintelligible* (Translation: Don't make me laugh. Such a small animal will not fill this stomach!)
*Unintelligible* (Translation: Fine I shall accept the Tactician's advice. Let's see...)
*Unintelligible* !!!
Fou: Fou, fooou!?

  1. Now you're all set for the cold.

 2. Nothing less from the Flying General. You have a keen eye.
  Select: Now you're all set for the cold.

  Select: Nothing less from the Flying General. You have a keen eye.

Lu Bu: *Unintelligible* (Translation: Amazing. Amazing, my Tactician. Are you perhaps Chen Gong?)

  1. I am not.

 2. I am not that sadist.
  Select: I am not.

  Select: I am not that sadist.

Lu Bu: *Unintelligible* (Translation: That's too bad. But I have gained a priceless Tactician.)
*Unintelligible* (Translation: It's a gift. When you get married, you should wear this!)
Fou: Fooou... fofofofofooou...


Portrait CE 0532.png
Icon CE 0532.png Something Sweet Edit Card

Ibaraki-Douji: ... ... Ugh...

  1. What's wrong?

 2. Does your tummy hurt?
  Select: What's wrong?

  Select: Does your tummy hurt?

Ibaraki-Douji: You won't believe this. I... I... I'm faced with the biggest crisis ever!
Yet... argh... you stare at me with those blank eyes! How dare you show yourself in front of me! I see you have no regard for your life!
Then I don't care either! Hahahaha! If you don't need your life, then you don't need anything else either!
All I have to do is to pillage! Yep! I'm an oni and that's what oni do! An oni agonizing and making sounds is a laughing matter!
It just means something is really funny! That's how oni think! Don't you agree!?

  1. Right.

 2. Uh, right?
  Select: Right.
Ibaraki-Douji: Uh-huh! I knew you'd understand!

  Select: Uh, right?

Ibaraki-Douji: Wait! Was that a question? Were you DOUBTING me!?

Ibaraki-Douji: ... ...Urgh. Wait. Wait, you.
(Sniff) I can't cry. Not crying. Oni shed no tears! Don't cry... Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry...
I gotta hold it in. Hold it in... No matter how tough it is, no matter how much you want to...
If Shuten tells me to, then I don't have a choice...

  1. Shuten-Douji...?  2. What did she tell you to do?
  Select: Shuten-Douji...?

  Select: What did she tell you to do?

Ibaraki-Douji: I really, really...
Really, really, really...
Really, REALLY don't want to give it to you! But Shuten said I have to...
Even Nursery Rhyme told me that it's just the rules...
I thought it was suspicious, so I even asked Mash. And SHE said, "Yes, that is what I hear, that seems to be the case!"
Ugh... Arrrgh! Why, you! Take that! Sougenbi!

  1. What's this?

 2. Is it a Valentine's Day present!?
  Select: What's this?

  Select: Is it a Valentine's Day present!?

Ibaraki-Douji: Yes! And I definitely didn't take a single bite out of it!
My restraint is greater than any human will! Hmph! Praise me! At... at least praise me!
I collected so much! Why, why, why???
Why do I have to give them all to you!?
It's absurd! It's so unfaaair!!!

Nursery Rhyme: Welcome back, Ibaraki-Douji. From the look of you, you did manage to give your gift away.

Ibaraki-Douji: Without even taking a single bite, in fact... (Munch, munch)

Nursery Rhyme: Tee hee. How cute. Your cheeks look like a squirrel's.
Uh-oh, you've done it now. Oh well, that's life.
Uh-oh, you've done it now. Adorable, that's right.

Ibaraki-Douji: What are you talking about...?
I handed it over without taking a bite... (Munch, munch)


Portrait CE 0531.png
Icon CE 0531.png Chargrilled Swedish Dragon Sirloin Edit Card


Portrait CE 0530.png
Icon CE 0530.png Sword from Someone's Treasury Edit Card

Fou: Fou, foufoufoufou?

  1. I understand him more than the other Berserkers!

 2. I can pick a word up here and there!
  Select: I understand him more than the other Berserkers!

  Select: I can pick a word up here and there!

Lancelot: Aaaaaarrrthurrrrrr!
Fou: Kyu. Fou.

  1. It's chocolate!

 2. It's a new weapon!
  Select: It's chocolate!

  Select: It's a new weapon!

Lancelot: Fuuuuuu...? Vaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Fou: Fou, fooou!

  1. It's like a Noble Phantasm!

 2. It also replenishes magical energy!
  Select: It's like a Noble Phantasm!

  Select: It also replenishes magical energy!

Lancelot: Guuu... Merciiiii!
Fou: Fo!?

  1. Is this a special Noble Phantasm!?

 2. It looks like it's stolen, but... meh!
  Select: Is this a special Noble Phantasm!?

  Select: It looks like it's stolen, but... meh!

Lancelot: ... (Thumbs up)
Fou: Fou... fofooou!


Portrait CE 0529.png
Icon CE 0529.png Boar Hoodie Edit Card

Fou: Fooou... fou?

  1. Okay!

 2. Let's go!
  Select: Okay!

  Select: Let's go!

Heracles: *Unintelligible* ...?
Fou: Fou, fooou!

  1. These are chocolates!

 2. A token of my gratitude!
  Select: These are chocolates!

  Select: A token of my gratitude!

Heracles: *Unintelligible* !!!
Fou: Fou, fooou!

  1. It's not poison...!

 2. It's something sweet...!
  Select: It's not poison...!

  Select: It's something sweet...!

Heracles: ...*Unintelligible* !!!
Fou: Fou!?

  1. This is... fur?

 2. It's very warm...!
  Select: This is... fur?

  Select: It's very warm...!

Heracles: *Unintelligible* (Thumbs up)
Fou: Fou... fooou!


Portrait CE 0528.png
Icon CE 0528.png Mysterious Hot Chocolate X Edit Card


Portrait CE 0527.png
Icon CE 0527.png Supreme Genji Kashiwa Mochi Edit Card



Portrait CE 0525.png
Icon CE 0525.png First-Aid Kit Edit Card

Nightingale: Hello. It is me. I have come to inspect your first aid kit. Your first aid kit. Are you aware of where your room's first aid kit is located? Yes. Your bed. And there are multiple items that can be used in case of emergency. When in an emergency, you must first stay calm, and check for the items underneath your bed. Always evacuate with the kit. Understood? Yes, once more. Good.

  1. ...Y-yes, ma'am.

 2. Ummmm, do you know what day today is?
  Select: ...Y-yes, ma'am.

  Select: Ummmm, do you know what day today is?

Nightingale: Today is the day to inspect the first aid kits. And... Ah yes. It is also the day Captain Cook passed away. What of it?

Nightingale: Yes, good. I shall restock your first aid kit with new items. I would like you to check if there are any missing items yourself. Understood?

  1. Yes!

 2. Thank you very much. Head Nurse.
  Select: Yes!

  Select: Thank you very much. Head Nurse.

Nightingale: Good. One should always be mindful of hygiene and cleanliness. I shall now take my leave.


Portrait CE 0524.png
Icon CE 0524.png Scapegoat (CE) Edit Card


Portrait CE 0523.png
Icon CE 0523.png Golden Gold Set Edit Card


Portrait CE 0522.png
Icon CE 0522.png Full Moon Viewing Viewing Edit Card


Portrait CE 0521.png
Icon CE 0521.png White Mask of Death Edit Card


Portrait CE 0520.png
Icon CE 0520.png Sanson's Nutritious Chocolate Drink Edit Card




Portrait CE 0517.png
Icon CE 0517.png Fuuma Manjyu Edit Card


Portrait CE 0516.png
Icon CE 0516.png Assorted Chocolates, 100 Count Edit Card

Hey. You. Are you free today? I'm free.
Because I'm free, I'm doing things I usually wouldn't do. Particularly because no one is around.
You wouldn't get anything from anyone anyway. Take this. Be thankful.

  1. The latest from Da Vinci-chan's workshop?

  Select: The latest from Da Vinci-chan's workshop?

Idiot, look more closely! Did you think such a product would be freely available for distribution!?
That is something we made with our hundred intelligences. ...seriously, my head hurts because of us.
Some said bitter was good, some said crunchy was good.
Some said white was good, some said strawberry was good.
Some said saint quartz was good. Really, it was hard to narrow down the options.
And after taking into account and implementing all the opinions of us hundred? There, it became such a thing.
Seriously.... we even made the packaging ourselves. This was my suggestion, the ones who were making the cake haven't---
---It's nothing, let's stop there. Well, though it might not look fitting for the occasion...
I can assure you of its taste. That slow head of yours might perform better after getting a little sugar in it.

  1. Yeah. Thank you, Hassan!

  Select: Yeah. Thank you, Hassan!

I-Is that so? Then good.
I'm not interested in the fine details of the festivals of other faiths, but it's good if it helped out my summoner.
Then I'll be going back to my room! That's because I've been getting a bad feeling recently!
Just in case it comes to pass that the First is summoned, one must train oneself!


Portrait CE 0515.png
Icon CE 0515.png Handmade Rice Balls Edit Card


Portrait CE 0514.png
Icon CE 0514.png Super Nile Flowers Edit Card


  1. Oh? Why's a carpet rolled up in such a place...?

  Select: Oh? Why's a carpet rolled up in such a place...?

Good day, lonely Master who is on a holiday while fighting day and night in the Chaldea that has been parted from the human order!
Yes, (Your Name)! It's about you, (Your Name)!
Cleopatra VII Philopator, has come with a style that is suitable for going out anytime.
And, we have met today entirely by chance! What a coincidental chance it is!
Can this even be anything other than fate!? Even though you are nothing but my contractor!

  1. This is My Room...

  Select: This is My Room...

Yes, that is right. In comparison to my room, it is so saddeningly bare.
"If you are my contractor, then you must be at the forefront of the latest trends.""
"I will not tell you to fill this place with gold, but please have at least a branded goods or two around.""
Though I have given you such warning, you have still not changed your ways, so know that my heart is filled with worry and loneliness!

Fou, fou.

But, I am not such a devil as to force those who cannot to do it. I am a Pharaoh, after all.
Everyone has things that they aren't good at. So, I will give this to you.
Like the blessing of the Nile that shines upon this prison-like room - this is the supreme item that I carefully thought about!

  1. (Thes are...fruits?)

  Select: (Thes are...fruits?)




(Fou, fou)

  1. Thank you, it looks delicious.

  Select: Thank you, it looks delicious.

Of course! That's only a given! It's only natural as it is packed with my favourite things!
And I will praise you for having a favourable impression of it! Thank you!


Then... with this, you'll become my servant, right?
No, by servant I don't mean of the menial sort, but in the sense of becoming a love slave---

  1. You misunderstand the meaning of Valentine's...

  Select: You misunderstand the meaning of Valentine's...

!? But with this you are mine, are you not? I gave you chocolate, after all!

Fou, fou.... kapow!

Ouch! And why is it that I suddenly understand your words right now, Beautiful Nyanko Cat!
"In Valentine's, the one who gives isn't the attacking side, but is actually on the receiving side"" that so.
This is a culture beyond my common sense... it's surprisingly complicated...
But, now that I've understood that, there is no problem. I will leave it to you, then.

  1. To me?

  Select: To me?

Yes, please be my escort. To a place suitable for tasting these fruits.
But, a place far from the eyes of others would be better?
After all, you and I--- we will be eating together intimately, just the two of us!


Portrait CE 0513.png
Icon CE 0513.png Bitter Tasting Summer Edit Card

---Hm. We meet, after all.
Surprisingly, there are so many Servants deeply bonded and contracted to you, but we have still encountered each other by coincidence. It is a bit moving.
...and so on, well, that was just a joke. Saying things that would raise one's expectations is bad.
If it is this Saint Graph than it is only natural that we bump into each other. After all, this is the form in which I spent time on that island together with you.

  1. Shishou. Am I getting something this year!

  Select: Shishou. Am I getting something this year!

That's good. A basic fastball. That's the style of the Celts.
So accept this. It seems that somehow I've also become quite accustomed to this world...
Whether it's the continued bindings of the runes on the island or if I've gotten the hang of it, as it turns out, I prepared something elaborate.
Please accept this.
Do confirm the age limit? If you can't drink it then I'll take it back.
Well, even if you successfully overcome the age limit... heheh, wouldn't it be nice if you had someone you could enjoy this with.
If you don't, then it can't be helped. You'll just have to enjoy it by yourself.

  1. (Look at her silently)

  Select: (Look at her silently)

...what a bad joke. You're a bad disciple. Just where did you learn such a technique?
That's dangerous. That feeling just now was pretty dangerous. Who knows what would have happened if it wasn't me.
If I were younger, I would have fallen... no, no, no. Impossible, this is impossible.
It's probably that. You. I get it now---
Oh, I definitely get it. I see, so it was Cu Chulainn! You must have learnt this trick under his tutelage. Yes, that must be it!
This calls for that! A 10km run along the sandy beach in the simulator!
(Your Name), don't you run away! If it's come to this I will thoroughly reform you until your upright nature returns!
Prepare yourself. This Scáthach never lets her prey escape---


Portrait CE 0512.png
Icon CE 0512.png Bullets and a Gun Edit Card


Portrait CE 0511.png
Icon CE 0511.png Red and White Chocolate Edit Card


Portrait CE 0510.png
Icon CE 0510.png Al-Bakhoor Edit Card


Portrait CE 0509.png
Icon CE 0509.png Nectar Bonbons Edit Card

Shuten Douji:
...I thought I spotted you, oh my.
To think you'd be in this place, all while everyone in Chaldea is looking for you.
This is what it's like to be popular, so what can you do. Even so, isn't it troublesome?

  1. So, why are you here, Shuten Douji?

  Select: So, why are you here, Shuten Douji?

Shuten Douji:
Now, what story would that be? Hehe.
Rather than that, Master, did you see the Minamoto General?
If she finds you, you will be in a spot of trouble nine times out of ten, so do be careful.
I don't mean to scare you, but, well... if you get just one reply wrong, it might get drastic...
I wonder. Hehehe. How scary~ An oni that slays cow oni is said to not be all there in the head, you know?
----Oh well. Today is a day for the gift of candies.
It is elegant. Do you like it when I do that? I have also prepared an assortment for this, but I wonder, will it suit your tastes?

  1. Certainly, bon-bons seem to fit Shuten's style.

  Select: Certainly, bon-bons seem to fit Shuten's style.

Shuten Douji:
Hehe. Somehow, it feels like I am giving candy to a small child when I do this.
Good boy, good boy. Talking like this, it feels like I'm the Minamoto General.

  1. Have you also given Kintoki anything?

  Select: Have you also given Kintoki anything?

Shuten Douji:
Hehe. Why, are you interested about that?
I don't know where that brat is. It looks like he's been fleeing here and there.
Perhaps in the end after getting drunk, I will forcibly tie him down and shove as many into his mouth as I want.
Then, just like that, I'll turn him into nothing more than sweet flesh & blood, and devour him.
Ah, that might be good. Maybe I should try that out.

  1. Please do it... in moderation...

  Select: Please do it... in moderation...

Shuten Douji:
Ah... hehe, you gave your consent.
Or perhaps, Master, are you jealous?
To desire monopoly over an oni--- over me... hehe, what a greedy person you are.
Or perhaps you want to monopolize the brat instead? If that is the case, well, I do not mind.
That is how we oni are. Now, I feel like I want to gift it to you.
....I cannot stay for too long. I do not know when I'll fall for the desire to eat those that I want. But still, if you are alright with it, I will be fine even if I stay here forever.
Well, let's stop for today. Hehehehe.
I will see you again, then. Don't play around with teasing an oni too much, okay?
Someday, truly, I'll charm your flesh and bones into a melt...
And eat it aaaaall up.





Portrait CE 0505.png
Icon CE 0505.png Geronimo-Style Moccasins Edit Card


Portrait CE 0504.png
Icon CE 0504.png Everything Begins with Numbers Edit Card

(in Chaldea corridor)


Theoretically speaking, the steam engine that enables my locomotion essentially realizes the Carnot cycle.

Mage. Our paths may differ, but we both accumulate knowledge. Therefore I will state this in a manner even you will understand...

The Carnot cycle is one where the heat engine's thermal efficiency reaches its maximum.

My Steam circulates between high and low heat, through four processes.

Namely, isothermal expansion, adiabatic expansion, isothermal compression, and adiabatic compression.

  1. U-um... Come again?  2. Uh, okay, Got it, that's enough, King of Steam!
  Select: U-um... Come again?

  Select: Uh, okay, Got it, that's enough, King of Steam!


Do you not understand?

In other words, it's a quasi-static cyclic process that----

  1. Stop!  2. Babbagen, stay! Stay, Babbagen!
  Select: Stop!

  Select: Babbagen, stay! Stay, Babbagen!



Back to my point. that chocolate that you hold right there is a formidable fuel source for my steam engine.

Though my masterpiece here runs on a steam engine, it is intimately connected to magecraft and classified as a Mystic.

Am I truly clad in metal and machinery?

Or is this armor simply the embodiment of a Mystic?

I do know have the answer. Though I have a suspicion that both are correct, that is all it is... Suspicion.

  1. ...In other words?
  Select: ...In other words?

Babbage, red eye lighting up:

These chocolates that can be a source of magical energy... I shall consume them without delay.

  1. Let's try this again...  2. Happy Valentine's Day!
  Select: Let's try this again...

  Select: Happy Valentine's Day!


I am grateful for your gift. I shall present you with one of my treasures as recompense.

(Everything Begins with Numbers received)


According to Pythagoras of Ancient Greece, the root of all things lies in numbers.

Yes. Yes! during hte time of Pythagoras, the occult and the rational were intermixed. Just like how my being is.

Thus, I shall tell you this: Mage, familiarize yourself with numbers. Learn by numbers.

Truths that may be hidden from my eyes, may yet be revealed to yours.

Young one who still learns today, you have great potential, and every opportunity to realize it at your fingertips.

(Transcribed from EN client ~L)


Portrait CE 0503.png
Icon CE 0503.png Tea Time with the Five Elements Edit Card

(in myroom)


Yes...? Is anything the matter, Master> Today is...

It appears to the be the holiday known as Valentine's Day. A few male Servants Looked anxious.

Haha, I wonder how Saint Valentine feels about this. I seem to recall he was a saint who passed away in the latter half of the third century.

Oh, speaking of which, I hear that there are actually two saints called Saint Valentine.

On top of that, there was also some obscure monk by that name.

In modern times, Valentine's Day seems to have settled on the fact that it is a celebration based on some clergyman.

And if you go even further back in history, there was an ancient Roman festival calling for an abundant harvest known as Lupercalia...

Or that particular date is said to the be the first day when birds begine to mate...

  1. How do you feel about this, Paracelsus?  2. What do you think about Valentine's Day?
  Select: How do you feel about this, Paracelsus?

  Select: What do you think about Valentine's Day?


Ah yes. I believe it is a special day for people of modern times like yourself.

That is why -----

My wish is that you can spend this day with someone special to you. Therefore, you mustn't be hanging around here

  1. Well if that's the case...  2. Happy Valentine's Day!
  Select: Well if that's the case...

  Select: Happy Valentine's Day!


...My. You are a genius at making others feel happy.

Understood. Then I shall submit and indulge you.

I was considering taking a break. I just so happened to have snacks and tea ready.

(Tea Time with the Five Elements received)


Now please sit down. Though my conversation may bore you...

Heheh. You shall keep me company well, Master

(scene transcribed from EN client ~L)




Portrait CE 0500.png
Icon CE 0500.png Gilles Doll Rais Edit Card

ジル ・ ド ・ レエ
「ぬふううう、 恥を知りなさい!
恋人たちの日 ! 聖バレン夕イン泥などと !」
「解せぬ! まったく解せぬ !」
「ぬうううう、 私、 怒りのあまり第二装甲展開!
にの怒りを鎮めるもの、 それは慢性的な愛の根絶!
疫病の如き愛の何オ処にい、 尊さがあるという !」
「甘き死よ来たれ! 甘き死よ来たれ!
あるいは、 甘き菓予よ来たれ……ッ !」

  1. あの......

 2. その......
  Select: あの......

  Select: その......

「むっ! ?」
――――――――――――。 」
「ほほほ。 これはマス夕―。 何事でしようか。
私はご覧の通り、 瞑想の最中でして。 」
「一見して暇そうに見えるでしょうが、 我が脳内は
蛸壺でうごめく触手の如く密集と活動中。 」
甘い・・・・・匂い・・・・・甘い・・・・・力夕チ・・・・・甘い・・・・・砂糖・・・・・ 」
「これは、 もしや?

  1. いちおう

 2. たべられます
  Select: いちおう

  Select: たべられます

ジル・ ド ・ レエ
勘ぐりましたが、 これは紛れもない現実。 」
「失礼ながら、 ここで一口食ベてしまっても?
よいですか? よいですね? でーまー (パ夕リ) 」
・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・。 」
「あまーい。 」
ジル・ ド ・ レエ
「(Your Name)、 少々お待ちを。
言葉では返せない以上、 達うものでお返ししたく……」
こちら、 最後の一品ですが、 どうぞお受け取りを。 ]

  1. こ、これは......

 2. まだ......残っていたというのか......!
  Select: こ、これは......

  Select: まだ......残っていたというのか......!

ジル・ ド ・ レエ
「ほほほ、 そうかしこまらずとも結構。 」
カルデアで大人気の末、 ワゴンに溢れかえるほど
積まれるコトになった、 そう、 じるクン人形でございます !」
そう、 会心の出来ですぞー !]
「失敬、 興奮してしまいました。 どうぞお紬めください。
このジル・ ド ・ レエ、 最大限の感謝の気拮ちです。 」
眠れぬ夜など、 貢方を深き眠りに誘うでしょう。 」
いずれセイ レムの導きあれ、 と。


Portrait CE 0499.png
Icon CE 0499.png Evenings by the Euphrates Edit Card


Portrait CE 0498.png
Icon CE 0498.png Mont Blanc au Chocolat Edit Card


Portrait CE 0497.png
Icon CE 0497.png Blessings of the Nile Edit Card


Portrait CE 0496.png
Icon CE 0496.png Mama's Best Cake Edit Card

I am the one who is akin to the terminal of the Holy Grail. Irisviel von Einzbern.
The Holy Grail, it has given unto me a blessing---
It is a fortuity beyond that of human wisdom. Some may even glorify it as a miracle.
Master. Hehe. Do you know what blessing it is that I have received?

  1. It wouldn't be anything to do with mana quantity or Noble Phantasms, right?

  Select: It wouldn't be anything to do with mana quantity or Noble Phantasms, right?

Yes, it is neither of those.
It is not a Saint Graph sufficient to manifest as a Heroic Spirit. It is not a strength in magecraft befitting that of a Caster Class.
The blessing that I obtained. That wonderful thing that could be called a miracle. That is---
Teachers in the art of cookery!

  1. You mean the Heroic Spirits in charge of Chaldea's kitchen!?

  Select: You mean the Heroic Spirits in charge of Chaldea's kitchen!?

Yes, yes. That's right. Boudica-san and Cat-san, and...
Shiki-san and Yorimitsu-san. And also the Archer Emiya-kun too?
Everyone was teaching me very patiently.
It was a struggle at first, but finally I managed to make something like candy.
Is it because I'm a terminal of the Holy Grail? For a pure Heroic Spirit to experience growth would be...
Or could it be! My hands actually have a hidden talent for cooking!

  1. That may be so.

  Select: That may be so.

Hehe. Regardless, I have received a blessing. So... Master?
Please accept this. It is a Valentine's present from me to you!
The main body of the chocolate was made keeping the Japanese-style in mind. Because it is a whole cake, you can eat it together with Mash-san.
Well then, I... have to go look for Illya. And that person, too.

  1. Irisviel?

  Select: Irisviel?

I'm sorry, I was lost in thought.
See you again, Master! I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


Portrait CE 0495.png
Icon CE 0495.png Direct Current-Style Grateful Cookies Edit Card



Portrait CE 0493.png
Icon CE 0493.png Puppet Fou Edit Card


Portrait CE 0491.png
Icon CE 0491.png Flawless Chocolate Edit Card


Portrait CE 0490.png
Icon CE 0490.png Baast-Nyan Model X Edit Card


Portrait CE 0489.png
Icon CE 0489.png Peach Compote Edit Card

Ah, Master, good timing. Hey, hey, I was definitely in Chaldea just now, but once I noticed it, I'm in the desert again. What does this mean?
Certainly, I... heard about the existence of something called Valentine's Day...

Van Allen Belt!? Huh, is that the next crisis to threaten the Human Order!?

Oh, I knew it'd end up this way, but I just can't get used to those wild guesses.
But, this will still be too old-fashioned! I should've worked hard to grasp the modern trends of the day...
Oh well. Though I don't remember becoming her disciple, in view of our acquaintance, I'll play the straight man just once.

Eh!? Why am I getting yelled at!?

You're wrong. You're completely wrong! Valentine's Day. It's a hot topic amongst the girls of Chaldea!
"But it has nothing to do with me?""... I see your eyes are saying that. Seriously.
Listen. Valentine's Day is a day where you give presents to those you feel favourable towards.
I've heard stories about how it's an ancient festival from the West and that some saint was involved, but that's about it.

Ah, I know that! So it's like Christmas or Halloween!

Yes, they are comrades. It's a day to show your daily gratitude. No different from any other festival.
If that's the case, wouldn't there be the usual fuss like every time about secret mountains and secret areas and adventures?
See, you should have it too, don't you?
Not as a reverend, but someone you want to thank as yourself, as an individual.

I guess so. I should also show my daily gratitude!
To Master, to Mash, to Da Vinci, to the staff of Chaldea...
And to Touta and the other Servants of Chaldea too! Alright! I gotta do this!
Good words, good deeds! Once you think about it, do it immediately.
Thank you for everything, everyone!
It is not merely a single word of thanks, my gratitude is endless!
Let's go! For the Valentine's Day gifts!

...that's right. I remember everything now.
For the sake of the best gifts, I must have done some Rayshifting. Yeah. Probably.

  1. Xuanzang-chan, this is the simulator.

  Select: Xuanzang-chan, this is the simulator.

Eh, really.
W-well, that's alright then. I've gotten what I had my eyes on.
And I've made it! With the protection of the Buddha, this delicious sweetness that is especially sweet!
If this is a simulator instead of a shift, then it'll probably disappear once we get back to Chaldea, but...
Yeah, it's okay. It probably won't disappear! That's because this is it, that thing Her Majesty Xiwangmu likes so much!
Such petty things like simulators or virtual reality surely aren't worth a mention., but, what should I do.
...anyway, thank you for following me to such a place.
You... you're...
Rather, (Your Name) is a very good disciple!

  1. I'll rush to your side quickly if you're in a pinch.

  Select: I'll rush to your side quickly if you're in a pinch.

Yeah, thanks!
Well then, we're in a pinch already, so please.
The simulator's, that... eh, could I leave the termination command to you...?


Portrait CE 0488.png
Icon CE 0488.png Cigar & Wine Edit Card

(In the library)


...Chocolate, huh? That's right, today is Valentine's Day.

I know that in Japan, the popular custom is for women to gift chocolates to men.

Admittedly, in recent times that has begun to change. But that's what happens over time

Hm? How is it where I'm from?

In England, it is less about a specific role for females or males. On gifts chocolates to his or her loved ones. That is all

The custom of gifting chocolates actually originated in England.

In England, in addition to chocolates, one might give wine, flowers, or champagne.

And you mustn't forget to include some unsigned greeting card.

  1. You send it anonymously?  2. What kind of greetings are written on it?
  Select: You send it anonymously?
El-Melloi: Exactly. One does not deliver gifts oneself, so as to conceal the sender.
  Select: What kind of greetings are written on it?
El-Melloi: Oh just Typical words of love. Things like, "Please be mine." It's straightforward, but those are strong words. Not much to misinterpret there.


...Understandable, this is a custom that should only be conducted by good, honest people.

Accepting an anonymous gift from a mage is no better than smoking next to a gasoline pump.

Should you recieve such a gift, throw it away without a second thought,

I shall accept your chocolates. There is no better food for the mind after it has been exercised.

(scene transition to myroom)

  1. ...Wait a minutes...
  Select: ...Wait a minutes...

(Cigar & Wine recived)

(Transcribed from the EN client ~L)


Portrait CE 0487.png
Icon CE 0487.png Secret, Prized, Treasured Albums Edit Card


Portrait CE 0486.png
Icon CE 0486.png Bayard's Mane Edit Card


Portrait CE 0485.png
Icon CE 0485.png Half-Read Iliad Edit Card


Portrait CE 0484.png
Icon CE 0484.png Super Thunder Chocolate Crunch Stick Edit Card


Portrait CE 0483.png
Icon CE 0483.png Rider Belt Replica Edit Card


Portrait CE 0482.png
Icon CE 0482.png Cute Rabbit Chocolateslates Edit Card


Portrait CE 0481.png
Icon CE 0481.png Hippogriff Plushie (1:1 Scale) Edit Card


Portrait CE 0480.png
Icon CE 0480.png Xocolatl Libertad Edit Card


Hola! Cómo estás!

My cutie Master, I finally found you, yes!


Now that I have you, I’m not letting you go!

Even if you call me a ruda, I’m not letting you go, no!


I can hold you down with a tirabuzón or with a llave.

Either way, you won’t escape from me! No, no, no!


You seem busy today, and I thought it would be no Bueno for me to stop you. But…


Just as you have your feelings, I have my own feelings to convey as well.


I’m sorry.



Gracias! Thanks for getting caught!

  1. You’re welcome, Coatl!  2. Ouch, ouch! Please don’t pull a wrestling move on me for real!
  Select: You’re welcome, Coatl!

  Select: Ouch, ouch! Please don’t pull a wrestling move on me for real!


Sí! Amiga, amiga!


Master. My niña.

There is something I feel I must tell you…


As you know, I am a Divine Spirit, and an ancient one at that. So much has happened, and my Spirit Origin does not reflect my original form…


Even through Chaldea’s System, I can only imagine how difficult it is to actually summon me.


And that is not even mentioning forming a contract. I know it cannot have been easy, no. Yet you overcame so many hardships and chose me.


…For that, I am deeply grateful, yes.


From the bottom of my heart: thank you, my young and wonderful Master.

  1. Likewise, thank you!  2. Gracias. I will savor this!
  Select: Likewise, thank you!

  Select: Gracias. I will savor this!


De nada! It is nothing! It’ll make me really happy if this makes your body and soul all fired up!


Muchas gracias for always being in high spirits! I hope you grow up and thrive to make me proud, yes!


As long as I manifest in this world, you shall have my blessings! And I will also be your partner in lucha, yes!


During happy and pleasant times… I shall smile along with you. During hard and sad times… I shall embrace you.


Big Sister is always on your side, yes!

Mucho mucho!


Portrait CE 0479.png
Icon CE 0479.png Sphinx Awlad Edit Card


Portrait CE 0478.png
Icon CE 0478.png Goblet of a Hero Edit Card


Portrait CE 0477.png
Icon CE 0477.png Medb's Honey Chocolate Edit Card


Oh, there you are! I found you, Master!


How dare you make me go through all that trouble!

If you were in Connacht, you would face severe punishment!

  1. Are you perhaps…  2. Giving me Valentine’s Day chocolates?
  Select: Are you perhaps…

  Select: Giving me Valentine’s Day chocolates?


Yep. Isn’t this an event for lovers?

Though I thought it was a day when birds mated!j


Well, whatever. I understand that today is a day for chocolates! That’s all that matters!

I am Medb. Queen Medb! I make all the decisions for yesterday, today, and tomorrow!


…Anyway, here you go.

  1. Thank you!
  Select: Thank you!


That’s right. You should be thankful. Any warrior would be thrilled to receive a present from me!


Actually, you know, it’s super-duper-extra-extraordinarily rare for me to give someone a gift without getting anything in return.

  1. Wow, amazing. This is –
  Select: Wow, amazing. This is –


That’s right! It’s a chocolaty demonstration of my true love!


I prepared it especially for you, for this very occasion. A truly loving gift, a romantic gift – some chocolate to demonstrate the true depth of my feelings for you…


Well… This loving gift is the lowest-ranked of its kind.


… As such, you should make sure never to forget this precious moment!


Got it?


Okay. Delivery of loving, romantic gift number one, done with grace and beauty. I was a bit bewildered because it was my first time, but I was brilliant as ever.


I’ve proven to myself that there’s nothing I can’t do, even if it’s a custom of a different era.


Oh, by the way, Master.

Do you know where my Cú is?


It doesn’t matter which Cú. Actually, you might as well tell me the whereabouts of all my Cús.


Where is the ordinary blue Cú carrying the crimson lance? Where is the slightly younger and armored Cú?


Where is the Cú that’s dressed like a druid?

And, of course…

Where is MY cute and valiant-looking fanged Cú?


Oh, and Fergus.

Would you know where he is?

  1. I think…  2. Uhhh…
  Select: I think…

  Select: Uhhh…


Uh-huh. I see. Got it. Thank you.


A queen like myself could not possibly be seen giving her love only to Master.


It is only right and proper for every wonderful warrior to receive my love.


As for your chocolate, I want you to savor it as if it were the essence of life itself. Got it?


See you around, Master. I love you!


Portrait CE 0476.png
Icon CE 0476.png Iron Marshmallows Edit Card


Portrait CE 0475.png
Icon CE 0475.png Blank Subscription List Edit Card


Portrait CE 0474.png
Icon CE 0474.png Cacao Beans Edit Card

Hmhmhmhm~🎵 Hmhm... ah! Master spotted, in a good spot!
Well, I've been looking for you, meow. See, isn't it today? Valentine's today, right?
In other words, it means... heheh. Even if I don't say anything else, you get it, right~?

  1. It's chocolate, then?

  Select: It's chocolate, then?

Exactly! As expected of Master, you know it well! Then here you go.

  1. In the hands of the Jaguar... there's nothing

  Select: In the hands of the Jaguar... there's nothing

Exactly so, meow! Because Jaguar is a Jaguar, and a god, meow.
Then it is a matter of course! I'm not on the side that gives, but the side that receives! I'll not have to worry about obligation stuff and having my wallet lightened over this and that!
Farewell to the troubles of a serious OL! Hurray, Jaguar! Hurray, Tetzcatlipoca!
This is my entitlement! Hmhmm, let's allow it, tributes and sacrifices and other things!
Come! Come give it! Give it to me! Like mushrooms after rain, or a mountain of fungi!

  1. Wait, how does it work in the system?

  Select: Wait, how does it work in the system?

Hm? What's that?
Oya. Oya oya oya? Could Master have forgotten the tributes, meow?
Divine punishment? You wanna get divine punishment? The young Master's blossoming youth is gonna get scattered like a fleeting dream?
Ah, of course, by life, I mean your life. There's no other meaning to it. None at all.
Hm. Onee-san gets it, she understands it all. The present... is Master yourself, right?
Hm~ what quick wit~ it is certainly a spice like that of pepper. Even the gourmet leopard is going uhauha.
But if there is a god that assaults, there is also a god that thinks. How about using up the accumulated stamps?
Once you use all the stamps up... I'll specially, specially, specially let you off. Besides that, what is it, meow. Eh----
Yes, if you expend all the stamps now, you will get a marvelous prize! So what will you do! Use up your life, or use up the stamps!

  1. Please accept my life! No, make it the stamps after all!

  Select: Please accept my life! No, make it the stamps after all!

Uhuhu. I see. Then it can't be helped, meow....
Well then, take this! A special present from Jaguar to Master!

  1. This is really, very amazing.

  Select: This is really, very amazing.

South America is the birthplace of chocolate! Because it's fun stuff that originated from South America! So with that, here. The use of one Jaguar Stamp has been recorded.
Let's collect more stamps again. Onee-san has great hopes for Master's continued effort.
It's fine to be innocent for now. Because you're young. One day I'll raise you into someone fitting of being a Jaguar Tamer! Well then, please enjoy the gift. You're not allowed to have leftovers.
Jaguarman:, wait. Eh? Eh, eh? This is strange.
This is Valentine's, so it should be a chance for handmade chocolate. It should have been a great opportunity for onee-san to showcase her girl power...


Portrait CE 0473.png
Icon CE 0473.png White Rose Bouquet Edit Card


Portrait CE 0472.png
Icon CE 0472.png Miniature Trojan Horse Edit Card


Portrait CE 0471.png
Icon CE 0471.png Pax Romana Edit Card



Portrait CE 0466.png
Icon CE 0466.png Carnivore Carnival Edit Card


Portrait CE 0464.png
Icon CE 0464.png Tieguanyin Tea (?) Edit Card



Portrait CE 0462.png
Icon CE 0462.png Red Flower Edit Card

I'm sorry Master. I came without being called.
...Hm. I was unable to analyze how or why this happened...
But I was compelled to give you a gift. So much so, that I would desire to destroy myself if I couldn't.
Ah, but I am not sure if Master would be able to tolerate receiving a gift without a good reason.
That's why...Please...tell me honestly if you don't want it. It would just be a matter of self-destructing in the hallway.

  1. Eh,no,why!?

 2. Calm down. And... calm down.
  Select: Eh,no,why!?

  Select: Calm down. And... calm down.

I'm glad. So you aren't offended. Then please, take this flower.
It's not flashy, but it is sure to warm your heart. Anyway, I just wanted to give you this today.
...It may be a realization of the passion that burns in my chest. My respect for you is...beyond my ability to measure.
You can simply place that flower in your room. I shall now take my leave.
I wish for you to have a good day, Guda. Do not work so hard that you collapse.


Portrait CE 0461.png
Icon CE 0461.png White Flower Edit Card

Hello master. Did something happen? You look especially well this morning.
Your cheecks look a bit flushed, but it does not seem to be a sign of fever. Rather, you seem to be positively beaming.
Yes. That rosy glow is truly lovely on you. Much as I do not know its source, I must admit your elation is quite contageous.
If I am the cause of your happiness, then today is truly a wonderful day.

  1. Um, it's not that I'm nervous, but...

 2. Well, you're mostly right.
  Select: Um, it's not that I'm nervous, but...

  Select: Well, you're mostly right.

This is... what you call chocolate? In Uruk, butter cakes were popular...
There was nothing so intricate as this delicacy, though. And this is...for me?

  1. It's a token of my gratitude.

 2. I wanted you to try it.
  Select: It's a token of my gratitude.

  Select: I wanted you to try it.

...What a surprise. I am merely a weapon, and yet you always treat me as a human being.
I am...uncertain wether this is a good or bad thing, and I have no way to be sure. At the very least, I can express my feelings to you, though.
...Thank you. I shall save and treasure this gift.
But this is embarassing. I am very happy to receive this chocolate...
But I have nothing to give you in return that can express my gratitude. Only something like this.
All that I could give is a flower, blooming in a field... I know it is a gesture like a maiden in a fairytale, but please do overlook that.
This flower is the state of my mind in this moment given form. It is a modest gift, I know, but I would appreciate it if you would keep and cherish it.

  1. Of course!

 2. It really is a lovely flower.
  Select: Of course!
Ah, though it is no more than an object created by another object, if it could lovingly decorate your dreams, I would be proud.
  Select: It really is a lovely flower.

Do you think so? That flower is like a portrait of a person. I just made it, and the model that inspired-
Well, I shouldn't say. If you don't notice, I think I would like that better.
Master. May you never forget the simple way of living that is your own.


Portrait CE 0460.png
Icon CE 0460.png Chocolate Screwdriver Edit Card



Portrait CE 0455.png
Icon CE 0455.png Silver Bullet Edit Card


Portrait CE 0450.png
Icon CE 0450.png Just an Ordinary (?) Chocolate Edit Card


Portrait CE 0449.png
Icon CE 0449.png Tristan's Greatest Hits Edit Card


Portrait CE 0447.png
Icon CE 0447.png Chocolate Gems Edit Card

I sense something sweet happening!



What are you doing here?

You weren't at the Command Room, nor your room. You weren't even at the cafeteria or Da Vinci's Workshop.

Is this what you call taking a stroll? If you were going to walk around, you should've gone to the training room.

  1. No, I'm not taking a walk...
  Select: No, I'm not taking a walk...


Then what? Walking around the halls with that wistful look on your face makes you seem totally suspicious!

Huh? I look more suspicious, you say? I'm not one to randomly talk to others without a reason?

You're expecting something like "I broke another piece of Chaldea's equipment, and I need you to fix it?

Y-yeah... I know you've helped me a few times, but today is supposed to be a trouble-free day.

I'm only talking to you to say good morning, it's not anything special. Jeez...

  1. Okay! Hand over the chocolate!  2. Am I about to get a gift from a goddess?
  Select: Okay! Hand over the chocolate!

  Select: Am I about to get a gift from a goddess?


[big]That's direct![/big]

Y-you're rather straightforward.

I forgot that you were like that.

Well, I at least know what Valentine's day is.

I know I'll regret it if I don't do something and if it's a feeling of gratitude for your daily work, I may have a little something for that...

... (sigh) There's no point in me holding back.

I've lost from the get-go.

Ever since I've been in this Spirit Origin, it's been nothing but trouble. I feel like I've become too lenient, or that I get excited whenever I'm challenged...

Oh, well. Anyway, take this, [name].

I've somewhat arranged it so that it would be appropriate for a contemporary person such as yourself. Both its appearance and taste should be superb.

  1. This is... rich!  2. The rules for chocolates are getting skewed!
  Select: This is... rich!
Ishtar: Right? Right? I'm quite proud of how it turned out. They say that laughter leads to happiness, but in my case, beautiful things lead to bonuses.
  Select: The rules for chocolates are getting skewed!

I bless you with divine favor, with the hope that I see a share of it as well. That's why I worked hard on it ♡

However you use it, it'll be a good thing for us both if your wallet gets fat, right?

If Master benefits, I benefit.

If Master gets rich, it'll benefit my growth!

  1. Thank you. This makes me happy.  2. Thank you. I'm happy...I think.
  Select: Thank you. This makes me happy.

  Select: Thank you. I'm happy...I think.



So. What are you going to do now?

As you can see, I'm a bit bored.

You received my Valentine's Day chocolate.

Don't tell me we're done here...

I'm expecting an extra special, gorgeous escort befitting a first-class Master like yourself!


Portrait CE 0446.png
Icon CE 0446.png Blue Sky Vanilla Parfait Edit Card

The base will be packed full of vanilla ice-cream. In order to bring out the full depth of flavor, the middle layer will be vanilla ice-cream.
And the top layer will use the king of ice-cream, vanilla ice-cream. Nice. It feels pretty balanced.
At the heart of this vanilla mountain, fruits, chocolate cookies, crepes, and then blue mint for the topping...
It is done, it is completed! This is simply wonderful... there is no choice but to declare it Britain's national treasure!
I’m also tempted to have a taste of it, but I’ll resist the urge. Valentine’s only comes along once a year after all.
Eh? (Your Name), you’re already here!?
I didn’t notice until you got so close… My apologies, I got too into it...

  1. I just arrived.

 2. What are you making?
  Select: I just arrived.

  Select: What are you making?

Of course, it's a gift for you. It's something like a winner's trophy.
I wanted to reward you for all your meritorious deeds so far. Thinking about that, I prepared a special treat for you.
Fou, fouu?
Hmph. That's rude, Fou. I'm pretty skillful with my hands, so once I've tasted a dish, I'm perfectly able to reproduce it.
Fou, fouu....
...Ahem. Well then, Master (Your Name).
You came here by yourself, right? There are no other Servants around, right?
Please, accept this! This is the original flavor of the ""King of the Beach"", Bluesky Vanilla Mountain! Yes!

  1. It's not... chocolate?

  Select: It's not... chocolate?
This is just ice-cream---!

Yes! This is what I received when I won the Water Blitz, the best treat that I know of!
When I was eating this, I thought that it would have been more delicious if I was eating it together with you.
And I wonder if that dream can come true this time.
See, I've been working really hard too. I've even lost count of the number of times I fired Vivian off.
Yeah, we'll just call this a perk for my hard work then! Well, feel free to start from the front, and I'll enjoy it from the back.
After you've finished eating, change into your swimsuit and let's go for a long-distance swim! We'll enjoy ourselves fully the whole day today, Master!


Portrait CE 0445.png
Icon CE 0445.png Karna's Bane Edit Card


Portrait CE 0443.png
Icon CE 0443.png Snack Stick (BBQ Flavor) Edit Card


Portrait CE 0442.png
Icon CE 0442.png Lapis Lazuli Bracelet Edit Card

(In Chaldea Corridor)


What? Chocolates, you say...? You Fool! This is no emergency! How dare you so casually call upon me, mongrel!

Besides, confections from commoners like you could never please my refined palate!

I am an exquisite king well-versed in the finer luxuries in life. Such paltry offerings are better tossed to the mewling brats!

  1. You... Haven't even tried them yet...  2. But its gourmet...
  Select: You... Haven't even tried them yet...

  Select: But its gourmet...


Ha! So you let it slip, [Yourname]. Food is eighty percent presentation, and twenty percent taste, fool!

I don't need to taste it to know, seeing this plain wrapping! Now, a shimmering golden wrapper with confections dipped in edible gold, on the other hand...'

Only the most glimmering, blindingly bright confections are fit for my royal tongue!

...Hmm, I suppose edible gold should be taken in moderation, though. If I were to eat too much, I may not be able to avoid becoming the next Midas.

Regardless! I have no interest in your pitiful confection! Fortunately for you, I am not so cruel as to ignore offerings from my subjects.

  1. Huh.  2. He took it.
  Select: Huh.

  Select: He took it.


Hmph. I take it only as a formality. In a few moments, I will have forgotten it entirely.

(Scene fades then reappears)


Making an offering is laudable. Even so, you are still a mongrel. Inferior. Pathetic. Offering a confection to a king? you may as well offer fruit to the heavens!

Almost any paltry material offering would insult a king. Ah, well. I shall let you off the hook this once. You might say you've earned a participation award...

Let's See...hmmm... You had the nerve to make it yourself. That, at least, is acceptable.

Oh. Ohhhh.... You made it look like the door to my treasure vault.

Hahahahaha! You dare say that the ingredients may be inferior, but the sentiment is first class, you fool!? Insolent! Have the decency to have a sense of shame!

But the Main question is its taste. Sincerity Does not fill the belly. I have no interest in this tripe, but I'll take a bite.


...It's surprisingly sweet...

(Scene transition to myroom)



  1. A visitor  2. Hello?
  Select: A visitor

  Select: Hello?

Da Vinci:

Hello! This is Babylonia Parcel Services! Ciao☆ Everyone feeling good?



Da Vinci:

Someone paid a handsome amount to have this delivered. Is this where [Yourname] lives?

Here you go. It's a package from "King Anonymous." Please sign here.

(Lapis Lazuli Bracelet received)

  1. This is...  2. It looks... really expensive...!
  Select: This is...

  Select: It looks... really expensive...!

Da Vinci:

Hmmm, The Lion and the Mouse, Puss and Boots... I'm sure there were folktales of that sort in Sumer as well.

If you ask me, this kind of thing should be delivered in person, but that's that. That is the king's way.

Anyway, I'll take my leave. As it's a gift, you should wear it so that he can see it

(Transcribed from EN client ~L)


Portrait CE 0436.png
Icon CE 0436.png Your Skin's Best Friend Edit Card


Portrait CE 0435.png
Icon CE 0435.png Blossom of Noble Hope Edit Card


Portrait CE 0431.png
Icon CE 0431.png Special Dumplings Edit Card

Miyamoto Musashi:
---So, that's the reason I had you come all the way out here to this mountain pass!
Ehehe, I'm used to duels to the death, but making an invitation like this takes courage of its own too! I've learnt a lot!
This Christian festival, it's really splendid! If our mutual friendship can be deepened like this, it's a very welcome thing.
Yes, the—n please, accept this!
These are my feelings of gratitude for you, since you are always friendly and courteous to a ruffian like me!

  1. These are dumplings...!

 2. Udon...?
  Select: These are dumplings...!
Miyamoto Musashi:
Oh, yes. Dumplings. I don't really know much about chocolates.
But, I heard that it'd be okay to give something that I like best. Dango, they're tasty, aren't they?
  Select: Udon...?

Miyamoto Musashi:
Yes. Udon. Soba would be fine too, but as far as hot things go udon is my limit!
Most things can be learnt from looking at udon, such as the growth of the sword, the stickiness, the waist, or the taste.
So if Guda-kun wants to get strong, you should eat rice and fish and udon.
Ah, next time, it'd be great to take time and make it by hand. Yeah, I'll teach you how to do it as best as I can!

Miyamoto Musashi:
Ah, the introduction ran a bit long. Hurry, hurry, eat it eat it, eat the dango!
Of course, I'm only sorting out my own possessions, so you don't need to mind it.
For me, I've always been fighting battles in someone's place, but this is the first time I have spent money for someone else's sake.
Would it be delicious? Would it trouble you? I was honestly worried about that, but---
But nothing makes me happier that you're eating it as if it's delicious!
I'm so glad that I staked everything on this showdown!
The dango are delicious, and your smile is the greatest! Let's come again, my lord!


Portrait CE 0113.png
Icon CE 0113.png Chaldea Standard Edit Card


Portrait CE 0543.png
Icon CE 0543.png Chocolate Eggs (Multiple) Edit Card


Portrait CE 0542.png
Icon CE 0542.png Self Destructing Giant Destruction Chocolate Edit Card


Portrait CE 0540.png
Icon CE 0540.png The Maiden Saint's Breather Edit Card

....huh, what? Today's Valentine's Day?

  1. No, it's nothing, I'm sorry.<

  Select: No, it's nothing, I'm sorry.<

N-no, wait. Hold it. Just wait a bit.

  1. No, I wasn't expecting anything at all *sob*.

  Select: No, I wasn't expecting anything at all *sob*.

That's why, I'm telling you to wait. I'm also, well, that. I wonder what I should say.

  1. Don't mind it, really, seriously *sob*.

  Select: Don't mind it, really, seriously *sob*.

Really, you're crying so quickly! Bumping into me, crying and saying goodbye, did you think a saintess would overlook that!? ...No, there is no way it could be overlooked. Isn't that so?
B-but what should I do---- T-t-t-t-t-to think that today was Valentine's Day.
I didn't hear about this, I didn't hear, I definitely didn't hear. What's this? To think that I of all people would forget this, that can't do.
I also didn't prepare any biscoctus...
That's because this Saint Graph has been messed with! Yes, if it was a proper Saint Graph in a proper Ruler class!
Someone like me couldn't ever be so careless, and would have done things really, really, really properly...

  1. I-it's all right, so don't push yourself *sob*.

  Select: I-it's all right, so don't push yourself *sob*.

Alright? Just wait here for a moment. Good.
I am a saintess - Martha, the Saint of the Waterfront. I have always watched over your labours.
So. Just wait a bit.

...sorry for the wait.
Here. A present from me, for your industrious self.
It's just a little token of my feelings. Please accept it.

  1. Did you just go and brew it in a hurry---

  Select: Did you just go and brew it in a hurry---

It's definitely... definitely not because I forgot it, okay?
Drink this. Chaldea is relatively cold, isn't it?
Please be warmed up, won't you?
...speaking of the cold, how long am I going to be dressed like this in this base high up in the snowy mountains?

  1. As expected of onee-san.

  Select: As expected of onee-san.

Don't call me nee-san.
No, ahem, it's nothing.
Anyway, here, here. Warm yourself up. There were various things this time but it's deliciously brewed after all.


Portrait CE 0539.png
Icon CE 0539.png Handmade Church Cookies Edit Card

Amakusa Shirou: Master? Is everything all right?

  1. Please take this!

  Select: Please take this!

Amakusa Shirou: Ah, I see. It's Valentine's Day.
Chocolates... This taste brings back memories.
Valentine's Day is widely established as the day of remembrance for the martyrdom of Saint Valentinus.
In Japan, it is a day where woman hand out chocolates to men... That is widely accepted. However, that is not the case for Western cultures.
...Actually, as you live in an age where information is literally at one's fingertips, listening to my lecture must be a bore.
The modern Valentine's Day is a celebration where friends, bosses, subordinates, family, and lovers exchange chocolates.
As long as it comes from the heart, it is not an issue.
Well then, I shall give you my gift as well.

  1. Hey.

 2. Full of heart!?
  Select: Hey.
Amakusa Shirou: Yes, it's a souvenir that is full of heart.
  Select: Full of heart!?

Amakusa Shirou: Yes, full of pure heart!

Amakusa Shirou: You may not believe it, but everything is handmade.
Humanity was restored, and so I need to establish a mass production line while I have the time and opportunity.
I am, of course, talking about raising funds for Chaldea.
There is nothing else to it.
Well, either way, they are all delicious. Please have one.

  1. Delicious...

  Select: Delicious...
Amakusa Shirou: Aren't they?


Portrait CE 0492.png
Icon CE 0492.png Lovely Handmade Chocolates Edit Card


Portrait CE 0469.png
Icon CE 0469.png Rune Stone Earring Chocolates Edit Card

Cú Chulainn: Yo! Morning, Master.
Cú Chaulainn has come in answer to your call.
Ah, there's no need for you to tell me your business. Isn't today the day where we're grateful for each other?
I have something prepared, so we're even.
Ah, I'm glad this didn't go to waste.
Here. My gift to you.
It's neither too serious nor too casual. Perfect.

  1. You sure are sharp

 2. You're pretty frank about this!
  Select: You sure are sharp
Cú Chulainn: Of course. I need to be sharp.
A dim-witted warrior would be useless.
Besides, I love holidays. Not as much as Fergus, but "wine, woman, and song," right?
  Select: You're pretty frank about this!

Cú Chulainn: You think so? I thought I was being a bit humble when I was selecting this....
It may look like it has no meaning attached to it, but those earrings have a bit of sentimental value to them.
Well, that's my own story to tell. You wouldn't know about it.

Cú Chulainn: Either way the celebration's just begun, partner.
Let's head on over to the cafeteria! Yeah!
Everyone's getting into the holiday spirit.
Let's have a contest to see how many we can grab!

  1. YEAH!

 2. What if Scáthach is there?
  Select: YEAH!

  Select: What if Scáthach is there?

Cú Chulainn: Hahaha, seriously? Impossible...
No, I guess I can't guarantee that.
We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
What will be, will be. Maybe we can both go in there and brace for death?
Don't worry, I'll bury you if you die.
Though, I may be beaten to a pulp, too.


Portrait CE 0468.png
Icon CE 0468.png Chocolate Egg Edit Card


Portrait CE 0467.png
Icon CE 0467.png Bitter Bitter Bitter Chocolates Edit Card


Portrait CE 0465.png
Icon CE 0465.png Just Some Ordinary Chocolates Edit Card


Portrait CE 0458.png
Icon CE 0458.png Dusk Earrings Edit Card


Portrait CE 0457.png
Icon CE 0457.png Hummus Dip Edit Card


Portrait CE 0456.png
Icon CE 0456.png Touta's Secret Fishing Gear Edit Card


Portrait CE 0454.png
Icon CE 0454.png Waku Waku Zabuun VIP Ticket Edit Card


Portrait CE 0453.png
Icon CE 0453.png My Love for Abishag Edit Card


Portrait CE 0452.png
Icon CE 0452.png Nameless Commemorative Coins Edit Card


Portrait CE 0451.png
Icon CE 0451.png Just Pay Me Back with a Kiss Edit Card


Portrait CE 0448.png
Icon CE 0448.png Kitchen Starter Set Edit Card


Portrait CE 0444.png
Icon CE 0444.png AC Lightning Cookies Edit Card


Portrait CE 0441.png
Icon CE 0441.png Silver Box of Cookies Edit Card

Hello, Master.
I look foward to working with you today.
I shall humbly accompany you wherever you please.
Shall we Rayshift? Or perhaps train in the simulator?
You seem to be very busy every day, so resting may also be a good option.
Oh, by the way, Master. It has been a while since your last medical check.
Why not go to the medical room and rest for today?
I shall, of course, accompany you.

  1. Here, take this!

 2. Surprise! Happy Valentine's Day!
  Select: Here, take this!

  Select: Surprise! Happy Valentine's Day!

Th-this is...?
Master? What? This is... What have you given me?

  1. They're chocolates.

 2. Don't you know about Valentine's Day!
  Select: They're chocolates.

  Select: Don't you know about Valentine's Day!

Valentine's... Isn't it an ancient Roman event...
Yes. I have heard of it. It was about a saint who died for his beliefs.
His name and actions had alighned with traditional havest festivals, which evolved into a new event.
Saint Valentine's Day. A day for lovers.
And according to modern customs, one gifts chocolate to those who are important to them.

  1. Bingo.

 2. Chocolate. Chocolate.
  Select: Bingo.

  Select: Chocolate. Chocolate.

U-um... Master, this is...?
...Is this really for me?
B-but is that truly acceptable? I am but a Servant.
I am not actually a true Heroic Spirit. I have done nothing of significance to be recoded in human history.
So for someone like me to receive a gift from you-

  1. Thank you for everything.

 2. From the bottom of my heart.
  Select: Thank you for everything.

  Select: From the bottom of my heart.

...Thank you very much, my Master
Um... I do not know what to say... My apologies.
I-I'm terribly sorry, but could you wait a moment?
I'm a bit embarassed to say this, but I...
I...I also prepared a Valentine's Day gift.
But as one who is in your service, I thought it would not be appropriate to gift you something as if we were intimate.
And so I had stashed it away in my room.
But, allow me to present you with a token of my gratitude.
Master. Though you may not be king, this is for you, who is my lord.


Portrait CE 0440.png
Icon CE 0440.png Our Room is Ready Edit Card


Portrait CE 0439.png
Icon CE 0439.png Jeanne Fan Club Monthly Edit Card


Portrait CE 0438.png
Icon CE 0438.png Cena, Caesar Style Edit Card


Portrait CE 0437.png
Icon CE 0437.png Legendary Chocolate Orb Edit Card


Portrait CE 0434.png
Icon CE 0434.png Hanuman's Favorite Bananas Edit Card


Portrait CE 0433.png
Icon CE 0433.png Brief Moment of Joy Edit Card


Portrait CE 0432.png
Icon CE 0432.png Dragon Cosplay Edit Card


Portrait CE 0430.png
Icon CE 0430.png High-End Japanese Sweets Edit Card

Ryougi Shiki:
Good day. I have been waiting in your room ahead of time.
Please receive this, a gift for Valentine. Today is such a day, it seems.
Although it is regrettably not hand-made, it is something I spent time carefully choosing.
I wonder whether you will be pleased with it. Ah, my heart is thumping like any normal girl's would.
So, what do you think? Does this gift find favour with you?
You are the Master of Chaldea. You would be quite accustomed to receiving chocolate by now, I think...

  1. There's no such... thing?

 2. [[#Even if I am used to it, this is my first time with you!

|Even if I am used to it, this is my first time with you!


  Select: There's no such... thing?

Ryougi Shiki:

Oh. Then that is good. You have such a honeyed tongue, Guda.

But, when conversing, you should look straight at your opponent's eyes, you know? If not you would give them an opening to attack.

For example--- There.

The closet that you glanced at just now. If there should be, say, many presents packaged inside it, would that not be a terrible thing?

  Select: Even if I am used to it, this is my first time with you!

Ryougi Shiki:
T-that was… a remarkable counter-attack. I could not have imagined it.
But, although it was a reckless statement, your feelings were properly conveyed… yes. I could not be happier, Master.
It’s because this is my first Valentine’s after all. It would be unfair if I were the only one to have my heart flutter, wouldn’t it?

Ryougi Shiki:
Well then, once more, I'll be in your care for this year. As much as possible, let us encourage this dream to last as long as it can.
Now, you must be getting hungry? How about having some osechi before getting to the Japanese candy?

  1. By the way, the room's in New Year's mode...!

  Select: By the way, the room's in New Year's mode...!

Ryougi Shiki:
Yes, it's a bit late, but this also serves as my New Year's greeting. I rewrote your room without permission.
Though the old New Year may be over, I am a rare, finely-dressed Servant after all.
That is why I'm making a frontal assault like this. Because, you see.
Isn't the mark of a top Servant the ability to attack with weapons others do not have?


Portrait CE 0153.png
Icon CE 0153.png St. Orleans Edit Card

Jeanne d'Arc
Greetings, Master.
Are you enjoying your holiday? That is fine. Resting
when you can is a requirement of being an adult.
I can't think of a topic!
I guess l just can't do it.
It seems I shouldn't do things that I'm not used to.
Right. Here you go, Master. It's chocolate.
Taking advantage of Valentine's Day, I will show you the
feelings that are hard for me to say normally.
...Well. I know my chocolate is not that interesting, and
even I am embarrassed about it, but...
I would like to honor your daily efforts. I will
work hard to continue our relationship even further!


Portrait CE 0152.png
Icon CE 0152.png Hexagon Chocolate Bolt Edit Card

Uhh... Uhh...
Chocolate... Ughhh...
Uhh... Good?
Waah... Uhh...
Hehehe... Uhh♪


Portrait CE 0151.png
Icon CE 0151.png Wonderful Life Edit Card

Tamamo Cat
Aah, Master... Please forgive this bad cat...
Chocolate liquor... Chocolate liquor...
My tears won't stop when I am chopping up chocolate liquor!
Love is sweet and bitter, sometimes you add it in a curry
In other words, it's just like onions!
But, it was my victory in the end!
I want you to accept this special item!
Then I want to hear what you think about the shape.
Hmm. Just eat me<3
That's what this chocolate is saying, you know?
By the way, Master. Have you received chocolate from
another Tamamo besides me?
If you have, an original drama will begin where a tragic
war breaks out, Tamamo is killed and I also die...
Well, that doesn't seem to be the vibe.
But don't get too carried away with other girls‘
chocolate! Cat will get lonelier!


Portrait CE 0150.png
Icon CE 0150.png Kiyohime with Ribbons Edit Card

Well, well, what's going on, Master?
What's with the twitching?
You had a strange dream?
Hmm. You dreamed about me? I'm happy☆
My chocolate, you see, is me, of course! Hey, Master.
You're twitching even more...



Portrait CE 0149.png
Icon CE 0149.png Du Stallion Chocolate Edit Card

Good morning, Master!
Getting right down to business, here you go!
Hmm. Why are you running? I'm serious this time.
I can read between the lines.
Please take it.
I look forward to our time together, Master.


Well, actually, I made this as a part of
the merchandise line for Du Stallion II.
By doing this, we can firmly gain the popularity of
children! How about running a sample sale in Chaldea?
Huh? There are almost no children?
...Oh, oh no... I forgot!


Portrait CE 0148.png
Icon CE 0148.png Dear Mom Edit Card

Mommy! I made chocolate! Melted chocolate is delicious, isn't it? I tasted it many times!
I made the contents using our characteristics while we were alive!


Hehehe, I'm really confident in this creation!
We can eat this together!? Yippee!


Portrait CE 0147.png
Icon CE 0147.png Blood Ruby Chocolate Edit Card

...Here you go.


"Thank you for the Octuplet Crystals?""
No! It's chocolate!
Somehow it ended up like this but it's chocolate!
Just eat it already! Otherwise, I'm going to use Phantom Maiden, no questions asked!


Portrait CE 0146.png
Icon CE 0146.png From Java With Love Edit Card

Mata Hari:
Here's some chocolate, okay? Hehehe, you say to be proper without deliberately acting strange, right?


Let's have chocolate together and dive into a sweet, sweet dream.
...Oh, I'm looking forward to the return gift, okay?


Portrait CE 0145.png
Icon CE 0145.png Knife Chocolate Bitter Edit Card

Jing Ke:
Here's a chocolate snack.
Is this really okay for you? Isn't candy better?


But, chocolate can be processed into anything.
...Maybe you can use it for an assassination.
No, but then it would just be poisoning, right?
It won't work if there's a taster, right?
What a boorish conversation. Forget it. Anyhow, how about a drink, Master, with this chocolate-?


Portrait CE 0144.png
Icon CE 0144.png Snake Chocolate (with Love) Edit Card

Greetings, Master.
Happy to see you are looking good as usual.
By the way, today is a wonderful day, isn't it? There
have been blizzards every day, and nowhere to go to but
the Singularities.
Even if the world is heading toward demise like this,
there is still a feeling of calmness in here.
People's hearts are alive as they enjoy festivals and
mourn over tragedies.
I'm a goddess who dislikes humanity... Nonetheless,
I think humanity is a wonderful thing.
...Sigh. What's with that reaction? This is where you say
“You have fascinated me again, Miss Stheno. Please
press me with another unreasonable demand like
Princess Kaguya!”
You would've made me happy with that comment.
...But forget about it. That's the kind of person you are.
How insensitive... Please, just accept this.
You are the only one I'm serious about, the partner I truly love—
If I could only say that.
I will refrain from that nonsense for today.
You know what this is by seeing it, right? This chocolate
is but one among a few that I made——
But, Master?
Love us well. Then, one day...
...A day may come in which one of us truly loves you.


Portrait CE 0143.png
Icon CE 0143.png Powder Sugar Snow Tale Edit Card

Nursery Rhyme
Good afternoon! Hmm, Master!
I'm begging you, please accept this chocolate!
Huh? “You don't have to go that far?”
You would be happy to accept a gift from Alice?
—Amazing. How amazing. Alice!
This is really like a dream!
How wonderful this is!
To think that someone would accept the feelings of a
book with such a gentle smile!
How embarrassing. It feels like old pages of mine are
going to dance!
My gratitude to the wonderful you.
Please take the glittering, shining sugar!
Hehe. I hope this day will be a delicious memory.
Thank you in advance, Master★


Portrait CE 0142.png
Icon CE 0142.png Ninefold Nested Confections Edit Card

I'm glad we can meet in a nice place like this, Master.
...Let's see. Luckily, there's no one around us...
Situations are important for this kind of stuff.
Important memorials should be as special as possible.
Er, ahem.
With great gratitude, then...
Please pardon me for being forward, but I,
Tamamo-no-Mae, has poured my heart and soul into this.
Please accept this small token of my gratitude.
Though I am still in training,
I put everything I have into making this <3
How about this Godiva-like luxuriousness...
Honestly, it took seven full days to make.
The right women can go all out when they need to!
...Well, I am in a slightly different situation
than all the other Servants.
I possess memories that I shouldn't have and know of
a future that I shouldn't know.
It makes me feel like it's hard for me to earn your
trust and effort in this summon.
Therefore, I will devote myself to you and be by your
side until the very end. I have put forth everything I
had into displaying that determination. Oh, the conversation
is getting heavy and serious now so let's stop here!
From now on, I will be your reliable wife and
shrine maiden, and rampage like MIKON!
You can count on me, Master!


Portrait CE 0141.png
Icon CE 0141.png Chocolat Jewel Edit Card

Medea Lily:
This is a chocolate, Master.
It's not much, but will you accept my feelings of gratitude?


Huh? They're elaborate for being handmade, you say?
It's just like a high-end chocolate you buy in a store?
...Well, that makes me feel embarrassed.
...But, I'm happy. You gladly accepted it even if it's made by my magecraft.
Yes! I'm fired up! Please prepare yoursel... I mean, looking forward to next year, Master!
In the name of the Friendly Witch, I will cultivate-
even more high-end chocolate, okay?
メデイア・ リリイ
「マス夕ー、 こちらチョコレートです。 」
「え? 手作りにしては凝つている、 ですか?
「・・・・・・・・でも、 嬉しいです。
わたしの麿術でも、 よろこんでもらえるんですね……」
「はしヽ! メデイ ア、 気合いが入りました!
来年を覚悟、 いえお待ちくださいマス夕ー !」
「仲良しの麿女の名にかけて、 もっともーっと、


Portrait CE 0140.png
Icon CE 0140.png Pumpkin Maiden Edit Card

Valentine's Day and Halloween are the same, right?
With that in mind, yesss, hold out your hands, Master! An
extraordinary reward from me!
Hehe, you look so happy that you forgot to give me an
honest impression like “Wow, looks delicious!”
I know. I know. I mean this is my masterpiece. Ah, be
sure to look carefully at the back, Okay?
Because I've also attached the “Hello Elly-chan
handshake ticket x100” with it. Even if there are more
affordable and better...
...four-star Servants in the future, no cheating, okay?
Please give me all your love until next Halloween,


Portrait CE 0139.png
Icon CE 0139.png Merry ☆ Merry Edit Card

Oh, Master. Why do you look like you want something
from me? Are you keeping your stomach empty?
Someone who's in the position of being my Master
shouldn't get carried away in a boring event like this.
Juuuust kidding! Kidding<3
Today's Valentine's Day, right? Of course I remembered
l just couldn't help teasing you because you're so cute.
Here you go. It's nothing much.
It was my first time making chocolate, but I can
guarantee its nutritional value and its ability to raise your Luck.
Huh? Valentine's chocolate doesn't need to be a magical
item like that, love is more important, right?
Th-That's obvious.
I put all my gratitude into making it.
This goes without saying but,
it's because you're my precious little sibling.


Portrait CE 0138.png
Icon CE 0138.png Christmas Memory Edit Card

Santa Alter
Merry... I mean,
Happy Valentine's, Reindeer.
I miss the winter stratosphere where your breath
freezes... I'm not good with this frivolous air.
...But, it can't be helped.
Seasons turn and Santa has no place to go...
Oh well. Just accept it!
It's humiliating for Santa but I'm grateful to you!
Eat it while tears stream down your cheeks, and
remember the glorious winter! The fun reindeer life! Yes,
Okay, that was good. My exhausted heart has relaxed
and rejuvenated too.
Ahh, l just want to eat turkey right now...
Can't Christmas come any sooner?


Portrait CE 0137.png
Icon CE 0137.png Treasure Chocolate Edit Card

...Here you go. Chocolate.
Well, Mary. I'm sorry. I'm embarrassed.
I made it into a treasure-like chocolate, like a pirate.
Um... I put all my energy into making it and tried it..
It's good in its own way... I think. Most likely.


Portrait CE 0136.png
Icon CE 0136.png Mug Bonbon Edit Card

Francis Drake
Hey! Great timing, Master! This is my way of thanking
you for your patronage. Take it!
Hmm. You look like you weren't expecting that.
What? You didn't think you'd get something from me?
What brought this on?
Haha, that's totally right!
Even if you're my boss, giving you a Valentine's
chocolate would be laughed at, even by the Pelican!
Well, I am not really attached to money.
I tried to squeeze some money out of a group of men
playing cards, and in the end I actually got a lot out of it.
It's thanks to you, originally, (Your Name)!
Well, it's great to have something that's mutually
I'm sure that receiving candy from a pirate like me is
bothersome, but that aside...
...just give up and accept my passionate chocolate!


Portrait CE 0135.png
Icon CE 0135.png Homemade Cookies and Object X Edit Card

Greetings, Master. You seem to be busy running around
but do you have some time to spare?
This is something I need to say
since you have taken part in the event—
It's “Happy Valentine's Day.” This is a little something
that I made by mixing chocolate and...
...grilled panis biscoctus. Well,
I guess you would call it a biscuit nowadays, right?
Do you know about the origin of Valentine's Day?
It originates from the martyrdom of Valentinus...
He would be happy to know that his incompete... Ahem, I
mean his resolve of sacrificing himself became the day
people find love.
Originally, though, it would be better to say it's derived
from ancient Roman myths. Yes.
Should I praise Valentinus, skilled in special attacks,
for the good result of keeping...
...the faith of his martyrdom to the old married Goddess?
Anyway, it is wonderful to have more people starting to
...Yes? What is this?
What about my chocolate cookie?
A dumbbell?
Huh. ls a dumbbell mixed in the cookie mountain?
No way, a dumbbell in a cookie.
What's that, a devil's project!? Satan ordered it!?
Well, if you make an ordinary cookie,
I thought it would lose in impact versus other people's
It was made in a very incredibly high density 1-ton
chocolate dumbbells... It was mixed in with present
wrappers...'s wonderfully mixed, isn't it?
Oh, this again!
Rough work. It's all over the place as usual!
You know, it's tedious cooking for only one person!
Basically, I do the cooking for everyone in my family!
I don't specialize in small and neatly arranged food, got
Ah... Sorry. What's going on with me... The confusion is
making me vulgar. Tee-hee.
Yes, so I will do this over.
Chocolate is chocolate, no matter how hard it is. Rest
assured that the taste won't change,
(Your Name).
You can enjoy anything as long as you have guts, spirit
faith and effort <3
Please make sure you eat it all, okay?
That is my request to you <3


Portrait CE 0134.png
Icon CE 0134.png Royal White Steed Edit Card

My oh my, Master!
Vive la France! Today's a wonderful day, isn't it?
A sweet, sweet present for an important individual——
What a wonderful event. Don't you think?
I have one ready for you, too.
It's nothing much but please accept it.
--Gives Chocolate--
You are you like my spouse, Master, so I should send you my most treasured item, right?
Oh. Yes, yes. That's right.
Actually, I have a favor to ask of you...
Keep it from Amadeus and Sanson, Okay? It would be tough
if they knew that you'd accepted my chocolate.
I thought hard and prepared separate items for each person. I did but...
They started arguing about who had the bigger one,
or if the amount of sugar was equal to the amount of love!
It should be a wonderful day full of love but I don't think that's very good!
Oh well. There's nothing we can do if they know already, but if you can—
—Please keep it a secret from those two, Master.


Portrait CE 0133.png
Icon CE 0133.png Grand Blade Usumidori Edit Card

I present you with chocolate!
As your Servant, l thought a chocolate shaped like an
enemy's head would be suitable, but everyone stopped
Anyhow, all my feelings are in this chocolate!
With this sharpness, you can definitely cut a person up!


Portrait CE 0132.png
Icon CE 0132.png Brand Chocolate Edit Card

Oh, so this is where you are (Your Name).
... ... ...Here you go. It's not much.
...l will take my leave now.
l just remembered something I have to do— Huh?
Why am I wearing an eye-mask?
Well, even if you tell me to take it off... Ah!
It's not like I had a particular reason...
For someone as big as me,
I feel bad for pushing this chocolate on you...
You don't mind? Does the chocolate look good?
That makes me feel like everything was worth it when
you say that.
Once again—this is my Valentine's gift, Master.
I can't guarantee that it tastes good, but please enjoy it.


Portrait CE 0131.png
Icon CE 0131.png Wisdom of Ice Edit Card

So this is where you are, Master.
Great... I was a little worried that if I couldn't meet you on the day to weave our love...
I would feel sorrow. The boiling flame in my chest could not lose to the frozen breath of Fenrir, I thought.
But, we met. Ohh...
My hero. My dear. You came when I wanted to meet you.
Just like my Sigurd...
Thank you so much, Master.
This is the shape of my feelings.
Please accept it... and don't throw it away, okay?


What is this you ask?
Well, it's... called chocolate. Why do you ask?
Was I being strange perhaps?
This embodies all of my feelings toward you but...
-That person's wisdom glasses.
It should fit you perfectly.
It will definitely fit. Well, well... Because you're my hero.


Portrait CE 0130.png
Icon CE 0130.png World's End's White Edit Card

It seems like something is going on in the world, Master
I heard that offering chocolate was a practice from the Far East.
...How ridiculous.
If you consume a proper amount of sugar, well,
it's an excellent source of nuitrition for your brain.
Gifting chocolate by a single side... Isn't it a useless
activity for us Servants, who are built for combat and destruction?
B-By the way, Master.
I'm going to completely change the topic.
This thing was lodged between my chest...
A chocolate in the shape of my cursed spear——
No, no, no. That's not it.
This must be one of the functions of the spear... So...
My heart has never fluttered in the slightest regarding
vulgar customs of the world...
ARRGH! Don't be consumed with trivial matters, (Your Name)!
Just graciously accept what you are given! This cursed
spear that connects the world, time to taste it while you cry!


Portrait CE 0129.png
Icon CE 0129.png Bitter Pitch Black Edit Card

-Hmm. I just bumped into you naturally, it seems.
You always look so busy all the time.
It's hard to run into you without some twist of fate.
But bumping into each other like this...
Is this what a Master and Servant are like?
...Well, no need for a long conversation.
Even I will adjust myself to those around me today.
You are a busy person too, no?
Just hurry up and finish your business,
Be grateful and accept this. I Scáthach, made chocolate for the first time, in accordance with the customs of the day.


How can I put it... This beyond embarrassing.
But, seeing you with the chocolate is worth all the effort.
My trembling is a small matter compared to that.
Ahh, Also. I'll tell you beforehand not to criticize my work.
It's probably not sweet and tastes awful. Regardless, I am confident about its effects.
Huh Anyway, it's a chocolate that goes straight for your heart. I'm sure it will be effective.
Hmm. It was a delightful time making this. I... was so excited, like a little girl.
It was just a short time but I thought it would be good to perfect my cooking, in addition to my martial arts.
What, that's not like me, you say? ...Hey. Don't laugh.
I told you. It was after I got excited like a little girl.
I have a bit of a soft spot too, okay?


Portrait CE 0128.png
Icon CE 0128.png Octo Octo Maiden Edit Card

So this is where you are, Master.
Today's Valentine's, right?
You probably won't be that happy to get a chocolate
from someone like me... But this, would you...accept this?
I put all my effort into making this...
So I think... It should taste pretty good... Ah.
Y—Yes, of course, it's only natural for you to accept it!
I knew you were the understanding type Puppy!
Whaaat, I didn't even need to worry!
Huh? What was I worried about?
What happened to the usual idol-loving person?
Well... It's not like I am happy-go-lucky every day.
l always get a headache and blame myself after doing
something fun.
Hehe. It's strange. Whenever I see your face l just get
this feeling that everything will be all right.
The stage spotlight is nice too, but this secret backstage
time isn't bad either.
See you, Master. Thanks! Be sure to let me know what
you think about the taste later!


Portrait CE 0127.png
Icon CE 0127.png The Inevitable Edit Card

Oda Nobunaga:
Today is the monthly day of assessment, right, (Player's Name)? Huh? You didn't know? It started from today!
By the way, you've been working hard recently so I have a special reward for you. Gratefully accept it!


My special order of chocolate skulls! How about it? Cool, no? You happy? You're happy, right?
Hmm? You don't like the chocolate I brought?
...I see, You've become quite important , haven't you!
You're ecstatic, you say?
Uwahhhh. Why didn't you just say so, you dummy?! You're just a sweetheart, aren't you?
Look. Don't hesitate to come close, a little closer!
I will personally cut it.
Hmm! Chocolate eaten with you is particularly special!
I expect even better work from now on!


Portrait CE 0126.png
Icon CE 0126.png HELP Edit Card

Ah, Master! Hold on!
I might as well give you some chocolate!
Because I plan to physically turn Orion into chocolate,
since he pestered me about wanting chocolate from
other women Servants!
I'm sorry. I'm sorry but your chocolate is absolutely
I'm turning into chocolate!


Portrait CE 0125.png
Icon CE 0125.png Snake Chocolate (Random) Edit Card

Oh, there you are, (Your Name). Here you go.
What's it called again? I think it's called-
Ah yes, Valentine's?
It's a thing called chocolate.
I was really going to make just one, but look, a prototype? I made a whole lot.
So I'll give you one. Hehe. You can break down and weep thankfully, okay?


It's not common to receive something one-sided from a goddess. It's true.
So this is where you say those words.
"Thank you very much""-
...I am not feeling it! Not enough gratitude!
You're insincere!
Wait, I'm sure you were sincere, but more!
Show me more love and faith!
Humans need water and air, right?
It's the same as that. Respect me more.
You don't know about faith, but you said it with plenty of love? Y-You don't have to declare yourself again.
What?! What is it?! UGGH, where are Medusa and Asterios, anyway?


Portrait CE 0124.png
Icon CE 0124.png Apple Arrow Edit Card

Master? I made some chocolate.
Making an apple myself feels somewhat strange.
Take it. It's my thanks, and other things, for the battles, we've fought together...
Shut up, if you don't want it, I'll take it away.
If you do want it, run and catch me.


Portrait CE 0123.png
Icon CE 0123.png Breeze of May Edit Card

Nero Bride gets embarassing when it's formal like this.
Me aside, (Your Name)'s gaze is at fault here.
...Those eyes are so serious, I can't look at them
directly... Don't you know that'll make me fall for you all
over again?
I'm not a cheap emperor like that, you know?
...Umu, but I shall forgive you.
My contractor, my love, my sword-bearer.
I must display my love for you here.
Come—— Accept this!
Everything that made Rome is contained in this heavenly
fruit. One's destiny becomes rosy with this supreme


Portrait CE 0122.png
Icon CE 0122.png Strawberry Thunder Crunch Edit Card

Huh, chocolate?
...Ummm, I think you did say something like that.
Do you want some? But, I haven't made it, you know.
Oh, right!
Here, I took a bite but you can have it.
Well, sorry about that, Master!


Portrait CE 0121.png
Icon CE 0121.png Yatsuhashi Chocolate Edit Card

Okita Souji
Oh, I was looking for you, Master! I have prepared
“chocolate” for this rumored “Valentine” for you!
How is it? Looks good, doesn't it? That mountain-like
pattern is excellent too, wouldn't you say?
Huh? Valentine's is the day to convey your feelings to
the person on your mind? Does “on your mind” mean
that you like or hate them?
Oof! P-Pardon me.
I got surprised and just...
You're probably troubled by my love
for you, Master... I'll just go back to bed now...
Huh? Let's have chocolate together on the deck? You
and me?
Of course! If you're happy with me!
I will go anywhere you go, Master!


Portrait CE 0120.png
Icon CE 0120.png Victory Rose Edit Card

Oh, (Your Name).
Have you enjoyed the event so far?
Of course, it's important to save the world but it will suffocate you if you do it all the time. You have to relax sometimes.
By the way, did you receive chocolate from the girl you love?
Not yet, you say!? Really!?
I wonder why? ... Did you go up to her? Did you show her with your attitude that you wanted her chocolate?
It may not be the way to do it now but, in my days, you would say those things out loud-
...Huh? Want a chocolate from me?
Er? Huh? I-Is that right? Ahh... That's a problem...
I might not have expected that.
Hmmm, I don't mind. I'm happy. I always welcome you telling me that you love me.
But, this is a problem...
Aside from the chocolate for my daughters and my husband, I've only made a large ""friendship chocolate"" for a group of men.
This is chocolate, but it's a whole cake with volume!
I guess I can't give you this whole thing, can I-
I-Is that all right? Even a whole chocolate cake?
All right, then. You can have it. A reward from me to you, who's always working so hard!

--Get Chocolate--


Portrait CE 0119.png
Icon CE 0119.png Maxim de Chevalier Edit Card

Ahh, Master. Here you are.
Great. You were easier to find than I thought
I guess this is destiny?
Hehe. I don't usually think about that.
I may have been a bit nervous
since I did something I'm not used to doing.
Hmm. That's it.
Huh? What was I talking about?
Well, it's...
How do I put it? Well...
I get nervous when it comes down to doing it...
Huh? Huh? You're saying I don't need to say something
that's hard to say?
That's true... That's right but...
Hmm... Thank you, Master.
...Well, I have to say it even if it's hard to say.
That's why I made it and looked for you.
—Le Chevalier d'Eon is here! For you, who not only
saved the French royalty but the world as well!
A present! For you!
...Good. I finally said it. Right.
I brought a Valentine's present for you.
I didn't think it would be anything. Oh my. This is a lot
more embarrassing than I thought.


Portrait CE 0118.png
Icon CE 0118.png Enrober Photon Edit Card

I have something I need to tell you.
This kind of action appears to be difficult for me.
A weapon of destruction. A slaughtering device. Anything
that touches this hand will simply wither away...
...That's what I thought...
...This is what happened.
It was supposed to be a chocolate.
Boudica and Martha taught me about
the meaning of cuisine and cooking.
Antoinette also...
told me that sweetness can soothe people...
...But, this is how it turned out.
Anything that touches my hands breaks. It has to—
A tricolor light of the god of war, ending up like that...
It caught me completely off guard.
But, do not worry. Hmm. If you peel off the exterior, it
probably won't be a problem.
Chocolate is good civilization.
It remains without breaking, even when I touch it.
I would like you to try it.
“Feelings can't be broken” ...These are good words.


Portrait CE 0117.png
Icon CE 0117.png The Emperor Edit Card

Umu, it's Valentine's!
I don't know which festival this is but
it's great to see everyone happy!
You pour your feelings into chocolate and express your
gratitude! Trust and love, right?
If so, that is my forte as well.
...Actually, I'd like to receive them, but that's all right.
I shall conduct myself as a maiden instead of the
emperor just for today.
My contractor, my beautiful Master.
I can express only some of my feelings, but I will bestow
this to you! Respectfully accept it!


Portrait CE 0116.png
Icon CE 0116.png Ranch Chocolate Edit Card

Master, today's Valentine's Day!
Please accept this!

--Get Chocolate--

I was wondering if a fulfilling cake would be better than a chocolate, but in the end I've decided to take the classic route.
I failed and tried again many times, so I can guarantee that this really tastes like chocolate!
It's handmade, of course. Why do you ask?
Ah... You didn't think I knew how to cook?
Well, that's because...
Lady Medea taught me everything I needed to know...
I guess you can say it's an extension of my training...
Well, all's well that ends well!
I look forward to working with you, Master!


Portrait CE 0115.png
Icon CE 0115.png Crown Saber Morgan Edit Card

Saber Alter
Hmm. What do you want, (Your Name)?
As you can see, I am taking a walk after my meal.
I kind of ate too many calories, and since there's no one
for me to use my sword on, I am taking a walk.
...Dammit, just how dim-witted can you be!?
FINE! I know this is very sudden,
but do you like leftovers (Your Name)?
You like them? Good, then take these!
Although it's wasted on you!
--Gives Chocolate--
Even for someone like me, l am done after eating 10
boxes of these chocolates.
But as king, I can't waste any military supplies. You need
to eat every last bite, since you're my contractor.
Farewell, then! Erase this from your memory after
finishing the chocolate!


Portrait CE 0114.png
Icon CE 0114.png Crown Saber Edit Card

I know about Valentine's events.
You can't separate politics from festivities.
However, don't forget Humanity is about to be incinerated. Make sure you have fun in moderation.
You understand? Is it okay to leave it to you? You can react to any event immediately?
Wonderful, (Player's Name).
It appears that I didn't need to remind you, right?
Well... Ahem.
I would like to give you a reward.
I have prepared the highest-quality items that I could, so I'd be happy if you accepted them.


Please consider the crown a prayer for victory.
To a certain victory in your travels, and sweet fortune, Master.
はしゃぐにしても節度のある姿勢を忘れないよラに。 」
「分かっている? 任せてほしい?
どんなイベン 卜だろうとすぐに対応できる、 ですか?」
「さすがはYour Name。
私が釘を刺す必要はなかったようですね。 」
「では……こほん。 」
「そんな貴方に、 せめてもの報酬を。 」
受け取っていただければ幸いです。 」
「その王冠は勝利の祈願と思つてください。 」