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Portrait CE 0268.png
100 - 100
100 - 100

Skill Icon Crit Up.png
Effect (LB)
When equipped to Nursery Rhyme only
+ Increase your Critical Strength of all allies by 15% & Increase HP Recovery amount by 10% while on the field
Reach Bond Level 10 with
Icon Servant 074.png


English Japanese
To the dreaming you, hello.
Please look at me with childish eyes.
The whole world is uncertain,
The whole world is gentle,
Everyone is friends.
Even floating clouds are candy!
Your sparkling eyes illuminate your world, it seems.
To the dreaming you, goodbye.
Please look at me with your old eyes.
All of the world is clear,
All of the world is cruel,
Everyone in the world are worn-out neighbors.
Even candy is just dirty smog!
Your eyes soil the shining world, it seems.
Wonderland is a fairytale country.
Rhyme’s sound is the dream of the cradle.
It’s value isn’t even a single shilling.
The warranty period is less than ten years.
At anyrate, that sweet memory will disappear.
But it is a necessary sweet pain.
Even if the contents of the book are forgotten,
Don’t forget that bookmark is sandwiched in a dream.
Nursery Rhyme


This Craft Essence features the following character(s): Nursery Rhyme

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