Writer's High

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Writer's High
Portrait CE 0870.png
0 - 0
300 - 1500
Release Date (JP)
Release Date (EN)
Skill Icon NP Generation.png
Effect (LB)
Increase NP Gain by 5% (10%)
Increase NP Strength by 5% (10%)


English Japanese
"A new issue? I don't believe it, but looks like we managed to make it in time! I don't know how many we made, but go ahead and take whatever catches your eye! Price? We can't possibly put a price on them. Why don't you use that head of yours and a bit of common sense as a reader to decide!? But that aside, we'll charge at least 100BB Bucks to cover the printing cost."

A money jar sits on the table next to the anguished writer of children's stories and the dozing playwright. It appears that it's been left to your discretion and courage to determine the price you'll pay. Hold on a minute, is every book on this table different!?

"Hm? Aren't we going to change into swimsuit, you ask? Idiot, if I go into the ocean, I'm sure to get dragged underwater by a mermaid!"

「新刊? 信じられんが間に合ったようだ!

 何冊書いたか分からんからな、  目についた適当なものを持っていけ!  代金? そんなものは俺たちがつけられるか。  本読みとしての貴様の良識に聞くがいい!  まあ、それはそれとして印刷代として、  最低100BB$はもらっておくが」

やけっぱちに笑う童話作家と、 やりきった顔で居眠りする劇作家のテーブルには 投げ銭入れの箱が置かれていた。 お代はアナタの度胸次第というコトらしい。 それはそれとして、この作家たち、もしかして 一冊一冊違う本を書いていらっしゃる……?

「ん? 水着に着替えないのかだと?  バカめ、オレが海になんぞ入ってみろ、  人魚に引き込まれるのがオチに決まっているだろ  う!」


This Craft Essence features the following character(s): Hans Christian Andersen, William Shakespeare and Edward Teach

Event Bonus

This CE increases Drops during Servant Summer Festival: Icon Item Gil$ Bill.png by 1 (MLB: 2)

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