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Pages with story transcripts. Recent Changes

Adding Stories

Your help is needed to add Event/Main Quest/Trial Quest/Interlude stories to the wiki. Basically it involves screenshotting scenario logs. Please submit any directly to User talk:Toriayl or on Discord at #editors. Help Needed For:

  • Mass screenshots of the log (refer to examples below) (EN and JP)
    • It has to be the log. There is the option of linking out to an album containing screenshots of every screen, but this is additional and I cannot use the recognition program for non-log screenshots.
    • If you can't be bothered to go through the branches, one branch is fine too; screenshot the screen with the two/more branches, then continue on with the log screenshots. Alternatively, if you would like to discover all the branches, screenshotting just the difference in text (approximately) would be appreciated.
  • Adding/screenshotting alternate conversation options because going through scenarios more than once is painful.
  • OCR and clean up OCR output
  • Check any existing stories.
  • Combined into pdf would be nice but please do not stretch files to fit the page. Individual images in a single imgur gallery or compressed file are fine too, they can be merged.
  • If you have a good program for OCRing Japanese text (multiple files at once, or one long file up to ~10000px high) and would like to help (or it's free and I can get it too), please let me know!

Examples below:

If you would like to translate stories from JP -> EN, please let someone know via the above channels as well.

OCR Instructions

1. Use Pixilion Converter or any other program to combine images into a pdf. Do not stretch the image, it interferes with OCR.
2. Use FreeOCR. Press on the red x to clear the output box, then click on OCR>OCR All Pages
3. Click on the Copy all Text to Clipboard button (fourth from top) and paste into Notepad or equivalent.
4. I use Notepad++. Remove extra blank lines by replacing (Regular Expressions box is checked)^(?:[\t ]*(?:\r?\n|\r))+ with blank/nothing. Replace <your name> with \(Your Name\)
5. Check the script for OCR typos (correct them), actual typos/grammatical errors (if obvious error, correct them, then comment what the old one was, e.g. "stable ").

  • Dashes and other special characters generally can't be read by OCR. Use — or multiple em dashes (— — — ) for dashes, ★ for star, and copy paste any other symbols.

6. While in the process, add the entries for selection branches because red text doesn't get detected by the OCR program.

  • Single branches can use

This is Master text.

  • Multiple branches should use {{Storyselect|First choice (needed)|First result|Second Choice (Optional)|Second Result (Optional)}} [[1]]
  • Where unsure about extra choices or where you've only done one option, just comment or something similar.

7. Almost done! While still in Notepad++, replace $ with
so every line now ends with
(line break)
8. Click Edit Source on page and copy in.