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Welcome to the English Fate Grand Order Wiki! We are an independent wiki run by fans for the fans of FGO! This page was created in order to provide editors with clear guidelines and standards when editing. Following these guidelines will help us maintain the quality standards of this wiki.

How to Contribute

Interested in helping out? To start editing, simply create an account and you're ready to go! This wiki is open for anyone to edit, so feel free to contribute wherever you'd like.

To help facilitate communication and coordination, there is a Wiki Discord server available here that anyone can join!

Not sure what to do? Check out our current To-do List to see what needs to be done!

Editing Guidelines

  • This wiki follows both the North American and Japanese versions of the game.
    • JP-only content should be marked as such so that viewers are aware.
  • Keep the content of the wiki based on facts and official game data. Data-mined information is allowed. Rumors are not, unless officially confirmed.
  • Keep the content of the wiki friendly to players of all ages.
  • Do not post any personally identifying information.
  • Do not post any illegal content.


We are currently seeking additional staff members to help lead this wiki! In particular, we are looking for those with prior wiki editing experience.

We are also in need of dataminers who can extract assets from the game.

Current staff can be contacted either through the Discord server or on their talk pages.

Page Guidelines

Images and pages are often subject to strict naming conventions so they can be easily found, edited, linked to, and cleaned up as required.

If in doubt, please feel free to ask, either on the Discord (#editor-chat) or on the talk page of any frequent editor.

Page Names

Do not use

  • Square brackets ([ ]) are not allowed in page names since they make linking the page impossible. Use quotes (e.g. "Heaven's Feel") or round brackets ( ) instead.


  • Forward slashes (/) are technically allowed in page names but discouraged because "/" is not allowed in file/image names. Avoid where possible. If event names with forward slashes must be made, the Event template should cater for them automatically without {{{name}}} having to be defined.
  • Colon (:) should be avoided because it is used by Mediawiki to denote namespaces. (e.g. Template:Article, Mediawiki:Article, Form:Article)


Naming Events: Events should be named according to the headline text on the news site (especially if it says 'Campaign' in it) or the larger text in the middle of the banner, and following the EN translation if a similar event has appeared, as far as possible. (e.g. 800th Day Celebration Campaign instead of 800 Days Anniversary. Redirects for recurring seasonal events (e.g. Halloween 2016 to Extremely Large Pumpkin Village) may exist.

Reruns: Reruns should be distinguished from original events with (Rerun) after the original name. (e.g. Extremely Large Pumpkin Village (Rerun)) Where possible (if they are exactly the same), the original quest pages from the old event should be used.

Banner Image Naming: Either name your event banners in this format, or click on the red link after you create the page to upload the banner to the right name: Event -event name- -EN or JP-.png, e.g. File:Event 800th Day Celebration Campaign JP.png If done correctly, it does not need to be stated in the template and will appear automatically.

Template:Event for more information on possible parameters and Event Types.


  • Editors can use Form:Item to create or edit Items.
  • Icons (borderless for ascension materials preferred, bordered for event materials preferred) should preferably be the highest quality that can be found, in .png format, and and ideally 128x128px (square).

--> They should be named Icon Item <name of item>.png, e.g. File:Icon Item Phoenix Feather.png

  • Item images can be displayed with Template:I even if they have no existing pages, as if often the case with event dropped items. However, the link will be broken. Editors may either substitute in the template ({{subst:I|name of item}} and manually remove the links, or use the direct [[File:]] syntax instead.


  • Editors should use Form:Quest to create or edit Quests. If you prefer to use Source, Quests usually comprise of three templates: Template:Questheader, Template:QuestPartSection (multiple times for how many sections or arrows the quest has, contains Template:Enemy or Template:Enemy or Template:BarEnemy), and Template:Questfooter. Please remember to file the quest page under <noinclude>[[Category:Quests]]</noinclude>.
  • If making quests directly on large pages (e.g. an event's Main Quest page), consider using Template:Equestheader so that dead links on the quest header will not show.
  • Quest pages must be named as below; any other name will break the Edit link.

-->(Non-event) Quests/Location/-quest type- Quests/-name of quest- e.g. Quests/Okeanos/Interlude Quests/A Man's Battle‎‎

-->(Event) -event name-/-name of quest- e.g. Extremely Large Pumpkin Village/STAGE 1 - Graveyard of Departure - Advanced

  • Event quests should have a Type of Event Free or Event Main, not Free or Main.
  • Name of quest on the form/template parameter must be the same as the base URL of the page. E.g. Extremely Large Pumpkin Village/STAGE 1 - Graveyard of Departure - Advanced should have a name of STAGE 1 - Graveyard of Departure - Advanced, NOT Graveyard - Advanced or any other variation. Any other name will break the link to the quest page.
  • Similar to Active Skills, very quest page MUST be filed under Category:Quest but only on its own page! This is so that index or servant pages where they are included do not (incorrectly) also get filed under Category:Quest.

--> This should be done with <noinclude>[[Category:Quests]]</noinclude> on the page. If you are using the Form, it will prompt you to do this on Free Text, just remember to add the brackets around the noincludes.

Additional Information

Comments, Talk Pages, and Discussion Pages

Talk pages should be used to facilitate discussion between editors. Please make sure to sign all comments made on talk and discussion pages, which can be done by typing four tildes ( ~~~~ ). This will automatically include the timestamp and username (or IP address) on the page.


Only upload high-quality images.

  • Try to use datamined images as much as possible as they will be of the highest quality. Screenshots are allowed if no better alternative can be found.

Whenever possible, upload images as .PNG files: .PNG files compress better than GIF files, and support transparency. If a file is too large, it may be uploaded as a .JPG / .JPEG file.


Templates exist to minimize the copy-pasting of code. When creating a template, consider:

  • Is it easy to understand?
    • Will other editors be able to understand your template(s) and its variable(s)? Do you understand it?!
  • How useful is the template you're making?
    • Is your template ever going to be used in more than one location? If not, consider utilizing subpages and transclusion instead.

If you're unsure about something in regards to your template, feel free ask other editors!

Also, please remember to add [[Category:Templates]] somewhere in your template.