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{{Dialogue|The Holy Grail|Holy Grail... Holy Grail, huh?<br>I'll have it make the world nice and cold!|「せいはい……せいはいかー……このせかいをもっと、すずしくしてほしいってことで」|The Holy Grail….The Holy Grail, is it…...I’ll go with making the world a cooler place.}}
{{Dialogue|The Holy Grail|Holy Grail... Holy Grail, huh?<br>I'll have it make the world nice and cold!|「せいはい……せいはいかー……このせかいをもっと、すずしくしてほしいってことで」|The Holy Grail….The Holy Grail, is it…...I’ll go with making the world a cooler place.}}
{{Dialogue|Event|It's an event. Wanna spin around?|「いべんとだね。ぐるぐるまわる?」|It’s an event. Want to look around?}}
{{Dialogue|Event|It's an event. Wanna spin around?|「いべんとだね。ぐるぐるまわる?」|It’s an event. Want to look around?}}
{{Dialogue|Birthday|Not yet released.|「ぱんぱかぱーん、おたんじょうび、おめでとう! かみなりでもだそうか?」|Panpakapan! Happy birthday! Should I make some thunder?}}
{{Dialogue|Birthday|Ta-da! Happy birthday!<br>Want me to shoot some lightning?|「ぱんぱかぱーん、おたんじょうび、おめでとう! かみなりでもだそうか?」|Panpakapan! Happy birthday! Should I make some thunder?}}

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Voice Line English Japanese Fan Translation Sound Clip
Saber-class Servant! Frankenstein's Monster.
It's summer, and now I'm not so harsh! Let's get along, 'kay?
「さーばんと、せいばー! ふらんけんしゅたいんのかいぶつ。なつなので、くちょうもかるめ。よろよろー」 Servant, Saber! Frankenstein’s Monster. It’s summer so my tone will be light, howdy howdy~
Level Up
Level up... Ugh, it's so hot. Transform! It’s hot so I took off my parka. But it’s still ho~ot. Level uuuuup. ….Haa, it’s hot, it’s hot. File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Level Up.mp3
Ascension 1
I took of my beach cover-up 'cause it's hot.
But it's still too hooot...
「へんしん! あついのでぱーかーをはずしました。でも、まだあつ~い」 Transform! It’s hot so I took off my parka. But it’s still ho~ot. File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Ascension 1.mp3
Ascension 2
No real change. Please keep the embers coming. 「とくにかわりなし。どんどんたねびください」 No changes in particular. Quickly, please give me Embers. File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Ascension 2.mp3
Ascension 3
I'm starting to think of just wearing bandages.
No? I can't?
Well, I'm gonna do it anyway.
'Cause I'm a rebel!
「もうほうたいだけでいいんじゃないかな~って。だめ? だめなの? でもやる。わたしははんこーきなのです」 Isn’t it fine if I just wear bandages~. No? I can’t? I’ll do it still. I’m in my rebellious phase~ File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Ascension 3.mp3
Ascension 4
Perfect! Yes, Master.
Stay by my side forever...so you can keep waving a fan and cool me down! Thanks!
「ぱーふぇくとぉ! いえす、ますたー。いつまでもわたしのそばでうちわをぱっさぱっさ、よろしくです」 Perfect! Yes, Master. I’ll count on you to always be by my side, making the uchiwa go flap flap. File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Ascension 4.mp3
Battle Lines
Battle Start 1
It's hooot, so let's finish this quickly. 「あついからさっさとしまつしよー」 It's hot so let's finish this quickly~ File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Battle Start 1.mp3
Battle Start 2
I'll kill them all! ...Oh wait, no, that's no good...
Discretion... be discreet...
「ぶっころす!! ……はっ! いけないいけない。ていしゅくに、ていしゅくに」 I'LL KILL YOU!!.....Oh! I can’t do that , I can’t do that. Be modest, modest. File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Battle Start 2.mp3
Skill 1
This way! 「こっちー!」 Here! File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Skill 1.mp3
Skill 2
Which way? 「どっちー?」 Where? File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Skill 2.mp3
Command Card 1
Te-yah! 「てりゃー」 Terya~ File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Command Card 1.mp3
Command Card 2
To-yah! 「とりゃー」 Torya~ File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Command Card 2.mp3
Command Card 3
Ta-yah! 「たりゃー」 Tarya~ File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Command Card 3.mp3
Noble Phantasm Card
Not yet released. 「らいとにんぐ、れでぃ?」 Lightning, Ready? File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Noble Phantasm Card.mp3
Attack 1
Hi-yah! 「ていっ」 Tei! File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Attack 1.mp3
Attack 2
Saaa-ber! 「せいばー!」 Saber! File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Attack 2.mp3
Attack 3
Attaaack! 「あたーっく」 Attaaack! File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Attack 3.mp3
Extra Attack
This'll be a big hit! 「でかいの、いくよ!」 Here goes the big one! File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Extra Attack.mp3
Noble Phantasm Not yet released 「ちゃーじこんぷりーと! でんげきひっちゅう、びりびりのどっかんかん! 『串刺の雷刃スキュアド・プラズマブレイド』! あついの、とんでけーーー!!」 Charge complete! Shocking strike, BZZ BOOM. Skewered Plasma Blade! Hot thing, go away!
Damage 1
It's soooo hooottt! 「あっつーーーーいぃ!」 Hoooooooot! File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Damage 1.mp3
Damage 2
Ow! 「はぅっ!」 Ha! File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Damage 2.mp3
Incapacitated 1
I knew summer was the worst... ungh! (Flop) 「やっぱり、なつは、だめだ……きゅぅ~」 As I thought, I can't handle, summer......Kyuuu File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Incapacitated 1.mp3
Incapacitated 2
Ungh. I'm all out of whack... 「うーー……ちょうしが、わるい……」 Uuughh....I feel, bad..... File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Incapacitated 2.mp3
Victory 1
We win! Can I have some ice as a reward? 「かったー! ごほうびに、こおりください!」 I won! Please give me some ice as a reward! File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Victory 1.mp3
Victory 2
It's hot, I don't wanna move... I hate summer... 「あついしだるいし……なつは、やだなぁ。もう……」 I feel hot and sluggish....I don't like, summer. Jeez.... File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Victory 2.mp3
My Room Dialogue
Bond Level 1
It's hot. Hooottt. Everything's a paaain... 「あついー……あついー……だるいー……」 Hot…..Hot…...Sluggish…... File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Bond Level 1.mp3
Bond Level 2
Hmm. How long does summer last?
Is it over yet?
「う~ん、なつはいつまでつづくのだろう。もうおわった?」 Hmm, how long is summer going to last I wonder. Is it already over? File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Bond Level 2.mp3
Bond Level 3
Ahhh, it's nice and cool.
Master, the AC in your room really does its job!
「うぅ~すずしいすずしい! ますたーのへやは、えあこんきいてる~!」 Ooo, cool, cool! The AC works well in Master’s room~! File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Bond Level 3.mp3
Bond Level 4
Master, Master! Where're you going?
I'm coming with you!
「ますたー、ますたー。どこいくの? わたしも、ついていくからねぇ」 Master, Master. Where are you going? l’ll be coming with you. File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Bond Level 4.mp3
Bond Level 5
Master! Stay by my side, no matter when, no matter where, forever and ever and ever!
Oh, and let me use your AC, 'kay? Tee hee.
「ますたー、いついつまでも、どこどこまでも、いっしょにいてね。あと、えあこんつかわせてね。えへへ」 Master, stay with me forever and ever, wherever and anywhere. Also, let me use the AC. Ehehe. File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Bond Level 5.mp3
Conversation 1
If you drag your feet, you'll get left behind. 「もたもたしていると、おいていかれるよ?」 If you dawdle, I’ll leave you behind~ File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Conversation 1.mp3
Conversation 2
Master, fan me! Pleeease! 「ますたー、うちわであおいでくださーい」 Master, fan me with the uchiwa pleeease File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Conversation 2.mp3
Conversation 3
Master will always be Master,
I'll always be myself.
Papa will always be Papa.
And Babbage is a locomotive engine!
「ますたーはますたー。わたしはわたし。ぱぱはぱぱ。ばべっじはきかんしゃ」 Master is Master. I am me. Papa is Papa. Babbage is a locomotive. File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Conversation 3.mp3
Conversation 4
Requires James Moriarty
Not yet released. 「あ、ぱぱだ。またわるだくみちゅう? まったく、いいおとながはずかしくないの? ……はずかしくないのか。そっかー」 Oh, it’s Papa. Are you in the middle of doing something bad again? Seriously, isn’t it shameful for a good adult….Oh, so it isn’t shameful. I see. File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Conversation 4.mp3
Conversation 5
Requires Charles Babbage
Mister Babbage! Tell me more about steam engines again! 'Cause it really doesn't matter to me whether it's AC, DC, or steam! 「ばべっじせんせい、また、じょうききかんのことおしえてね。ふらんてきに、ちょくりゅうとか、こうりゅうとか、じょうきとか、こだわり、とくにないし」 Mr. Babbage, please tell me about steam engines again. Fran doesn't particularly mind whether it's about Direct Current, or Alternating Current, or steam. File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Conversation 5.mp3
Conversation 6
Requires Frankenstein
I can talk easily because I turned into a Saber. It's harder to do as a Berserker.
But you know, the best Master and Servant relationship is one where they can communicate even without having to speak.
「せいばーになったのですらすらしゃべるけど、ばーさーかーだと、やっぱりむりっぽーい……そもそも、むりしてしゃべらなくても、ぴかーんとつうじあうのが、いいますたーと、さーう゛ぁんとだもんね」 I can talk easily now since I became a Saber but it seems like it’s too hard as a Berserker after all….In the first place, I think being able to understand each other in a flash is what makes a good Master and Servant, even without having to push yourself to speak. File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Conversation 6.mp3
What I love? Things that keep me cool! 「すきなものは、すずしいことー!」 What I like is being cool!
I hate hot things! 「きらいなものは、あついことー!」 What I dislike is being hot!
The Holy Grail
Holy Grail... Holy Grail, huh?
I'll have it make the world nice and cold!
「せいはい……せいはいかー……このせかいをもっと、すずしくしてほしいってことで」 The Holy Grail….The Holy Grail, is it…...I’ll go with making the world a cooler place. File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice The Holy Grail.mp3
It's an event. Wanna spin around? 「いべんとだね。ぐるぐるまわる?」 It’s an event. Want to look around? File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Event.mp3
Ta-da! Happy birthday!
Want me to shoot some lightning?
「ぱんぱかぱーん、おたんじょうび、おめでとう! かみなりでもだそうか?」 Panpakapan! Happy birthday! Should I make some thunder? File:Frankenstein (Saber) Voice Birthday.mp3

Event Dialogue - Dead Summer Heat Race!

Voice Line Official English Japanese Fan Translation Sound Clip
Dialogue 1 Not yet released フラン「どうだ!」
Dialogue 2 Not yet released フラン「でっぱつしんこー!」
Dialogue 3 Not yet released フラン「らいとにんぐ! ふはははははははは」
Dialogue 4 Not yet released M「脱獄仕事なら任せたまえ。いや、一度も捕まったことはないんだがね」
Dialogue 5 Not yet released M「よーし、トンネルにはディック、ハリー、トムと名付けるとするか」
Dialogue 6 Not yet released M「必要な物はスプーン、接着剤、それからロックハンマーだ……。いやぁ……脱獄作業は楽しいものだネェ」
Dialogue 7 Not yet released フラン「だいしょうり!」
Dialogue 8 Not yet released フラン「かった! さいんはぶい!」
Dialogue 9 Not yet released M「よし! 完璧なる勝利だ。ああ、大儲け大儲け!」
フラン「おかねもうけはいいことだよ? とーぼーするためのしきんとか、あればあるほどいいしね」
Dialogue 10 Not yet released. M「下水管を通って這いずり回るのは我々ヴィランにとってのロマンだネー」
Dialogue 11 Not yet released. M「そこで私はこう言ってやったのサ。見ろよあの肉体を! まるで鋼のようだぜ! ってね」
M「よく言うだろう? 続きは劇場版で! ……とね」
フラン「うー! しごとしろふたりともー!」
Dialogue 12 Not yet released. M「ぐっ! 腰! 腰がぁ! 奇妙な音を立てたァ! フランちゃん! ちょっと! 整体よろしく!」
Dialogue 13 Not yet released. M「大勝利だ優勝だ超リッチだイヤッホー!」