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|jpduration=2020 01-01 0:00~01-15 12:59 JST
|jpduration=2020 01-01 0:00~01-15 12:59 JST
|rateup=Yang Guifei; Ryougi Shiki (Saber); Qin Shi Huang; Gilgamesh; Scathach; BB (Summer); Kiara;
|rateup=Yang Guifei; Ryougi Shiki (Saber); Qin Shi Huang; Gilgamesh; Scathach; BB (Summer); Kiara
|schedule=<table class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed wikitable">
|schedule=<table class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed wikitable">
<tr><td>Pickup Duration</td><td>Servants and CEs</td></tr>
<tr><td>Pickup Duration</td><td>Servants and CEs</td></tr>

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Event Happy New Year 2020 JP.png

Event Title:
Jp flag.png Event Duration (JP):15:00 UTC, December 31, 201900:00 JST, January 1, 2020 - 03:59 UTC, January 10, 202012:59 JST, January 10, 2020 (Site)
Displayed time is based on your local machine's time.
A campaign celebrating New Year 2020 (JP).

/ /

New Year's Master Missions

Clear Missions Between: 15:00 UTC, December 31, 201900:00 JST, January 1, 202003:59 UTC, January 10, 202012:59 JST, January 10, 2020

Accept Rewards Between:

Mission Name Mission Reward Clear by Doing (Singularity: Location (AP))
Defeat 10 Small Servants (Height <150cm) London: White Chapel ホワイトチャペル (15AP)
Okeanos: Archipelago 群島 (15AP)
Form a party with at least one Lawful servant, and complete 3 quests.
Defeat 3 Japanese or Human enemies. Fuyuki: X-F 未確認座標X-F (6AP)
Chaldea Gate: Wednesday (10AP [1], 20AP [0-1], 30AP [1-2])
Collect 1 Red item as drop - Red Skill Gems, Evil Bone Chaldea Gate: Training Grounds Quests (20AP)
Collect 1 White item as drop - Pieces, Dragon Fang Chaldea Gate: Training Grounds Quests (20AP)
Collect 1 Round item as drop Chaldea Gate: Training Grounds Quests
Complete 3 quests in a Mountain location. Septem: Mt. Etna エトナ火山 (9AP)
E Pluribus Unum: Black Hills ブラックヒルズ (17AP)
Babylonia: 東の村 (19AP)
Babylonia: Mount Ebih エビフ山 (20AP)
Defeat 3 servant with Luck A+ Orleans: Jura ジュラ (7AP)
Complete all quests
  • Please note that the mission clearing period and the receiving period are different.
  • The timeframe is different from the regular Weekly Master Missions updated every Monday at 0:00 JST, so please be aware that you will not be able to receive the reward for these master missions after a certain date.
  • Clearing these New Year's Master Missions does not count as progress towards Master Missions (Weekly).
  • You may not be able to complete these missions if you have not advanced far enough in the Main Quest.

Summoning Campaign

Summon Happy New Year 2020 JP.png
2020 01-01 0:00~01-15 12:59 JST


Icon Star.png 5★ ForeignerMAX ATK 12,342 MAX HP 13,365
Icon Star.png 5★ SaberMAX ATK 10,721 MAX HP 15,453
5★ RulerMAX ATK 9,977 MAX HP 15,828
Icon Star.png 5★ ArcherMAX ATK 12,280 MAX HP 13,097
Icon Star.png 5★ LancerMAX ATK 11,375 MAX HP 14,825
Icon Star.png 5★ Moon CancerMAX ATK 11,182 MAX HP 14,812
Icon Star.png 5★ Alter-EgoMAX ATK 11,668 MAX HP 14,606
Pickup DurationServants and CEs
1-1 0:00~23:59
Icon Servant 275.png
1-2 0:00~23:59
Icon Servant 091.png
1-3 0:00~23:59
Icon Servant 229.png
1-4 0:00~23:59
Icon Servant 012.png
1-5 0:00~23:59
Icon Servant 070.png
1-6 0:00~23:59
Icon Servant 220.png
1-7 0:00~23:59
Icon Servant 167.png
1-8 0:00~23:59
Icon Servant 275.png
1-9 0:00~23:59
Icon Servant 091.png
1-10 0:00~23:59
Icon Servant 229.png
1-11 0:00~23:59
Icon Servant 012.png
1-12 0:00~23:59
Icon Servant 070.png
1-13 0:00~23:59
Icon Servant 220.png
1-14 0:00~23:59
Icon Servant 167.png
1-15 0:00~23:59
Icon Servant 275.png