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Welcome to the Fate/Grand Order Wiki, a resource compendium created and maintained by the community for Fate/Grand Order. Help wanted!

Current Events (EN) Current Events (JP)

Event Little Big Tengu EN.png
Little Big Tengu - 03:59 UTC, February 3, 2023


Rate Up Servants (EN) Rate Up Servants (JP)

Farewell to Kamakura Pickup Summon

Icon Servant 303.png
Icon Servant 099.png
Icon Servant 098.png
Icon Servant 027.png
Newest Servants (EN) Newest Servants (JP)
Icon Servant 303.png

Newest Craft Essences/Command Codes (EN) Newest Craft Essences/Command Codes (JP)
Icon CE 1345.png
Icon CE 1346.png
Icon CE 1344.png
Icon CE 1343.png
Icon CE 1341.png
Icon CE 1342.png

Icon CC 0084.png
Icon CC 0082.png
Icon CC 0083.png

Chaldea Gate
Us flag.png
23:59 UTC, February 3, 2023
PDT  Jp flag.png
15:00 UTC, February 3, 2023
Today: (Fri) SaberRiderBerserker EXP ☀ Caster Items ☀
Icon Item QP.png

Tomorrow: (Sat) ArcherCasterBerserker EXP ☀ Assassin Items ☀
Icon Item QP.png

Us flag.png Master Missions (EN) (Edit)
Week of 22/01/22 ~ 28/01/22
1. Complete all of this week's Master Missions
2. Defeat 15 SaberArcherLancer enemies (excluding Servants and certain bosses)
3. Defeat 15 RiderCasterAssassinBerserker enemies (excluding Servants and certain bosses)
4. Obtain 50
Icon Item Mischievous Senbei.png
Mischievous Senbei as battle drops
5. Obtain 50
Icon Item Mountain Priest Dumplings.png
Mountain Priest Dumplings as battle drops
6. Obtain 50
Icon Item Battle Monaka.png
Battle Monaka as battle drops
7. Put one or more Assassin Servants in your Party and complete any quests(s) 5 times
Guide to Complete

Participate in the Little Big Tengu event.

Jp flag.png Master Missions (JP) (Edit)
Week of ~
7. Complete all other Master Missions this week.
Guide to Complete