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Welcome to the Fate/Grand Order Wiki, a resource compendium created and maintained by the community for Fate/Grand Order. Help wanted!

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Current Events (EN) Current Events (JP)

Event Fate EXTRA CCC×Fate Grand Order Pre-Event Campaign EN.png
Fate/EXTRA CCC×Fate/Grand Order Pre-Event Campaign - 03:59 UTC, May 8, 2019

Event GUDAGUDA Mystery of the Imperial Capital's Holy Grail (Rerun) JP.png
GUDAGUDA Mystery of the Imperial Capital's Holy Grail (Rerun) - 03:59 UTC, April 26, 2019

Rate Up Servants (EN) Rate Up Servants (JP)
Round Table:
Icon Servant 002.png
Icon Servant 119.png
Icon Servant 076.png
Icon Servant 003.png
Icon Servant 078.png
Icon Servant 048.png
Icon Servant 121.png
Icon Servant 123.png
Icon Servant 122.png
Icon Servant 195.png
Icon Servant 192.png
Icon Servant 193.png
Icon Servant 013.png
Newest Servants (EN)
Icon Servant 139.png
Icon Servant 138.png
Icon Servant 140.png

Icon CE 0393.png
Icon CE 0398.png
Icon CE 0397.png
Newest Servants (JP)
Icon Servant 225.png
Icon Servant 224.png

Icon CE 0909.png
Icon CE 0908.png
Newest Craft Essences (EN)
Icon CE 0346.png
Icon CE 0344.png
Icon CE 0347.png
Icon CE 0349.png
Icon CE 0345.png
Icon CE 0348.png
Newest Craft Essences/Command Codes (JP)
Icon CE 0910.png

Icon CC 0021.png
Chaldea Gate
Us flag.png
23:59 UTC, April 20, 2019
PST  Jp flag.png
15:00 UTC, April 20, 2019
Today: (Sat) ArcherCasterBerserker EXP ☀ Assassin Items ☀
Icon Item QP.png

Tomorrow: (Sun) Servants EXP ☀ Saber Items ☀
Icon Item QP.png

This Week's Us flag.png Master Missions (EN) (Edit)
1. Defeat 3 Saber-class Servants
2. Defeat 3 Archer-class Servants
3. Defeat 3 Caster-class Servants
4. Defeat 3 Assassin-class Servants
5. Defeat 30 enemies (excluding Servants and certain bosses)
6. Defeat 15 Humanoid enemies
7. Complete all other Master Missions this week.
Guide to Complete

Servants in Quests (by Class), Humanoid

This Week's Jp flag.png Master Missions (JP) (Edit)
1. Roll the Friend Point Summon 30 times.
2. Defeat 5 Servants.
3. Defeat 10 Servants
4. Defeat 20 enemies (Servants/Bosses excluded).
5. Defeat 40 enemies (Servants/Bosses excluded).
6. Clear 5 Quests of any kind with a Berserker in your team.
7. Complete all other Master Missions this week.
Guide to Complete