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|type=Collection and Lottery Event; Seasonal; Summoning Campaign
|type=Collection and Lottery Event; Seasonal; Summoning Campaign
|StartDateJP=2018-11-30 18:00 JST
|StartDateJP=2018-11-27 18:00 JST
|fullname=Christmas 2019 - Nightingale's Christmas Carol
|fullname=Christmas 2019 - Nightingale's Christmas Carol

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Event Nightingale's Christmas Carol JP.png

Requirement: Clear Fuyuki
Event Title: Christmas 2019 - Nightingale's Christmas Carol クリスマス2019 ナイチンゲールのクリスマス・キャロル
Jp flag.png Event Duration (JP):09:00 UTC, November 27, 201818:00 JST, November 27, 2018 - ? (Site)
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Event Description
This is a Collection and Lottery (tbd) event celebrating Christmas. Collect event currency to purchase items and earn rewards in the event lottery. Reset the lottery boxes once you are done with them to get more prizes.

/ /

Event will begin at a time to be stated, before end of November 2019.

Event Servants

The below Servants deal increased damage and receive a bond point bonus when used in the event. Note that Mash Kyrielight provides a bond point bonus to all other allies in the party instead. ※ On 22 November 2019 at 18:00, the "next event target" filter was added to the servant selection and servant enhancement screens, so they can be found easily.

!Class Servants
Icon Servant 007.png
Icon Servant 254.png
Icon Servant 060.png
Icon Servant 248.png
Icon Servant 197.png
Icon Servant 011.png
Icon Servant 013.png
Icon Servant 255.png
Icon Servant 232.png
Icon Servant 141.png
Icon Servant 186.png
Icon Servant 256.png
Icon Servant 074.png
Icon Servant 258.png
Icon Servant 033.png
Icon Servant 075.png
Icon Servant 117.png
Icon Servant 259.png
Icon Servant 052.png
Icon Servant 051.png
Icon Servant 097.png
Icon Servant 202.png
Icon Servant 055.png
Icon Servant 260.png
Icon Servant 093.png
Icon Servant 233.png
Icon Servant 106.png
Icon Servant 001.png

Event Craft Essences

From Event Shop

From Event Summoning Campaign

Summoning Campaign

Event Shop

Visual Guides

Challenge Quest

  • Available for all Masters who have cleared ? (Event Main Quest) and ?.
  • Reward: