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(Upcoming Event Servant Enhancement Success Bonus)
Line 19: Line 19:
!Altrium Drop +100%
!Altrium Drop +100%
|{{Eboost|Altria Pendragon|Damage, Bond, and Item Drop|?}}
|{{Eboost|Altria Pendragon|Damage, Bond, and Item Drop|+50% and +20%|link=no}}
!+100% Damage, +50% Bond
!+100% Damage, +50% Bond
Line 25: Line 25:
!+50% Damage, +20% Bond
!+50% Damage, +20% Bond
|{{Eboost|Altera|Damage and Bond|?}}{{Eboost|Sigurd|Damage and Bond|?}}{{Eboost|Benienma|Damage and Bond|?}}{{Eboost|Gawain|Damage and Bond|?}}{{Eboost|Munenori Yagyu|Damage and Bond|?}}{{Eboost|EMIYA (Alter)|Damage and Bond|?}}{{Eboost|Billy the Kid|Damage and Bond|?}}{{Eboost|Jaguar Man|Damage and Bond|?}}{{Eboost|Anastasia|Damage and Bond|?}}{{Eboost|Xiang Yu|Damage and Bond|?}}{{Eboost|Mysterious Heroine X (Alter)|Damage and Bond|?}}{{Eboost|Tamamo Cat|Damage and Bond|?}}{{Eboost|Lancelot|Damage and Bond|?}}{{Eboost|Kingprotea|Damage and Bond|?}}{{Eboost|Mysterious Heroine XX|Damage and Bond|?}}
|{{Eboost|Altera|Damage and Bond|+50% and +20%|link=no}}{{Eboost|Sigurd|Damage and Bond|+50% and +20%|link=no}}{{Eboost|Benienma|Damage and Bond|+50% and +20%|link=no}}{{Eboost|Gawain|Damage and Bond|+50% and +20%|link=no}}{{Eboost|Munenori Yagyu|Damage and Bond|+50% and +20%|link=no}}{{Eboost|EMIYA (Alter)|Damage and Bond|+50% and +20%|link=no}}{{Eboost|Billy the Kid|Damage and Bond|+50% and +20%|link=no}}{{Eboost|Jaguar Man|Damage and Bond|+50% and +20%|link=no}}{{Eboost|Anastasia|Damage and Bond|+50% and +20%|link=no}}{{Eboost|Xiang Yu|Damage and Bond|+50% and +20%|link=no}}{{Eboost|Mysterious Heroine X (Alter)|Damage and Bond|+50% and +20%|link=no}}{{Eboost|Tamamo Cat|Damage and Bond|+50% and +20%|link=no}}{{Eboost|Lancelot|Damage and Bond|+50% and +20%|link=no}}{{Eboost|Kingprotea|Damage and Bond|+50% and +20%|link=no}}{{Eboost|Mysterious Heroine XX|Damage and Bond|+50% and +20%|link=no}}
!+30% Damage, +20% Bond
!+30% Damage, +20% Bond
|{{Eboost|Altria Pendragon (Lily)|Damage and Bond|?}}{{Eboost|Elisabeth Bathory (Brave)|Damage and Bond|?}}{{Eboost|Nero Claudius|Damage and Bond|?}}{{Eboost|EMIYA|Damage and Bond|?}}{{Eboost|Ishtar|Damage and Bond|?}}{{Eboost|Ereshkigal|Damage and Bond|?}}{{Eboost|Elisabeth Bathory|Damage and Bond|?}}{{Eboost|Okita Souji (Assassin)|Damage and Bond|?}}{{Eboost|Elisabeth Bathory (Halloween)|Damage and Bond|?}}{{Eboost|Hijikata Toshizo|Damage and Bond|?}}
|{{Eboost|Altria Pendragon (Lily)|Damage and Bond|+30% and +20%|link=no}}{{Eboost|Elisabeth Bathory (Brave)|Damage and Bond|+30% and +20%|link=no}}{{Eboost|Nero Claudius|Damage and Bond|+30% and +20%|link=no}}{{Eboost|EMIYA|Damage and Bond|+30% and +20%|link=no}}{{Eboost|Ishtar|Damage and Bond|+30% and +20%|link=no}}{{Eboost|Ereshkigal|Damage and Bond|+30% and +20%|link=no}}{{Eboost|Elisabeth Bathory|Damage and Bond|+30% and +20%|link=no}}{{Eboost|Okita Souji (Assassin)|Damage and Bond|+30% and +20%|link=no}}{{Eboost|Elisabeth Bathory (Halloween)|Damage and Bond|+30% and +20%|link=no}}{{Eboost|Hijikata Toshizo|Damage and Bond|+30% and +20%|link=no}}

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Event Saber Wars II JP.png

Requirement: Clear Solomon
Event Title: Saber Wars II - Dawn of the Cosmos セイバーウォーズ2 ~始まりの宇宙へ~
Jp flag.png Event Duration (JP):09:30 UTC, October 30, 201918:30 JST, October 30, 2019 - 03:59 UTC, November 13, 201912:59 JST, November 13, 2019 (Site)
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Saber Wars II - Dawn of the Cosmos requires Solomon to be completed.

/ /

Upcoming Event Servant Enhancement Success Bonus

The following Servants have a damage and bond bonus (and item drop bonus in the case of
Icon Servant 002.png
) during the upcoming Saber Wars II event.

During the pre-event campaign, they have double enhancement great and super success chance and 1/2 AP for their Interlude and Rank Up Quests.

Class Servant
Altrium Drop +100%
Icon Servant 002.png
+100% Damage, +50% Bond Space Ishtar, Calamity Jane
+50% Damage, +20% Bond
Icon Servant 008.png
Icon Servant 213.png
Icon Servant 234.png
Icon Servant 123.png
Icon Servant 187.png
Icon Servant 157.png
Icon Servant 105.png
Icon Servant 148.png
Icon Servant 201.png
Icon Servant 226.png
Icon Servant 155.png
Icon Servant 058.png
Icon Servant 048.png
Icon Servant 238.png
Icon Servant 222.png
+30% Damage, +20% Bond
Icon Servant 004.png
Icon Servant 138.png
Icon Servant 005.png
Icon Servant 011.png
Icon Servant 142.png
Icon Servant 196.png
Icon Servant 018.png
Icon Servant 267.png
Icon Servant 061.png
Icon Servant 161.png